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    Real social networks and where we going wrong
    I was thinking in to create this post some months ago, but every time that I start to write it something happens and I need to stop. Lets see if I can complete this mission today :)

    In first place what I will explain below may not be appliable to your social network, each niche has its own rules, so if you think that there is something interesting about your public please share in the comments.

    I am managing a community for 3 years and I learned much with my users and in a discussion I started to talk about what we may improve and the main answer was be more Facebook or Twitter. In the same moment I said "What?!?". 

    This was not the first time that users asked me to make the website more like Facebook or Twitter, but was the first where my members started to agree among them that the website should be more like Facebook or Twitter. I asked them to be more specific, but no one was able to give a good answer. Here i decided to analyse what make others social network be popular even when people are not using them.

    I started to analyse different social networks and I found some interesting points. I will not share everyone here because if I do this topic may become huge, but the main point is the simplicity.

    Did you noticed that Facebook, Twitter or any other bigger networks doesnt have a section to album, video or music except if this type of content is the central element of the community? Did noticed that most social networks has a really simple layouts with few navigation options?

    Social network softwares (like SE) are made to be useful to most different website users, but I learned that this doesnt mean that we need to "display" all features. My users really share images, but there is no necessity of the album section, my users also share videos, but rarely need to go to the video section. So here is the point, sometimes the high number of sections and features give confuses users rather than showing that the site has many options.

    So think that is really essencial for your network, sometimes just hide a section that is not used will give to your network a new fresh air that is was needing.
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      PoeticJustice I may do not different when I start out.

      Before I start, branding is literally key to me as I have helped brand clothing labels etc in the past.

      So the name and logo has to be on point. And if I can't obtain ALL the social media handles or .com

      Then I'll scrap the name completely.
      Keeping name below 15 characters is something I aim for to secure a twitter handle.

      Also when building a social network to me I want to build a brand, not a social network.

      I don't want to be referred to as "that social network for cat lovers" "that social network for cake maker" "that social network for type writer collectors"

      I want to be a name.
      So I try to market the social network as an addition to a service.

      And when deciding on features, I work from a white board.... and I roll the features out on stages.

      I would be silly to buy 20 plugins because they sound cool then upload to site, and be like enjoy all these features.... that would be mad of me to do.

      So would plan to release features in stages, so the community is like "dammmm these guys mean it, constantly working and giving us new features" "omg all these new features what could be next" hashtag excited hashtag bossstatus

      Work out your target audience and just hit them, use all big social networks for hashtags and Engadge with the people you want on your site.

      Insterestingly I read the other day

      AirBnB = No Real Estate
      Uber = Has No Cars
      Facebook = Creates no content
      Amazon = Has no stores
      Bitcoin = no currency and no physical coins
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      gs Great post and comments by Sieg, Mikel and Donna.

      Yes, I learned this lesson decades ago (but still have to hammer it into my head) when demoing software for clients (which is what converted me from sales into consulting - finding out what's needed first).

      Different content for different niches. Sometimes the answer hurts ('you mean all this time and money I spent isn't what you want??? - oh you're right - I never asked you what you wanted in the first place did I'). But sometimes in an effort to 'cover the bases' we simply add too much that no one (or too few Users) uses (at least not in the way we think).

      Always good to regroup and think/plan our sites better as to what we're trying to accomplish. Are we trying to show what's possible with software or are we trying to honour our Users' interests and grow our community by focusing on something we (and they) are genuinely interested in (and if so, what tools/apps/processes best address these needs).

      This is why I appreciate many of Kyles posts here at SE too - they often bring me back on point when I stray off the beaten path.

      Thanks for posting :)
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      Mikel Coreclark Hello.
      Mikel here. owner of www.majuuna.com
      Please if I may ad something to this discussion. Just 2 real points:
      Like you I did some research of my own a long time ago. I checked facebook and mentally took it apart to see how it works.
      1: Absolutely right, keep your network simple. don't overload it with apps / modules.
      2: Yes facebook is huge with a few members :o) but what I found was that although facebook is simple yet its strength is not the subject matter. The only thing keeping facebook alive is the members. I know that many people leave facebook all the time but many times visit (just like myself) time and again. The reason is although I have left facebook all my friends are still addicted to and use facebook because their friends are on facebook.
      So the hardest job for any new social network is to convince people that you have a community worth joining by attracting members as individuals. What I have just realised is I have to attract groups of people. Groups of friends or people with common interests. The best way to achieve this is to create mini groups, blogs, events, movies reviews, forums and other groups on your network such as photography, sports, cooking, auto. I am soon going to be launching a fresh marketing campaign to attract new members.
      My target to start with will be the obvious, food, drink, cinemas, activities. Targeting these social locations could be a great start.
      I am not going to create flyers, I'm going to get printed napkins, serviettes, as most places serve food and drink it could be a way in as these are placed on tables or on bars and everyone uses them.

      Well enough said.
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    How can I add a Widget in between of an activity feed like in facebook?
    Hi all,
    I was looking to add some widgets to add after some particular no of feed like after 5 feeds or 10 feeds in between of an activity feed process?
    As in Facebook you might have seen that after 5 feed there is an suggestion for friends come or some ads or other things.
    So I just wanted to know is this possible to do in SocialEngine or have any of you guys have done this earlier?
    If yes than can you help me to achieve this or no than can you suggest how I can get this done?

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      SocialEngineSolutions [246165,Rajesh Kumar Rathor] : Yes, we have this solutions in our "Advanced News & Activity Feeds Plugin: https://www.socialenginesolutions.com/social-engine/advanced-news-activity-feeds-plugin/" where you can show the Ads (created using SocialEngine Ads) and friends suggestions just like Facebook (using People You May Know plugin: https://www.socialenginesolutions.com/social-engine/people-you-may-know-plugin/).
      You can view the demo here: http://demo.socialenginesolutions.com/ .
      Test account details: test1@sesolutions.com / 123456
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      Donna You would need to code something for this or have it made. Most likely as a module and use hooks so you don't fiddle with editing source in the feed. I'm not sure if there's a plugin for this already. Did you check the marketplace?
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      Ankit Bhardwaj How to close a post?
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    About Me on members profile page
    Does anyone know how i would let members add HTML to about me, So members can add autoplaying youtube videos etc in About Me,

    As younet has now done away with Advanced Layout Editor there not updating anymore it’s a real shame as my members loved it so now members have no HTML.

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      francesco pillininini If anyone comes up with this plugin i would buy it! :)
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      PoeticJustice Sorry to hijack this a bit, as this is an important point that you have touched on.

      I have very strong opinions on profile signup and data etc.

      I may raise this also as feature request on git hub. But as I love @SocialEngineSolutions Im also going to give them the idea of a plugin.... because I would buy it.

      Start off, the profile fields default widget is not great.
      It shows all the data entered on signup, unless admin chooses to hide it, to which affects the actual users profile when viewing own profile, because they loads of warnings saying (only you and admin can see this)

      Admin viewing all profiles sees the horrible warnings of (only you and admin can see this)

      And in browse members this same message is displayed, if you decided to show that data on browse members,

      which affects the tables.

      So a plugin called Advance Profile Fields Widget would be awesome, when adding the widget it shows all the prole questions, and you simply tick what want shown on that profile type page.

      If only Name and about me is ticked then thats all you see.

      That would be the best plugin ever, because I hate that there isnt a widget purely for about me tied to the about me specific profile question.

      @SocialEngineSolutions If you make this, I will buy it.
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      PoeticJustice [271,francesco pillininini] I must say that [176288,SocialEngineSolutions] are the best if you have a query, then message them guys
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    HTML editor
    I was creating a custom menu for my website when I noticed that it suddenly stopped updating. I've played with the characters and began to realize that it appears as though it has a character limit. Has anyone else encountered this issue?
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      Donna One of our lead developers checked and said the code has no restrictions for this. He said the database itself can have a limit but he doubts you are putting that much in it.

      He said it would be helpful for you to post the code you are trying to add as it could have html errors or something.
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      Brandon Buchanan From my understanding there is a difference between characters and lines of code. If this block has a character limit it will hinder the number of lines you can add.
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      Brandon Buchanan Does the HTML block in the layout editor have a character limit?
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    Twitter logo - need feedback please
    Hello friends, after i have enabled twitter service on my website , when i go to compose new message page the twitter icon appears on the bottom to publish my message also on twitter ... i think this is an error first of all because why should i publish on twitter a private message ?
    Please give me some feedback if this is happening also for you ...thank you !

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      Gabry If already posted this i will like to ask ... is any way to disable the ADD Link, photo etc. ? I know i can hide them by css code, but maybe someone has another idea. Thank you !
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      Donna This appears to be a bug. Have you already submitted it to our Github issue tracker?
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    Manage Menu Missing on Admin Page
    I am returning to an old project that was stopped for 3 years.Now I want and need to upgrade the SE to the latest version.
    The problem is that the "MANAGE" menu within "ADMIN" does not appear ...
    Can anyone help me with this?
    Thank you!
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      Donna Did you check our requirements and make sure your server is set up appropriately? I know mod_sec could cause issues in admin and is listed in our requirements to be not supported.
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    Social Engine Theme issue (seTweaks)
    Does anyone know if I should seek support from Social Engine or seTweaks (Integrity Theme) for support?  It requires a fee which is why I am asking.  My problem is that my Main Navigation Menu appears to be corrupt.  It shows in the vertical position instead of horizontal and I have tried everything I can think of to fix it to no avail.


    Thank you!  Any guidance would be appreciated.

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      Gabry Hello [246328,Cynthia Silk] , as also Donna said usually we work in here with issues about SE default but we are always glad to help each other ...as i understand you use Integrity theme, then first that you need to do is to follow the steps to install that theme and place the right widgets in the correct positions.As i know seTweaks offers a step by step install of their themes.
      For the problem that you have now, access from Layout Editor the Header of you website and insert in there the correct widgets that Integrity theme is using ... for example in the header you have to put the main menu from Integrity theme not the core main menu as it can be difference in css codes that make your menu to appear bad. Try to start with this info and feel free to come back here.
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      Donna Hi Cynthia,

      For third party products, you would want to contact the developer as we don't provide support for those. If it's an issue with your site with default stuff, feel free to contact our support. Do you see the same issue with default themes?
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    Default email notifications ... confused !
    Hello everyone, i have a question about choosing the default email notifications.It is normal when i do not check an option in admin panel to still appear for the member in settings page to choose it ?
    I am not using some options on my website like video channels so i have not check it but it still appear for the members to check it if they want to receive email notifications for video channels.I will like to make the options that i am not using to disappear from the users page settings so they can't see it and check it ... how can i do this ?
    Thank you !
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      Gabry Yes this is the problem ... i have disabled the options ...i saved, clear cache and then i created a test user and went to the options, but i can still see them and i am able to check them ...thank you for your time , i hope [81,SocialEngineAddOns] team will solve this problem ... take care and thank you again , best wishes !
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      Gabry Hi Donna , thank you for reply and sorry for not being perfect clear on this ...same too, wake up and had the morning coffee ready for work .. i have put 2 pictures about my "confusing" issue .. like i said an example is video channels feature that i am not using on my website (SEAO Adv Video Plugin) ... i have disabled in CP> Settings> Default Email Notifications to send "auto-emails" for Video Channels, but if the users are going to Settings> General> Notifications they can still see those Video Channels options and can enable them .. but i don;t want the users to see those options because i am not using them ... my problem is, if i disable those options in CP , why they still appear for the users to enable them ? (this issues also for the Core or other plugins... video is just an example)

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      Donna Hi Gabry,

      Can you please include screenshots to be a bit more clear? It might be too early for me reading this (5am) but I'm not 100% clear.
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    Are Archives (files) available for SE Modules?
    I didn't find anything on this when searching for 'archive' or some similar terms (but I think I read something about it at one point).

    Anyway, just wondering if these are available as there's times they are needed (testing, compatibility purposes, missed a blog post about an update, etc.).

    Thank you.

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      Donna No but what I do is save all versions on my computer (actually on a backup drive) so I have one to go back to when I need to. I recommend doing that. I don't recommend putting older versions on a live site as newer ones have fixes that the old ones would not have.