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      Eugene I think both plugins from SEAO and Hire-Experts actually replace the standard feed with their own improved feed versions. Please keep that in mind when evaluating both options.
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    Post Template & CSS in SE Cloud
    I'm noticing this site has the same issue in the post template and a few other templates. The wrappers in the sidebar are not being used to make things consistent from the hot template to the post template.

    Here is my fix: https://pastebin.com/aCvfajyG

    The CSS also has issues in members widget and a few other places. 

    Here are some suggestions: https://pastebin.com/tRjzpvUe

    I hope this helps.

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      Donna Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. I'll add this to our list for our team to go over. :)
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    Redirect to "www" or not ?
    Hello, i have noticed that sometimes the website works different if is
    or not redirected to use www , for example a plugin can give error or
    not working properly if the website is not loading with www.
    What is your opinion about redirect, is good to insert in .htaccess the redirect code and use www.site.com or site.com ?
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      Eugene It's a good practice to set redirect to non-www version (or to www version). Make sure that only one domain version is actively used. There might be multiple problems if you use both version at the same time, for example, if you logged in www domain you won't have the same session in non-www. And if you set Facebook/Linkedin login they wll threat www and non-www as 2 different websites. That mean there might be issues with redirects after the login.
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      Donna Good question. I use a redirect to send all to my non-www url. I have google set up to use the non-www as well.


      However, looking at this article, http://www.themezilla.com/should-you-use-www-in-your-url-or-not/ if I want to future proof my sites, I need to change to www as the non-www can mess up caching and static content on active sites.

      Thanks for posting this topic! It will be interesting to see other feedback.
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    One of My Favorite Features in 4.9 - Banners!
    I love banners! It's such a nice feature in 4.9. http://support.socialengine.com/php/customer/en/portal/articles/2770246-banner-manager?b_id=14386

    There's so much you can do with banners. Some tips are in that tutorial but I would LOVE to know how you're using banners.

    What ways have you come up with to use them? Are they spicing up your community?
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      Mikel Coreclark GS has some great ideas with banners.
      On my site I'm going to do a ' Missing Person' like ads but i can use banners. Banners has opened up a hoe world of potential and new thinking.
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      gs Well, not sure if this is helpful since it's using 3rd-Pary Sliders/Slideshows, but this is how I plan on using them (btw - I purchased 3 different Plugins and ended up customizing one of them).

      Although they can be used in the traditional way (displaying images with/without text & CTAs), my goal is to use them primarily for advertising purposes - especially for specific content pages and allow them to be customized per content page for specific content. This allows Group1 to display a different banner/slider than Group2 sees on their page (or Events or whatever). So, although I plan on including ADMIN selected banners/sliders at various locations, from a monetization standpoint it seems better to allow Group/Event owners (or in my case since I'm using SEAO Plugins - Causes/Campaigns and Businesses) to sell advertising space on their own pages (profile, event, blog, photo albums, whatever) so it's a win-win (we both make some revenue).

      The primary purpose of my site is to provide Causes/Schools/Teachers/Veterans/1stResponders/etc. many methods of raising revenue, and this is just a no-brainer since many businesses want to reach specific eyeballs, and this seems to be a great way of doing so.
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    Organize membership type
    To keep my social network professional I am trying to figure out a way to put my membership types in alphabetic order or some type of custom order. When a visitor signs up on my site there is no organization when the pulldown is accessed on signup. Does anyone have advice or know how I can access the file directly? I have experience with coding but unsure where the page or coding is located for this. Furthermore, hopefully the organization will affect membership type on member browse page also.
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      Brandon Buchanan It seems like everything is wrong with social engine. I've spent more time requesting help and support than building my site. I always get the same answer to request a feature or get an expert. This is getting ridiculous
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      Donna It looks like you'll need a customization for this or a feature request. You would get it done faster by a customization from an expert, https://www.socialengine.com/experts/category/all . I didn't have a lot of time to experiment but if I find anything when I get more time to dig in the code, I'll post.
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      Brandon Buchanan Profile types
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    Duplicate profile questions in php
    I wanted to create several networks based on the members state. So when creating the profile questions I created a select box with all 50 U.S. states. I then duplicated the profile and made 8 separate member types. I now noticed that when connecting to the network that state shows multiple times.

    How can I remove the duplicate profile questions?
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      Brandon Buchanan I figured out how to fix it last night to work for my network needs. You create the question once with ADD Question. And then when you want to add the same question to a new member type you select ADD QUESTION then select DUPLICATE EXISTING and select the question you created. If you decide to edit this question later. It will actually give you a notification that it will edit the question each time it appears.
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      Brandon Buchanan Did you copy the entire address? For some reason only a portion was hyperlinked.

      I created a member type.
      And wanted to use STATE as the repeated question for all memeber types. Reason for this is because STATE will be used to determine the network for each member type for ad campaign purposes.
      After I created a member type I created a new member type and duplicated the profile. And changed everything except the STATE.
      All member types were created and was ready to create my networks.
      When creating my networks I noticed that STATE was shown multiple times. Which creates the question of which STATE do you select.

      Another way to see the multiple duplicates. Is when creating a new question in profile questions. You can select Create New or Duplicate Existing. Under Duplicate Existing you will notice multiple duplicate entries.
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      Donna Oh I think I see what you mean. In admin when I'm setting up a Network and choose for them to automatically be in one based on the selection, these all are in a long list and there's no way to see which profile type they go with. Is that what you mean?
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    SocialEngine PHP 4.9.0 and Third Party Products
    The release of new SE version with php 7 support made a lot of website owners want to upgrade asap.


    While it's a good idea to still to php7 it's important to run any upgrade procedures on a separate sandbox installation. To make sure live server update will run without any issues. It's important to check if every plugin is php 7 compatible and supports SE 4.9.0

    I have a couple of suggestions how to make this process easier for community owners and hope SocialEngine team will support me here.

    1. There should be SE version filter at the official Marketplace. All listings have SE version number in them. There will be dozens of plugins not working with newest SE for quite some time, but fully workable with prev. versions. There should be an easy way to differentiate them.

    2. Plugin review process should include the version check. Currently some plugins have SE 4.9.9 or 4.x mentioned as version support, which is a false information.

    3. Field "VERSION TESTED" should not be a free field but a drop-down to select the latest version plugin was tested with. To make filtering more efficient.

    PS. WebHive team is currently working on the release of plugin updates and we will announce when new releases are ready.

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      Donna Sorry I missed responding before. We do already have some of the suggestions on our list from the beginning and have been working to get the marketplace updated. I do check plugins for version numbers before approving (for the ones I approved) and I think the other staff did before I came on board. However, these can be edited after approval. We will have to discuss this internally and see what we can do. We have to allow devs to edit their products so it's not an option to not allow editing.
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      gs Thanks Eugene - great suggestions.

      It's interesting how many 'I know what I'm doing and have been using SE for years and have gazillions of members at my site' ADMINs just dive right in without using a sandbox (at least separate folder) for testing first and/or don't bother checking with their 3rd-Party Devs to be sure their Plugins are ready (I'm waiting for 6 of 7 Devs to update, before I implement testing 4.9). I've read some github issues that are not due to SE, but rather the 'expert ADMIN' not doing what's common/proper/suggested practice. In fact, I'm also waiting to find out what each Dev determines is best - update SE before or after updating the Dev's Plugins.

      As you've mentioned, there should be a drop-down that lists each and every version a Plugin. Just because something was tested and supports 4.8.10 for example, doesn't mean it does for 4.8.09 or 4.8.11. There's a lot that I'm hoping SE does with the Marketplace as far as more info, more complete reviews (especially from those that have purchased/used a Plugin), etc. But I'm sure that will come with time.

      Thanks for the useful post. You're a great Dev (both as a person, Team, and Plugins). Keep up the great work!
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    Ads Issue solved in 4.9?

    I reported a issue some months ago related with the ads plugin that I think that was included in 4.9, but I cant confirm now.

    When you create a ads campaign and add different ads inside the system try to display all ads equally, so the total number is the same.

    However if you has a ads with a high number of views and add a new, this new ads will be displayed until it has the same number that the older, what is pretty weird.

    I remember to have reported this issue before in github, but can find now. Anyone know if this issue continue in 4.9?
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      PoeticJustice Ohhhh this is interesting
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      Donna I can't find the bug report. If you created one, it should be in your profile at Github. I've not tried this yet to test (the ad issue you mention). Having a link to that bug report would be great if you can find it. :)
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    How to delete the phrases in language pack
    How to delete the accidentally added new phrases in language pack. i have attached the screenshot.
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      PoeticJustice these are all added in a file, in your directory for languages, there should be a custom language file, similiar to custom css files..... locate the custom language file, and just delete
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      Gabry That's the right way from [508,PoeticJustice] ... in you language folder you have custom.csv ...open it and you will find in there those phrase's , just delete them !
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    Forum photo attachment
    Hi, I have just noticed that when I edit a forum post I have a photo attachment below text area, when I attach a photo it seems to work and shows up below the post. My question is why does it not show up on topic creation page or post creation page? Is it some left over code that should be removed from post edit page, or should it be added to topic and post creation page? I just tried it on demo website and it's the same.
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      Donna Can you post a screenshot? In most forums, any script, an attachment is an item that sits below the post. If you want the image to sit inside the post, you would use the embed with tinymce (4.9 has it). If you want something else, please let us know. :)
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    "List" Options In Cloud Board Theme (Private, Followers, Etc.)
    Hi, I would love to see a feature in Cloud Board Theme that would allow users to set privacy settings for who can view individual lists (boards). Such as private, followers, everyone, etc.

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      Donna Hi Dave,

      Interesting feature request.

      Note that the privacy or permissions would be set globally, meaning not for just one specific theme. Noting that, please let us know more:

      Can you elaborate on the "ETC" permissions you want to allow? I mean privacy in regards to permissions.

      How would you want this to work?

      Where would you want the setting to show (example: In the member's settings; on the lists themselves; both places; someplace else)?

      Is there anything else for this that you foresee needing?
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    SE PHP Session duration
    Hi, it appears that the login session expires in about 2 weeks which is very annoying having to log in all the time. Do any of you have a solution for this? I wouldn't want to keep inactive sessions forever too, but maybe there is a simple way to check if session expires soon and if user visits the website to just extend it for another 2 weeks?
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      Donna A caution. Having sessions like that can be a security risk. It is very easy these days to hijack a user's session. It happened to me at another script and due to the session not expiring that day, it caused the hacker to be able to log in and do his wonders as admin. It wasn't a fun experience at all. I will ask the team about the session issues as I would actually like a setting to allow it to expire much, much sooner for security purposes. So, perhaps a setting for admin to control it more so that those not concerned for possible security issues could set it longer and those that want to lock it down can set it shorter.
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    Hire-experts plugins compatibility update for SocialEngine 4.9.0
    All the Hire-Experts plugins are compatible with Social Engine 4.9.0
    We are super excited about new SocialEngine release which brings tons of improvements and new features, hope you will enjoy all of them. Meet new compatibility update of our plugins for the latest SocialEngine 4.9.0. We advise you to update our plugins to avoid the problems on your site.

    Thank you for being with us.With love Hire-Experts Team