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    2checkout payment failure.
    Hi All,
    I am using 2checkout gateway for payment ,currently using dummy card for my communityads plugins. but I am keep on getting "communityad/payment/finish/state/failure". I have same as mentioned in SE tutorial but still no help.

    Can you guys help me to come out from this problem?
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      SocialEngineAddOns [246165,Ankit Bhardwaj] We just came across one of your other threads ( http://community.onsocialengine.com/post/6290971/how-to-add-a-payment-gateway-other-than-2co-and-paypal ) and got to know that 2Checkout payment is not allowed for you website.

      If still you have any issue/query while using our Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin as specified above, you can directly contact our support here: support01@socialengineaddons.com
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      Donna Communityads plugin? If this is something by a third party expert, it would be best to ask them. I am not familiar with the plugin. I know of our ad feature. Did you mean our SocialEngine ad feature?
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    Android and iOS app for Social engine website
    I have a web platform built upon social engine. I want to create Android and iOS apps for the same. Please suggest the appropriate plugins for this and can the Social Engine PHP code be directly migrated to the Mobile app?
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      SocialEngineAddOns [246165,Ankit Bhardwaj]

      We have developed 100% Native Android and iOS Apps specially for SocialEngine PHP website. SocialEngine PHP code is already merged in our Mobile Apps with SocialEngine REST API. You can go through our REST API plugin from here :

      For any queries, you may contact our support here: https://www.socialengineaddons.com/contact
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      gs I personally use the mobile apps by SEAO. What I especially like is that when adding Menu Items (for SEAO Plugins) you may use their built-in mobile app functionality (for their Plugins that have been coded accordingly) or use the standard webview option (which I believe must be used for non-SEAO Plugins). In addition, they offer packages to either publish using their Store Account (less expensive, but less control) or your own (more expensive, but more control).

      Although I haven't used the mobile apps by Hire-Experts, I have used some of their other Plugins and their support (both excellent). They're another great Dev. (btw - I selected SEAO Mobile Apps primarily because the majority of the Plugins on the site are from them, so for compatibility and support reasons, this made the most sense). Check out the links Donna provided for more info.
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      Donna Are you looking to make your own or use a ready-made plugin? The marketplace would have some mobile apps in the mobile apps section if you mean ready made. If you want to make your own, I have a thread on my site that shows some links for mobile app wrappers.
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    Force users to flush their cache
    Im official about to update live site after loads of testing.One common thing that happened and seemed to happen on all staging servers was cache issues, loading up old data etc.Even when i go into dev mode, flush the cache there, actual members still seem to see the issue, not everyone is savy enough to clear internet settings etc.Is there a good way to force this, via htaccess or anything?
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      PoeticJustice Its not that i want to exactly force the flush of cache, its just i noticed that since SE dropped icons for fontawesome, there has been some weird duplication icons in the activity page......... and only way to fix is flushing cache.

      Sending an email asking uses to flush your cachhe feels very awkard.

      Wasnt sure if the leverage cache control would fix something like this

      example below

      <IfModule mod_expires.c>
      ExpiresActive On
      ExpiresByType image/jpg "access 1 year"
      ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access 1 year"
      ExpiresByType image/gif "access 1 year"
      ExpiresByType image/png "access 1 year"
      ExpiresByType text/css "access 1 month"
      ExpiresByType text/html "access 1 month"
      ExpiresByType application/pdf "access 1 month"
      ExpiresByType text/x-javascript "access 1 month"
      ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-flash "access 1 month"
      ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access 1 year"
      ExpiresDefault "access 1 month"
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      gs My concern (as a User) is that I'd never want an app to automatically flush my browsers cache - ever. Yes, I can see where it could be useful, but it can also prevent other apps from running properly. Some Users may not mind if their cookies/etc. were removed, others might. But there are other more crucial apps (for example, I've used accounting and manufacturing apps) that are web-based that if the cache was flushed by another app, it would require rekeying data which would not be acceptable. I can see this as a User setting in a Browser (i.e. every X minutes automatically clear cache) but for a business to decide to do this automatically to all their Users is IMHO 'not cool' :) even if it's beneficial to the App. IMHO, Inter-app interference is not a good thing :( What I wish browsers could do is clear cache per Tab (ex. when I've got 10-20 Tabs open and I wish to clear some of the SE Tabs but not other SE Tabs or other websites). This often occurs when I've got 2-4 different sites open (dev, testing, staging, live, SE 4.8.13, SE 4.9.xx, etc) and I wish to clear cache for all Tabs for one of those sites but leave the others alone.
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      Mikel Coreclark Hei> I'm sorry if I don't fully understand your question.
      From what I know about flushing cache. there are 2 locations that you can flush.
      1 is on your admincp and the second is on your hosting server.
      Sometimes just flushing your admincp is not enough, you may need to clear your hosting server cache. This should clear most or all of the unwanted data and old updates.

      as for getting members to clear their personal PC / device cache, you wont have any control over that. you could however message or send an onsite notice to members and ask them to clear their cache ??
      Some systems like mine (windows 10) has a built in cache delete setting so when ever I exit internet my browser and cache are cleared automatically. This is a setting set as an option for most devices that I know of.

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    "Like" customizing
    I want to use an alternate term/icon for the standard "Like" in the Like-Comments-Delete-Share menu.  Any suggestions?  Can it be done?
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      SocialEngineAddOns [247344,Steve Honikman] We will be happy to help you out with your requirement!
      You may contact us here: https://www.socialengineaddons.com/contact for further discussion on this.
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      Mikel Coreclark Hei. It can be done but there could be negative reactions.
      As all actions such as 'like' 'share' 'comment' are scripted and have pathways and links, you may have to alter script which will have a negative impact on your SE licence/terms.

      In some cases all you need to do is alter words in the 'language' section
      But in my experience 'like' is a universal action that everyone recognises. and therefore best left as 'like'
      I have broken parts of my old site by doing similar action / changes.

      What you are best off doing is looking for an app/module that can add such changes to your site. there are great developers that can make one for you.
      The best I know that I have used are:
      Scripttechs (donna)
      social engine addons.
      There are others also.

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    Social Engines Add on plugins account for sale
    My friend has asked me to put it out there.

    He has an account with loads of Social Engine Addons.
    He is selling account as whole.

    It contains
    Responsive Luminous Theme v4.9.2
    Content Profiles - Cover Photo, Banner & Site Branding Plugin v4.9.2p1
    Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin v4.9.2p8
    Advanced Photo Albums Plugin v4.9.2p3
    Advanced Slideshow Plugin - Multiple Slideshows v4.9.1p1
    Documents / Scribd iPaper Plugin v4.8.8

    And various other plugins which I believe are free ones.

    If your interested drop me a message.... no buying one or two, you will be buying the account, and then change all details for your own details
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      SocialEngineAddOns Hello [508,PoeticJustice] , all licenses of our SocialEngineAddOns products are non-transferable. For re-selling our software, which would lead to transfer of license, you need explicit permission of SocialEngineAddOns by submitting details of the new licensee. For this, please contact us from here: https://www.socialengineaddons.com/contact .
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      PoeticJustice Please can you confirm this [81,SocialEngineAddOns]

      It was a friend who asked me, he doesnt want to resell individual plugins and to ask yourself to transfer to others account. He simply wants to sell his account.

      If its not allowed then that is very sad. Id be upset to buy a BMW then not allowed to sell it because its not used.
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      PoeticJustice Piracy??? these all have serial keys attached? and the domains can be changed.

      Don't get how this is considered Piracy
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    Problem after updating Advanced Members Plugin - Better Browse & Search, Us...
    hi  my frindes  i  get  Problem after updating  Advanced Members Plugin - Better Browse & Search, User Reviews, Ratings & Location Plugin  from   SocialEngineAddOns   

    when i  open    http://cumds.com/members

     i  get  this  message 

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/cumds/public_html/application/modules/Sitemember/widgets/browse-members-sitemember/Controller.php on line 252

    and  when  i open    http://cumds.com/profile

    iget this  message

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function array_column() in /home/cumds/public_html/application/modules/Sitemember/Model/DbTable/Views.php on line 48

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      cumds Thank you for updating the issue has been resolved

      Good luck
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      gs I can't speak for SE Staff, but typically they direct you to the 3rd-Party Dev to resolve issues with 3rd-Party Plugins. If I'm wrong, I apologize.
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      SocialEngineAddOns [154,cumds] The above issue will get resolved on upgrading the Advanced Members Plugin to it's latest version '4.9.2p3' on your website.

      You may contact our support team here in case of any further issue: socialengineaddons.com/contact
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    Handling Menuitems
    Its such a basic thing like If there are multiple member levels people would like to customize who can view what menu item. There is no answer from any of the socialengine related forums at all. Please do post if there are any effective methods to achieve too.
    Amarnath S Gauravarjanam

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      SocialEngineSolutions [220495,varshaan] Yes, as Donna said, it seems to be useful suggestion. And also, there can be 2 aspects:
      a. If the menu item is coming from a plugin, then there is a setting in the admin panel of the plugin to enable / disable viewing of that plugin based on member level (menu item will not come in case if viewing not allowed), b. You have created a new page and new menu and you want to limit the menu item of this page to some Member Levels, then instead of creating pages from Layout Editor, you can use our "Page Builder and Shortcodes Plugin: https://www.socialenginesolutions.com/social-engine/page-builder-and-shortcodes-plugin/" to create pages which has option to Hide / Show menu item of that page to specific member levels.

      Let me know if this helps, otherwise if you need it customized you can contact our team at: support@socialenginesolutions.com
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      Donna Hi Amarnath,

      Thanks for posting. This is the only official SocialEngine forum and this is the first time I've seen you post it here. :)

      This sounds like a good improvement if a member level does not have permission to view or post in that plugin then the menu should not show to them.

      Is that what you mean or do you mean something else?

      I am not sure if this plugin does what you want, https://www.socialengine.com/marketplace/app/advanced-menus-plugin and tried to search for more "menu" plugins but didn't find any. It is possible there is another one that I missed. You could check with the expert that made the plugin I linked to see if it allows for viewing based on member levels and I'm sure they will let you know.
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    Add new photo and others (privacy and comments options)


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      Donna I've added the bug issue for the blog with no privacy settings selected.
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      Donna I'm checking on the image you have embedded as I thought it was fixed in our 4.9.3 but that might be something else. I will update this thread once I see further.
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      Donna Please explain the issue in more detail for us, noting the improvements we mentioned for user privacy that are coming in 4.9.3. If this is that issue, it is already being worked on. If it is something else, please describe further.

      Please when explaining, if you can explain with some written text that would be great so we can read the issue and then check photos. As the photos are breaking our security lock, we will need to remove them soon as Google and other browsers are getting very strict now. If you could, please load photos to a secure site.

      Thank you!
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    Edit My Profile
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      PoeticJustice Hi [231316,Donna]

      You mentioned internet privacy laws etc.

      I personally hide all these shown above, as it looks so messy on signup.

      I also dont show the profile fields on the personal profiles.

      But if your terms and conditions state that this data has to be public etc so admin can see, surely thats ok?
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      Donna This looks like it would be a customization. Due to various internet privacy laws, you would want to be careful what you disable and this doesn't look like something we would add as a script feature.
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    cPanel .ftp backup using JetBackup by JetApps
    Wanted to share an excellent experience with a great product. 

    Brief background: Host has been backing up site automatically for over a year, and there was always 1 weekly and 4-5 recent dailys.  Somewhere along the way, this changed due to less available space on my VPS (although I always made sure there was 40-50% available which originally was enough).  Anyway, due to a recent issue, I required a restore and found out they were only keeping the most recent day (plus weekly).  Manual backup have not been working in the past 2 weeks due to a cPanel issue.  Sooooo... I finally addressed something I started to but never completed.

    Solution.  JetBackup to the rescue.  I purchased a Windows-based app a while ago to backup directly from .ftp to .ftp, but it was simply too slow.  JetBackup (a 'whopping' $4/mo) is incredible.  They installed it to cPanel/WHM for me (at no charge) and I may no backup whatever I wish - manually or on schedule - and it's quick (just as quick as my cPanel manual backups used to be from .ftp to .ftp).  So, no I can schedule my own offsite backups however I wish (some daily, some weekly, some (like databases) several times a day. 

    The pre-sale questions and early questions after installation were responded to and answered in between several minutes to 30 minutes.  So, support is excellent.  Flexibility is awesome.  Speed/performance is fast.  Easy to setup/configure and monitor what's going on.  Oh - and @ $4/mo it's a no-brainer (my Windows-based backup cost around $300 plus updates plus support). 

    So, in case anyone's looking for their own cPanel backup solution, JetBackup should be on your list to checkout. 

    What recommendations do you have for your VPS/Dedicated Server configuration (not asking about clusters - that's an entirely different ballgame)?

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      Donna Nice tip! One more tip from me is to make sure your site is offline when backing up or it can cause corrupt backups. Best thing to do is schedule when the site is less active, set it to maintenance and then do the backup.

      I use cazaratech hosting who has automated offsite backup free with their plans. VPS is only $5 per month and cloud is I think $19. Self-contained vps and cloud so you aren't sharing anything with other sites. I don't use cpanel as it takes too many resources and I prefer to keep those for my sites.
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    Errors during sign up (Fresh installation)
    Hi! I downloaded and installed yesterday (fresh install) the latest version of SE 4.9.2p1

    The issue I have is that I cannot get a user to sign up because I get errors like show in the photo.

    It starts by going to sign up url (partyreports.com/signup)
    I fill my information in
    I click next and get an error like Not valid email, passwords do not match, I haven't accepted the terms and conditions.. and shows me again the form to fill my info in

    I fill everything in again..

    Then I get the error with the stack trace as shown in the attached image.

    Can anyone help or suggest anything?

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      Donna Are you sure your server meets the requirements? We aren't seeing this issue on other sites, that I know of, so you might want to send a ticket in to support.