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    Block certain domains in links
    Sometimes I see spammers sharing links to malicious websites and I would like to know if is possible to block links to certains domains.


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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [862,Leandro Rocha] , Currently you can block only censored words on your users' profiles and as well as on any plugins you have installed. You need to enter such words in the field "Censored Words" from "Admin" > "Settings" > "Spam and Banning Tools" section of your site. But it is not possible to block any links to certain domains and you would need to do code customization at your end to achieve this feature.

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    Add HTML button to rich text editor?
    Can someone tell me how to add a html button to the rtf block.
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [226904,Andy Boston] , Currently it is not possible to add an html button using Rich Text Editor, so we suggest you to use the widget "HTML Block" to add an html button. And we would like to tell you that we have plans for enhancement of Rich Text Editors available in Admin Panel in future releases.

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    Posts plugin with advanced posting features
    We would like to request SE to include Posts plugin as its standard feature in the next release. We were forced to go to 3rd party developers (Radcodes) to get the Posts plugin. Which would have been fine, but it is a stripped-to-the-bone plugin that doesn't even have TinyMCE and image embedding capability.  
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      Kyle Hey [228034,Mereja.com] Thanks for the feedback. You can put in feature request over at https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues and our technicians will take a look! Also, in the meantime you're in good hands with [196,Eugene] the team at over at Webhive.
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      Eugene If you are looking for something more visual check our Media Projects plugin http://webhive.com.ua/store/product.php?id_product=43

      Post can look like this
      Or this http://webhiveteam.com/demo4/whmedia/view/239/healthy-chicken-enchiladas-recipe
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    Support Tickets Response Time
    How long does it generally take for someone to respond to new support tickets? I opened one 3 days ago and one 2 days ago and I still haven't heard back from anyone.

    Any ideas?

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      seTweaks Make sure you have enabled "Support Notify" from your account so you'll get notified by email when support answers to your tickets: https://www.socialengine.com/client/edit . Also, SE Cloud support is available on weekdays only so if you open a support ticket on Saturday or late Friday, support answers on Monday. This is for SE Cloud only. SE PHP support is available on weekdays and weekends.
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      Eugene [131308,Stepan Mazurov], is there something wrong? Previously SE team required 3rd party developers to reply support requests within 24 hours. Our team still follows this rule.
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      Rick Von Ruden I don't even know if they have anyone on staff right now that knows the se cloud code since they haven't done any updates on the cloud product since July.
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    Full Site Features
    We wish to see all the features that the SE Cloud offer & that is:
    Videos, Music, Blog, Groups, Events, Polls, Chat, etc...

    Is there a way to add any of these to the cloud site?

    I'm still in my trial period and really would like to know what my options are on these features?
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      Rick Von Ruden There are no plugins for se cloud. You can post you tube and vimeo videos. You can post music from soundcloud and of course music videos from the 2 video sites supported. That's it.
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    Any one using transformer theme and ssl , there seems to be a security issue with http://fonts.googleapi.com mixed content. if you know where i can find this line please help, setweaks the developer only helps if you have paid for support.
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    Social engine supports a lot of languages but still i used to like the SE3 version where you can create a  language even when its not associated with a locale, and you can set it manually .
    Its a potential big market for languages that even facebook and twitter dont support
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @Tafida , Language association with locale was done in SE version 4 & before that language was not associated with locale. After introduction of this feature, whenever a member select any language as Locale in his General Settings, so in case if the language pack of that particular language is also available and installed on the site, then that language would automatically becomes his default language for the site. So, associating language with locale should be considered as an improvement and this does not have any drawback. I hope you understand my point.

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    send wall posts to twitter
    I got a plugin that uses the twitter integration but i don't really want twitter feeds on my SE site

    All i want to do is send user wall posts to their twitter as tweets

    Does anyone know of a plugin that does this?
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      ServiceHoot I use younet social and it seems to work. Not exactly how I want but it works.
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    Change Logged-In Homepage
    How do I change the page a user lands on once logged in?  I do not want the activity feed.  Deleting modules is ineffective because some don't work on that page (ie Profile Groups).
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      ServiceHoot Hi, thank you for your reply. I understand that's an option, but what this doesn't allow me to do is propagate widgets based on other modules. For example, I cannot show which groups they are subscribed to straight away in that page since it's a "profile page" widget.

      If there is a way to land them on their profile (since their group is my most important element in my network) OR log them into their group straight off, then that's ideal.

      Thank you!
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      Eugene The page you need is called Member Home

      Login to admin panel, open Layout editor, select Member Home.

      Now you can remove or add any widget, including activity feed.

      Don't forget to click 'save' to make sure your changes are saved.
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    Admin Stats dont appear in firefox
    Hello,anybody know how to solve this . Stats give  input out put error on firefox but it seems ok on Microsoft edge
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @Taf , Sometimes there are some caching issues in Firefox because of which JavaScript do not work fine and lead to some errors. So, please try deleting cache of the browser and the issue should disappear.

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    Grid Display For Members?
    I'm looking for a simple way, perhaps a plugin, that can be used to turn the line view of members in the default SocialNetwork members page into a simple grid display. I need something clean and simple. Also something that generates small images (about the same size as the SE default member image). I purchased the "Advanced Member Plugin" from SocialEngineAddOns but this had way more firepower than I needed. 

    Thanks for any help you can offer!
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    Social Engine is becoming worse each day pass
    Do not misunderstand me, but each day Social Engine is getting worse every day in comparison with their competitors:

    Just to know in a straight comparison with phpfox:

    1- Social Engine is more expensive. PHPfox out of box has more features that the Social Engine with a lesser price;
    2- Social Engine is heavy, so heavy that page load usually takes 5 or 6 seconds. PHPfox loads in 2 or 3 with same quantity of addons;
    3- Social Engine use an almost outdated technology with Zend Framework 1 and Mootools.
    4- Social Engine almost doesnt have is community to exchange experiences and ideas;
    5- The marketplace is a mess with several outdated plugins;
    6- The showcase is a mess with several websites that neither exist;
    7- There is no expectation of some improvement. There are no ideia about the next major release SE 5.0;

    If one year ago I knew it would be so disappointed with Social Engine, I probably stayed with phpfox. My experience just is not being worse because there is the Social Engine Addons Deleoper, otherwise would not have come here.

    Please Social Engine Team, show what you are made of. If you need help, just ask. 

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      Eugene While I agree with some of your points, I can't agree that phpfox is better. We have tried development for both platforms (and tried other platforms as well). At this moment SE is still better than alternatives within the same price range. They have that momentum before competitors and currently largely due to the amount of 3rd party plugins.

      > The marketplace is a mess with several outdated plugins

      We have provided suggestions how to improve this. SE promised us some new marketplace for some time, but I believe there were some issues with that. The main complexity here I believe is the amount of plugins out there.

      > Social Engine is heavy, so heavy that page load usually takes 5 or 6 seconds. PHPfox loads in 2 or 3 with same quantity of addons;

      Zend Framework isn't something small, but it's configurable. But Zend Framework is stable and can handle the load if configured correctly

      > The showcase is a mess with several websites that neither exist

      We have a similar problem. A lot of interesting projects hide the platform they are based on (for numerous reasons) and require NDA before the development.

      > There is no expectation of some improvement. There are no ideia about the next major release SE 5.0

      SE team promised the update to ZF3. I believe we will hear if they are serious about this in the next update on their blog.

      My overall conclusion that even that SE has it's own cons it's still better than available alternatives. But without serious updates (ex. migration to ZF3, jquery, etc.) that won't remain forever.
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      gs IMHO ...

      "straight comparison" - that's a relative term and there are some things each is better at
      1 - yes and no
      2 - yes, very very very heavy
      3 - yes
      4 - yes, something I've mentioned in other posts. 2-3 years ago when I was shopping for a CMS, almost any post would have a comment within minutes and typically several within a day or so. As you can see, your post has 1 reply so far (mine) in 4 days. Based on things I read, it seems that tens of thousands of Admins are using SE, but you typically hear crickets here.
      5 - Although I won't agree with 'mess', I agree there are many outdated Plugins. I also wish there were many more specific review questions for each Plugin, as well as the Developer review should be an entirely separate type of review - different questions than Plugins. There are Plugins and Devs here that have hundreds of positive reviews (another problem - only a thumbs up/down - there should be an actual ratiing system) yet based on my experience I don't see how there could be so many positive reviews (case in point - I'm dealing with one dev who hasn't been able to resolve an issue in 2 Plugins for OVER A YEAR - yes year).
      6 - yes - this almost convinced me to stay away from SE initially as it seemed (back then when I first looked) that SE was used by a handful of people with communities not much larger than a few friends/family.
      7 - 'improvement' - I've mentioned this in other posts. I would like to feel that SE is an actively developed application with an active community of Admins. As far as SE5 goes, I have yet to see if/when 4.9 will be available (the SE 4.9 Roadmap was announced 14 MONTHS ago - not SE5, but SE 4.9 - and it's still not out). There's MAJOR resources required to move to SE5 (if it's supposed to be on a new platform, including a rewrite, as well as PHP7 support).

      Although I'm very disappointed with many many things about SE (site, application, marketplace, etc.) I can honestly say that I'm glad (well, glad might not be the best choice of words - kinda like glad one lost a finger instead of a hand). I selected SE instead of the one you mentioned. I actually purchased that CMS but switched to SE before installing it. The primary reason I'm here is for the Plugins - what I needed simply didn't exist on the other platform.

      The biggest issue I see is being left in the dark - there's little information provided about the future and more specifically WHEN things will be available. Communication is so important in this situation - and it so often feels like there's little to none of it.

      Thanks for your post. Wishing your site much success.
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    How do I buy?
    I have the Pro license but I want to purchase the Classifieds / Marketplace
    plugin by itself but I can't see how...

    Can someone point me in the right direction?
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [226904,Andy Boston] , You'll need to upgrade your SE plan to Advanced Level if want to purchase "Classifieds" plugin. When you click to buy "Classifieds" plugin in dashboard of your SocialEngine account, it will take you to a page from where you can upgrade your plan to Advanced Level.

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    Publish a Registration text box automatically on the wall
    I have added a text area box to the registration process called "My Story"

    I want to use the content from "My Story" as the content of the general notification to the community.

     ie where it says "Rodger Dodger has just signed up. Say hello!"

    I want

    "Rodger Dodger has just signed up. Here's their story...
    My story content,
    My story content My story content My story content My story content My story content My story content My story content My story content"

    Can anyone tell me how to do this?


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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @Andy Boston , This is not something that our software can do out of the box, but as SocialEngine is an open source software and its script has no limitations on how somebody can modify/customize it according to his specific needs. So, you can also implement this feature by modifying the source code to suit your needs. If you are not comfortable with customizing the code yourself and would like to hire a third party developer to assist you in adding custom features to your installation, you may:

      1) Refer to the list of third party developers located on the following page of our website:

      2) Post a project on the SocialEngine Upwork group:

      These developers would be happy to help you build your site. Thanks!