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      Mikel Coreclark Hello. ive notice that on Events, there is no option to Pause / Suspend events by member creators.
      as an issue has arisen at a venue, I needed to pause or suspend all events but was not able to. I could only block views by members.

      I think there should be an option other than edit or delete.

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    Video-sharing Plugin
    How  and where to Download the video-sharing plugin version 4.9.1?
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      Donna You would want to use our 4.9.2 version and get that video plugin as it has privacy fixes in it. Otherwise, you will not have the user privacy working properly for the video section.
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    Mobile App
    What is the best way to have your site turned into an app. I seen a few things on the marketplace. Just curious if these apps can be downloaded in the google play store and also for apple products. Please give me your feedback
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      gs Although I have recently purchased the Android/iOS tools from SEAO, I have not used them yet. From what I understand yes - they allow you to create Apps that will exist in Google Play and Apple stores (I believe there's a $100 fee for Apple (1x or annual - I'm not sure). SEAO has their demo at Google Play as I have downloaded it (I don't own anything 'Apple', so I don't know if their demo also exists in the Apple store).

      Wish I could give you real world experience, but if you install the Android demo, you'll get a feel for how it should work for you.
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      Donna I've not used any of them so I can't say personally how they are. I'm sure some other clients will post or perhaps check the reviews if they have some reviews.

      I've used free ones before, https://scripttechs.com/forum/thread/103/mobile-apps-wrapper-sites-free/ but they are just mobile app wrappers and not native. They still seemed to work at the time. It's been a while since I've tried them.
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    Vertical Menu
    Just thought I'd run my Vertical Menu observations by everyone and see if I'm the only one experiencing this oddity...

    Chrome: (Icon only)
    When I hover over to the right of the menu the scroll bar momentarily appears and disappears after a few seconds. If I try to grab it with the mouse (before it vanishes) and try to pull it down it wont move...but, if I use my down arrow key it'll scroll down.  If I try to click below the scroll bar and attempt at bringing it down, it thinks I'm trying to click on a menu page and redirects.

    Chrome: (Icon and Label)
    No scroll bar and no way to get the menu to move down...even with the arrow key. 

    Firefox: (Icon only)
    When I hover over to the right of the menu the scroll bar momentarily appears and disappears after a few seconds. If I try to grab it with the mouse (before it vanishes) and try to pull it down it wont move. If I hover over the scroll bar and push the down arrow key, the label that pops up and the page scroll but not the menu.

    Firefox: (Icon and Label)
    No scroll bar and no way to get the menu to move down...even with the arrow key. 

    I'm pretty sure that's not the way that menu was built so could I get some confirmation either way, please?  

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      MDNobles Hi Raymond...

      My Laptop's resolution is set at 1920 x 1080. I have extended my desktop to a second screen with the same resolution and the problem remains. Furthermore, I dropped my resolution to 1600 x 900 and 1024 x 768 on both the laptop and secondary screen and received the same results.

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      Raymond Benc What screen resolution are you running on your laptop? If connected to an external screen, does it change the behaviour of the menu?
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      MDNobles Hi Donna,

      I have repeated the problem on two of my laptops. Both have the following...

      Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
      Chrome: Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)
      Firefox: Version 53.0.2

      Both versions of the browsers have the latest updates.

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    showing no members on line to chat
    My site the other day was showing members on line the wrong numbers of members on line.

    Now it’s showing no members  so we can’t im chat does anyone know why ? and what wrong

    with im chat

    we cant chat now to friends on im chat
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      Donna Hi,

      I recall answering this recently for someone. I'm not sure if it was for you or not. The IM chat shows based on the task schedule settings. Our team had mentioned in github for another client to check those settings and if it still didn't work after changing the settings, and if you are using the most current version of our script, to please contact our support for assistance. You would need active support in order to send us a ticket for help.
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    how to enable/disable email by ML
    I'm sure this is a simple easy to find setting but I can't seem to locate it.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hopefully there will be separate in/outbound settings too, but my guess is that that may be expecting too much :)

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      Mikel Coreclark Hi, what exactly is the problem with your email.
      There are 2 sections to emails. 1st is your site settings in your admin panel on your site itself and the 2nd is your server host email settings on your server admincp.

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      gs RE: AdminCP -> Settings -> Default Email Notifications

      Question01: If I deselect all of these, then these become the initial settings for newly signed-up Users?
      Question02: Assuming the above is yes, if I then disable the menu option to display these settings to Users, they won't be able to override these?

      Just looking for a temporary fix until the entire notification/email-notification section gets revamped. Thanks.
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      gs Mike: no problem with email, just looking for how/where to do this

      Primary Purpose: To allow/disallow emails by Member Level. The point is that some MLs would be allowed to send/receive emails, others wouldn't. Why?:
      - incentive to upgrade to another ML (notifications will still exist but they must login to view them)
      - ADMIN costs (site requirements and $cost when using 3rd-Party service such as SendGrid/MailGun)
      - site performance
      - security/trust
      - possibly others but that's it for now
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    Ad Campaigns not working in 4.9.1
    Since upgrading to 4.9.1 none of my ad campaigns will work. I even deleted some and tried them again and same results. The campaigns were all still there but when trying to place them in the layout editor they will not display on the site. Any ideas? Anyone else having this problem?
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      Scott Donna, are there any updates for this issue? I would think it would be somewhat of a priority being that most social networks rely on advertising as a major source of income. I'm surprised it hasn't been addressed yet.
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      Scott Thanks Donna, now that you mention it my homepage before logging in displays the ad as well but no other pages show ads when logged in.
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      Donna I've added this as a bug as I can't get it to work. Our core developers will check into it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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