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    How to make a activity not be commentable

    I have a facing a design problem that I would like to share with the community.

    By default all activities in the feed can be liked, commented and shared, but some activities doesnt make sense to be commented by example.

    Just to ilustrate lets take the create topic and reply topic as a example. When someone create or reply a topic in forum a activity is created with "someone create a new topic". Considering that the objetive of a topic is to structure the discussion in the forum doesnt make sense people be allowed to comment in this type of content.

    I noticed that there is a column in the database called "comment" but when i change this value to anything different from the default the Social Engine hide not only the comment button, but also the like button.

    There is any way to hide only the comment button in these situations?
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      Donna I'll have to test further as the default settings for Activity Feed Item Type Settings are for the forum creation not to post to the main feed. Unless you mean on the profile feed too.
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    PHP SE has been proved to be pretty much a bughell, would it be wise to go Cloud...
    Hello all,
    I have been a PHP SE owner for many years now (since 2013) and the most basic functions have not yet been fixed and improved. See I am not a PHP savvy, if I was I would build my own engine, SE should be something for people who only have semi knowledge in such coding. But SE PHP has failed me numerous time, support and bug response is pretty much useless.
    I have been considering to use Cloud instead. A way different concept ( I don't know why ) but less work, less headache. Since SE team never lived up to their promise to make SE PHP and SE Cloud compatible to be able to import content gtom PHP to Cloud or vica versa - although ironically they made that happen with Ning - I know that my 7000 members will be pretty much a loss I will have to somehow have them sign up to the new website, but I do want to know if it would be worth having Cloud SE over PHP or I should just move and use an entirely different engine.
    Thank you!

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      Donna Hi [101979,AA] ,

      Thanks for your feedback. Would you please let us know which bugs in our issue tracker you are speaking of? Here's a link to our Github issue tracker, https://github.com/socialengine/phpv4-issues/issues . If we know which bugs you are referring to, we can check the issues. If you've not submitted them, please submit one issue per report so that our team can look into fixing them.

      Regarding support, would you kindly send your complaint to the attention of Kyle so he can check on any issues you had with support? We do try very hard to ensure that clients are satisfied.

      Regarding the importer to and from SEPHP/SECloud - that is something on the list but we need to get our 4.9 version out first, which is coming in beta very soon. You might like the improvements in that version.

      Regarding moving. I have my own websites on another script. I hadn't upgraded those to that scripts v4 version as it's so bad, I won't make my members experience that sort of mess. As such, I looked at just about every sn out there. I've decided to migrate to SE as it's the only one I've found that will work for my sites, has the security I want, and doesn't have the issues I've seen on the other scripts I researched. Note that I don't frivolously move my sites around either (which is why I've not upgraded it though that script's v4 version has been out for a few years now).

      I hope this helps you decide what to do. If it were me in your shoes, I would wait and see what 4.9 comes with. There are a good amount of fixes in it from what I've seen in the fixed issues list.

      Thanks again for posting!
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    Any Store Plugin with Watermark for Digital Products?

    I am looking for a store plugin to create a are and sell PDFs however both plugins that are avaliables in the marketplace (one from SEAO e another from Hire-Experts) doesnt have a  feature to "watermark" this type of files.

    The watermark is important to help me to block users that are distributing pirated products. I know that this is not a simple fight, but I need to offer at least this feature to other publisher be interested in to sell products.

     Someone know another store plugin that has this type of feature?

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      Donna I should have searched the marketplace first. I see there is one that has this feature already, https://www.socialengine.com/marketplace/app/advanced-photos-albums-plugin .
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      Donna This would be a great feature for one of them to include. Were they not interested in adding it to their product? I think it would help them sell.
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    What's Your Plan?
    I've been planning to change my sites to the SocialEngine framework (both are currently using another script). As I've been planning, I thought I would start a discussion about your website plans.

    Do you have some plans for your site this year? Perhaps a new theme or blog series. Perhaps adding some features or customizations. 

    Does social media play a part in your plans? If so, which ones? I've seen a trend away from Twitter as many grumble that it's become just one big advertisement. 

    Do you have plans to get your members more involved with your site? (We do have a blog coming up about this topic)

    My own plans involve:

    Moving third party content (articles) into Blogs for the import.
    Moving Group blogs into discussions.
    Alerting my members of the impending move (done on one site already).
    Making plugins to replace the other plugins I made for the other script (these will be in the marketplace).
    Announcing on FB/Twitter/Google after the moves and sending newsletters.
    Making YT videos for how to use the new site.
    More blog posts for each site to engage members.

    I've more plans but you get the idea. :)

    Feel free to provide your feedback!

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      Leandro Rocha My plans list ;)

      1- Find a way to have a better comment system for my commnunity: Actually is impossible to have a good discussion when you dont know where people is commenting;
      2- Find a gamification plugin like a points/credits system: The unique developer avaliable (I am not considering Younetco) is not answering questions about their plugin (Points from Hire Experts).
      3- Find a good auto newsletter plugin: Again a useful plugin that I would like an alternative, but Hire Experts is not answering questions about their products;
      4- Write more tutorials and record videos to explain how the site works;
      5- Produce more content and improve my social network accounts;
      6- Maybe a mobile app
      7- While the mobile app doesnt come, work on a better responsive layout
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      Spirit Silverwind Get off SE PHP and get on my custom platform that I have being coded from the ground up

      our new platform will have the following:

      -To be considered-
      Tagging system
      Staff Notation
      Char limit info for wall feature (visually seen - example twitter)
      Ability to organize friends
      Faqs/Q&A/tut/wiki like features?
      Clean URL handling
      Better profile/settings/page/content/ -controls- (I.E stopping email notices from say getting tagged in photos etc)
      The ability to allow users to set rather they want to rechieve or have to send friendship invites (To stop users from randomly adding them etc)
      The ability to set profile to reject all friendships by default
      Better notifcation system with the ability to archive/log/ or fully adjust/customize
      Force SSL globaly (even on custom profiles using none http(s) images)
      Better Email template with clickable links (and no random odd spaces)
      Entirely new Adminstrastion system (Complete overhaul, Logging, Ticket system, flagging system etc)
      Windows 10 supported Scaling, Browser Supported scalling, Phone(s) and tablet handling of website and its scalability
      Get off standard CSS and perhaps switch to CSS3?
      Add verifcation/two step security for those who want the extra security

      -Features list-
      We're making a list of what features and functions the new site will have.. This is in no way a complete list! .. We welcome your thoughts and opinions on anything you see missing.

      ~ In progress ~
      We have already figured out how to incorporate these, and initial steps to make it happen have been taken.

      * Wall
      -- Editable comments
      -- #Hashtag support
      -- @Refrence support
      -- Usable links
      * Badges
      * Private messaging
      * Relationships
      * User muting/blocking
      * Forums
      -- Better moderation tools
      -- Topic subscriptions
      * Content sharing, with foldering systems
      -- Photos
      -- Artwork
      -- Comic books
      -- Music
      -- Stories
      -- Books (multi page and chapter support)
      -- Writings
      -- Blogs
      * WYSIWYG editor for most things
      * Personalized appearance options
      -- Theme selection
      -- Flexible layout
      * Content creator tools
      -- Content creators (Artists, Musicians, Writers, tailors, etc) may flag themselves as such
      -- Users will be able to view a list of these creators, by type
      * Enhanced profiles
      -- Seperate tabs for different aspect of the user's profile
      -- Sub-Profiles (Fursonas) - Each user will be allowed to create a sub-profile for each of their fursonas.
      * Edit tracking - Edits to most content logged for administrative purposes
      * Flagging - Help the moderators and admins by flagging inappropriate content
      * Link/Resource hub - Help other users fnd useful websites by sharing links through a special tool.. Sites will be categorized, and filterable/searchable.
      * Points system - Earn points by doing certain things on the site.. Then use these points to "purchase" stuff
      * Allow poll creators to view results without participating
      * Enhanced groups system
      -- Organize groups hierarchicaly
      * Better support system - Get help, report bugs, and many other things through a ticketing system, allowing admins and moderators to better see what things need to be handled/dealt with.
      ~ Will do ~
      We definitely want these things. But we haven't figured out how just yet. Other then being ideas on a list, nothing has been done to make them a reality.

      * Auto-refreshing wall
      * Activity wall - A wall dedicated to showing events occuring on the site. (i.e "User uploaded photos", "User joined the site", "User created a new blog entry", "User became friends with another user", etc)
      * Notifications system - Get informed when things you care about happen
      ~ Under consideration~

      Were not sure how practical or feasable these features will be. Further consideration and thought will be given to them as the project progresses.. Hopefully we can find a way..

      * Chat system
      * Instant messaging (Private chat rooms?)
      * Wall RSS feed
      * Wall digest (email ed daily)
      * Area for members in need to ask for help
      * (optional) Multi-step verification
      * Notification history
      * Subscribe/Unsubscribe from wall feed threads
      * (opt-inable) member locator
      * Anonymous member location statistics
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    Where Profile Privacy is Stored?

    I need to mass update the profile privacy from my users however I couldnt identify where this information is stored.

    The information in question is avaliable in the admincp in this area: admin/authorization/level/edit/id/x

    There are two options one related with privacy view (who can see the profile) and other about who can comment the profile. I need to make a update to change this setting to all existing profiles however I couldnt figure out what table store this information.

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      Donna Hi Leandro,

      Check the table engine4_authorization_permissions for Type = user and Name = auth_view and auth_comment for the member level ID that you want to change.
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    post keeps loading - error
         When the update is been posted(photo,text,location,video,music etc), it keeps loading or sharing. even after its been successfully posted. kindly check the attachment for screenshot. I m facing this problem in both desktop and mobile browsers. kindly help me out in resolving it. 
    The plugin used: 1.socialengineaddons:  advance comment, mobile/tablet.
                               2. Socialenginesolutions: responsive template.
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      kiresh Thanks [77,Gabry] & [231316,Donna] , I was able to troubleshoot and resolve the issue in the desktop version of my site. The issue was with the ajax update of the advance activity feeds by socialengineaddons, it works perfectly, once after it was disabled it. however, i was unable to troubleshoot it in the mobile/tablet plugin. still have the same problem of loading the status update. hope someone will help me out it in resolving it.Thank you
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      Gabry Try first to see if the problem is coming from these plugins/theme by disable one by one and try to see if the problem appears again .. for example if you disable adv.comment and the problem disappears then you should focus on that one maybe is buggy or conflict with some javascript. Is just an idea for the start.
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      Donna Hi Kiresh,

      I suggest following the advice from Gabry and see if it's a plugin conflict or bug as our demo and my test site don't experience that issue with default plugins and no third party products.
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    Is there a way to adjust the options available on TinyMCE (take away some options) for forum/blog posts. 

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      Donna Hi [214700,Dustin] ,

      Which version of SocialEngine are you using? SEPHP or Cloud?

      Thank you!
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    Younetco Wiki - A example of bad third party development standard
    I already opened a discussion about the lack of development standards among SE developers. Recently I brought the Younetco wiki a plugin that costs USD 89 and to my surprise the plugin is missing several things. Just to start the plugin doesn't have support to description in the activity feed, so when you create a Wiki in the feed only the title and the image appear. This doesn't make any sense.

    Beyond this the layout of the plugin is completly different what make CSS rules from default themes from SE can't work fine.
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      Gabry I also had bad business with this guy's.The worst thing that they make is that they launch for example the plugin "Music" and after 3 months they don't update it anymore and they launch another music plugin called "Advanced music" and so one ..so we are forced to buy the next plugin as they don't update anymore the first one. Why they don't transform the first "Music" plugin in "Advanced music" so the customers that bought it to be able to continue using it or at least give it for free to the customers that bought the first "Music" plugin as an update. That means they want only money and not care about customers.
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      Donna Hi [862,Leandro Rocha],

      Thank you for your post and thoughtful feedback.

      We understand your concerns regarding YouNet as they were part of our marketplace in the past. During the expert approval process for our new marketplace, several factors were weighed. In regards to this developer, a decision not to approve their Expert profile was made based on client feedback and other concerns.

      Some of you may also be aware of posts in various forums regarding YouNet owning or partnering with one of our competitors. As we were able to confirm such associations, we felt it contrary to SocialEngine interests to have a direct competitor as an Expert in our marketplace.
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    Why Sometimes Share a Link Dont Fetch a Image?

    I already noticed this happening, however I couldnt figure out why sometimes the activity feed doesnt fetch a image.

    Lets use this link as an example:


    I shared this link in my website and no thumbnail was generated. I thought that this was caused due small images in the link destiny, however if you visit the link above you will see that there are several images.

    So I am curious about why sometimes the system doesnt fetch any image. I shared the same link in the facebook and the system fetched a image.
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      Donna I have had this same issue in other scripts. I believe it was due to the og: image on the site being shared but it's been a while since I've looked into it.
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    Update Plugin Process

    Today I noticed a small problem that can explain some issues that my website have.

    Two months ago I opened a support ticket for a developer to fix a problem. The developer fixed the issue and several other updates were launched and I update in my website using the developer core plugin (note below). Today I decided to reupload the plugin and during the installation process, the system identified differences between my system files and the uploaded files.

    To my surprise the difference include the fix of my plugin (in thesis the developer fixed in my website and never included in their package), but the big point is that since I updated previsously the plugin this fix should be overwrited before.

    The developer core plugin has a routine that directly install the last version without the necessity of download and upload. I am thinking that maybe the developer plugin is ignoring when it notice a difference between files. Someone already had a similar experience?
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    How to remove a media link?


    As you can see in the image I have two videos links. Probably the first was created by a plugin that I neither use anymore, however it still in my website and I would like remove it. Anyone knows where this information is stored?

    As Social Engine frequently store links in database I think that this link still in some table that I couldnt identify. Any help is appreciated.

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      Donna Would you please contact our support to look at this issue for you? Our team will need your website details to check. Please submit a ticket from your client area.
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      Donna I would first suggest to search for your plugins and fully remove the one you don't need (backup the site first or check on a development clone). It is possibly creating that extra menu or, perhaps one you currently use is also using the default SE phrases. You could also try hiding the extra menu by using CSS. I had asked a team member and those are the things he suggested.
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    Any Wiki and Site Tour Plugin?

    I am looking for a wiki and a site tour (guide) plugin. From all developers that I know, younetco seems the unique that has both plugins, however since they didnt until now put their products in the marketplace I am a bit afraid about their company health.

    Anyone has a good suggestion?

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      Donna This says it can be used for wiki, https://www.socialengine.com/marketplace/app/cms-custom-page-plugin though I've not tried it so you would want to ask them how it would work and maybe ask for a demo of it as a wiki.

      I didn't see a tour yet.
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      Leandro Rocha I forgot to say that I cant use the default SE Blog or another article/blog plugin as a Wiki because the texts that I need to work are really huge with some hundreds pages of info. I considered to break this content in chapter and this is the reason why I am looking for a Wiki plugin, since it normally allow to create child wikis.