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  • commented on What is now required to be a 'Certified' Dev and what is the 'retesting' process for Plugins
  • commented on What is now required to be a 'Certified' Dev and what is the 'retesting' process for Plugins
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    Questions about Expert/Dev previous reviews
    Dear Mates,
    1. Any idea on time on when the previous expert reviews will be migrated? 

    2. Expert profile is approved but To get those previous reviews migrated, should the profile be public? Can it be Hidden until then as well?

    3. What if I got the new review now (if I set the profile public) and after migrations, will these be removed? Or merged? Or what are the plans?

    Just wanted to know about the above questions having in my mind. I hope I am not the only one who is worried about previous expert reviews.

    Kind regards
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      Donna Got feedback. :)

      1. Any idea on time on when the previous expert reviews will be migrated?

      Working on it now, hit a snag that we hope to fix soon

      > 2. Expert profile is approved but To get those previous reviews migrated, should the profile be public? Can it be Hidden until then as well?

      It can be hidden

      > 3. What if I got the new review now (if I set the profile public) and after migrations, will these be removed? Or merged? Or what are the plans?

      reviews will get merged. They won't lose any new reviews after migration
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      Donna Hi [184,Gitesh Dang] , thank you for posting. As I don't have the answers to your questions, I've sent a message to our team and will update this thread as soon as I have any details for you.
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    Browse Notification
    Each day I see more and more websites requesting to send notification through browser and now that even mobile browser support this type of technology I would like to ask if there is a plugin or developer working to allow social engine to send notification using this system?
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      SocialEngineSolutions Hello Leandro,

      Yes, this is a new technology. Our team is working on release a plugin for this feature very soon. We will update you when the plugin would be released.
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    What is now required to be a 'Certified' Dev and what is the 'ret...
    RE: Relaunch

    I've read that Devs will need to be Certified.  Also, that there's a 'retesting' process before Plugins will be posted in the Marketplace.

    To those of us that aren't Devs - where can we Admins read these requirements and procedures? 

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      Eugene There is a yearly payment to be listed, plus I believe payment will go via the marketplace right now, but details aren't fully clear for me at this moment.

      We have not submitted any apps yet, as our account is still awaiting review (2 days already)

      I have serious concerns about app testing considering time required to approve 3rd party accounts. There are still minor issues with website itself. Testing 3rd party apps will be considerably more complex and time-consuming task. I hope SocialEngine team will be able improve the QA process. As developers it will be nice to have more details about review process itself and have some channel to reach out SocialEngine team faster.
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    How to control multiple logins on same User
    I may have missed this somewhere, so I apologize in advance if I did.

    Where do I enable/disable (preferably by ML) the ability for a User to login >1x.  During testing it seems the same User is able to login multiple times (I don't mean open multiple tabs in the same browser - I mean login concurrently using different browsers and/or different computers/tablets/etc.).

    Thank you.
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      (deleted) There is no option to disable concurrent logins built into SE PHP. You would have to add it yourself. If you google "disable concurrent logins with PHP" there are a few walk through on a few sites.
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    How 3rd party developers are harming themselves
    This is not a exclusive problem from SE, but here this type of problem is worst than another script that I work with.

    Is really common that 3rd party developers compete with each other with their products, however with several people offering plugins that include features that are more core features than an addon is almost impossible to utilize plugins from two or three different developers. And there is still the problem when developers create a plugin that is not compatible with others plugin from themselves.

    Some of problems that I face everyday.

    - Each developer has a own way to develop plugin and when you need to customize it you will face a serious headache. SEAO themes will work only with SEAO plugin, since Younetco plugin has CSS class and ID with their company name (YN). This is one of reason why themes from developers that dont develop plugin always have some type of problem with 3rd party plugins.
    - Younetco doesnt have a good pages plugin so I need to use the version from SEAO, however Younetco has a good Advanced Vídeo with a feature that SEAO doesnt have. Can I use the Younetco plugin? No. Why? Because the Younetco version doesnt integrate with SEAO pages and I need to pay a money truck to this.
    - Some months ago I acquired the feedback plugin from SEAO and also nested plugin. Can I use the feedback plugin? No. Why? Because their plugins are incompatible and the feedback plugin only work with the default SE comment system. Guess who will be disabled?
    - SEAO doesnt have an advanced blog system. Can I use the younetco? No. Why? Because there is a credit plugin in development from SEAO and doesnt make sense invest in a plugin that will not be supported.
    - Recently I acquired the Mobile/Theme because the responsive template doesnt work so fine as it should. The numbers of items in menus from Social Engine create a poor UI and this is the reason why is better to use a plugin to simulate the mobile vision. Can I use my advanced video with mobile/table plugin? No. Why? Because they are incompatible.

    Notice that I am neither talking about the native apps that are in most of case a ripoff. USD 79 by month for support with a starter fee of USD 299 (599 if you want to publish in you own store) is not the kind of thing anyone can afford to pay even more with Trump raising the price of the dollar. Can I use the Ipragmatech mobile version or younetco version? No. Why? Because they are incompatible.

    I really would like that SE and their 3rd party developers could agree on some points.

    1- If you release a plugin it must be compatible with your own plugin.
    2- If you are creating plugins dont make them problem to purchase plugins or themes from another developer.
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      Leandro Rocha I post my first review in the new marketplace. I dont know if is a bad review, I mean the plugin doesnt work to me (that use a latin language with several accents) but work for others so I am not sure if this is the best way to review a app. By my experience and considering other scripts that I worked with the main reasons why someone complain about a plugin is: I - Bad Support, II - Plugin compatibility with plugins from the same developer, III - Plugin compatibility with plugins from others developers, IV - Lack of Development Standard and feature standard (where I include design problems like a plugin where logic is completly different from all others plugins like Younetco RSS Feed), V - Scam (where I include omission of important information about the plugin that would make a client not buy him).

      I think that more than a Thumb up/down or star review we could make a more granular control of problems. Bad support by example is a problem of developer and not plugin by itself. You can have an awesome plugin with a real bad support that would make any client to avoid it. The points II, III and IV are plugin problems that users can contribute throuhg a list (like the github ticket) of issues that the developer can solve or not.

      Just notice that I am not suggesting a public support system in the marketplace for itens II, III e IV, I just think that if I as a client have an important information about compatibility of plugins (and I have several) I would be happy if this would help others users to avoid the same problem that I have. There is nothing worst that buy a plugin and after a couple of hours working with it discover that it will not working properly for you. Another member here saved me from spend some bucks with a Younetco plugin that work completly different from any other plugin developed in the Social Engine Marketplace. I think that we all want that developers still working to provide better plugin with a minimum of issues to all users.
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      (deleted) I have to echo this X2000. A lot of these developers are coming out with the exact same kinds of products but with just a few different features and mostly just layout differences. I am trying to stick with one developer as to not have these issues as you are having now. (I have been using SE since the year 2007 and so for the last 9 years have had to deal with this often) When your main developer does not have a plugin you have to go where the other person has theirs and then it causes all major issues. Now you could have your main developer design a module but with all the problems and errors and issues the general publicly bought, it scares me to shell out the money for a sub standard product and for which I will pay again to have upgrades done in the future for changes as SE changes or to fix things that do not work well in the first place.. This would not be a major concern quality work were being done and not just who can one up the other. And I am not pleased with many of the feed back and comments on many of the SE developers time on projects that it takes them to complete. I have even offered to cost share the development of a new plugin that can be released generally and then left at a discount for myself but then I look at the quality of work and my own past experiences with the developer and it pushes me away. And it seems that no developer is willing to sign any development contract that states my needs and my requirements. No bitching intended since I understand they are running some sort of business, (but which I am also) but if I am going to pay $15,000 for just ONE of the major modules I need designed and developed.... I am NOT going to pay the bulk of the money up front when comments from other end site administrators have posted things about lack of communication and with the quality of work being sub par. I am the one who needs the protections in place since they are all over the world and I have no real legal protections in place. I want to pay 20% to secure as a retainer and from there as agreed milestones are met, they get bigger increases in pay. I DO not find this as too much to ask and so should the developer if they are producing quality work, fixing issues, communicating and responding to issues as the development goes on, and have general trust in their quality of work. I would expect any good business or developer to be OK with this for my protection. But sadly many of these developers are all over the world so if you pay a bulk of the money up front and then work is slow and not of quality, then there is not much you can enforce from a legal standpoint. It is a pain in the ass and it should not have to be if quality of work and being a great developer were the forefront. I want to pay more for above standard quality and a developer who will stick with my needs and requirements on a custom project vs. going to a developer who will charge a lesser amount but is difficult to work with.
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      Donna Hi Leandro and gs, thanks for your posts.

      We understand your frustration and concerns.

      We would like to ask you to re-evaluate this after a few weeks once we have some improvements out. We think you, and everyone, will appreciate the changes. :) Note that something had been mentioned in http://blog.socialengine.com/2015/07/09/introducing-the-se-php-4-9-0-roadmap/ that blog before and has been in the works for a while now.
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    How Comments Works is Killing Me

    I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but comments on social engine are not simple as it should be.

    I commented in a status update published by another a week ago. Now these guy answered my comment. If I not use the notification link, I will need to scroll two weeks of content until I found the content. 

    Facebook, by example, refresh the content to put it on the top of the feed and seems much more better than scroll weeks of content.
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      Donna I don't see a setting for this. However, I could have missed it as well. I suggest adding this as an enhancement request at our github issue tracker as it could be a useful setting. https://github.com/socialengine/phpv4-issues/issues

      You could also get a customization done if you need it faster than new features are added.