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      Eugene I think both plugins from SEAO and Hire-Experts actually replace the standard feed with their own improved feed versions. Please keep that in mind when evaluating both options.
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    Social Engine 4.9 upgrade - How did it go?
    Hi all
    Just seeing how the 4.9 update went for you all.
    Hopefully you didnt do it on your live server, and instead made dev and also staging serviers for testing.

    Anyone encountered any issues?

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      Donna I upgraded a clone of my author site. It was 4.8.13 and I had customized a clone theme, have my own plugins on it. The upgrade went fine for me, no errors seen. Only issue I had was that I needed to clear google chrome cache as it is such a pain browser. I had to "Save" the theme again just to be sure everything was fine. Not sure if that's a required step but it's something I do.
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      SocialEngineSolutions The upgrade went well for us also. We have created a whole new server also with PHP 7, SE 4.9.0 and our plugins on it. There are some CSS issues in our plugin on which we are working.
      The upgrade for compatibility of all our plugins will be released soon.
      SocialEngineSolutions Team
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      Mikel Coreclark Hello again, mikel here.
      I just had a thought... is what I mentioned in my last post normal. Question:. Are the SE script files and apps / modules in 4.8.13 going to be replaced by the new 4.9 files, apps / mods and therefore nothing to be concerned about ? and the site will not be affected..
      thanks again, mikel.
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    4.9 Issue List
    I made my first test and I already find my first problem. I will update this topic with the issues that I found.

    1- Cant Install Activity Module: From all modules only the activity seems to have a problem. When I try to install it I receive a mysql error saying about a duplicated modified_date column and also a editable column

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      Donna Our team can check this on your site if you would please submit a ticket. We need to see if it's a bug or site issue. If you don't have support, please send an email to support@socialengine.com with site details for our team. Thank you!
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      Donna Thanks for posting.However, this one is posted https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/659 . My own clone site worked fine but I've no third party plugins except the ones I made. Can you also check my questions in that tracker, especially regarding plugins?
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    Update multiselect and multicheck
    I raised on github here https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/582
    great to here from people on here too.

    I think it be really good for SE to add this feature even as an addition, but giving options to make the signup and browse members to look less messy and more slick

    BAsically same as multiselect and check, but looks much nicer

    and ability to group items , making the group name option not selectable is nicer and makes it easier to find field you ish to select easier

    To me this is the new standard, those who use laptops etc have seen websites like this and just select and they are tags, newer users are not neccisary use to having to hold down cntrl and multiselect. and even when they do, if the slip on the cntrl key, they lose them options selected

    I made a multi check once but it had 30 choices and instead of minimilizing them side by side, it displayed them vertically, making the list super long.

    so i believe these tags are the way forward

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    How to serve Login Pages with HTTPS?
    Chrome and Mozilla started a few ago a new procedure that mark some pages that has information like credit card number or password as insecure.


    This will make in essence any pop-up login form useless when loaded in a non-secure https page and considering that is impossible in a Social Network force every external source to load using HTTPs this represent a big new challenge.

    Some of my pages started to display a insecure tag this week and my users started to ask why this is happening. I remember that phpfox has a feature that allow certain pages with senstive data like admincp, the login page and profile management to be loaded using https, so I would like to ask how can we implement something similar to Social Engine?

    I am trying to solve this using a rewrite rule, but was unable to solve until know. 
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      Donna My host just changed my author site to https and it works fine. The only thing I've not done is the redirect for those that might come from the http. http://support.socialengine.com/php/customer/en/portal/articles/2036045-how-to-protect-your-site-using-ssl-and-https?b_id=14386 please see if that tutorial helps.
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      Donna I'll have to update that tutorial. For enabling this, which I just did for my site, instead of /application folder, change the .htaccess in the main folder wherever you have SocialEngine installed such as public_html if you don't have it in a subfolder.
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    MARKETPLACE Plugin – Online Store for SocialEngine
    If you haven’t seen our store plugin yet, you should definitely try and test it on demo! Marketplace plugin is a great base for any ecommerce start up. It offers all basic online store features and even more https://socialenginemarket.com/news/marketplace-plugin-upgraded.

    While developing this plugin we analyzed different ecommerce sites to be able to reach our number one aim – make it as easy to use as possible.Why so? Because we want everyone to be able to believe in themselves and make a shot at they own online business, without being tech savvy. Our store plugin includes only the most necessary features and settings, which anybody can easily manage.

    Once installed the plugin gives you an opportunity to sell and buy physical or digital products, rate sellers and their goods, create coupons and sales, add listings to wishlist, charge website fee or association categories with profile types as admin, and much more!

    Today we’ve got a surprise for everyone who has a desire to start their own online store. Only this month use promo code SESTORE10 while purchasing Marketplace plugin and get it with 10% discount.    
    Don’t miss the opportunity and start monetizing your SE site today!
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    Cache and Maintenance Mode Error

    I am facing a weird issue that started in the last week. I am unable to set my website in development mode using the "normal" process of click in the button in the admincp. When I click nothing happens like if the button is now working, but what is more strange is that the cache setting is displaying information from all cache option take a looking in the following screenshot:


    The normal is that the option of memcache, by example, only appear if the radio button is clicked but it displaying with even when file is enable. Someone already had this issue? I already deactivated all plugin and this issue still happening.

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      Donna Are you able to manually set it to development mode? I see the flush cache setting is not showing for you. Did you have it set to memcache before? Did you try manually clearing cache?
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    Fix: SocialEngine 4.8 and Facebook login
    We got problems on different SocialEngine installation recently due to Facebook API update. Facebook login stopped to work, no errors were in logs.

    A fix for this is found here, http://socialenginecamp.com/question/view/1091/social-engine-4-8-and-broken-facebook-login

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      Eugene @Donna there is the same issue in the newest SE 4.9 beta 1. Could you forward it to devs so it can be implemented? It will be great to add some checks there so in case of problem something will appear in error_log
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    How to Clean Private Messages?

    There is some way to delete private messages without use the database?

    The cometchat did a huge mess in my website due the enconding charset and now there is several "junk" messages in the private messages from SE.
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      Donna This would be a great feature request. This should be able to be added to the task scheduler on a set schedule but it could cause users to lose messages they wanted to save.
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    Big and Professional Websites that use Social Engine

    I was browsing the new marketplace and noticed that there are some showcases in some third party developers profiles.

    As I am curious I visited some of these websites and most seems not to be much active or have a professional look, what is a bit ironic because if you are displaying a website in your portfolio is because you believe that is a impressive work.

    So I would like to ask if anyone knows a really big website that use Social Engine? I am really curious to see what a well stablished Social Engine website can do.

    Note: To my surprise my site is in the portfolio of one of the developers :D
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      PoeticJustice I use my social engine completely different to how others use it.
      Users log on daily, loads concurrent users.

      Its all about staggering functions such as plugins, you need to drip feed to keep members interested.

      Then focus and advertise about being a social network once you have over 250 members.

      I have quiet alot of members, but the site is not really open to anyone.

      But i would not personally showcase, nor do i expect big sites using SE to showcase.
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      Donna I've got some in a list but need to verify if we can post them.I'll see tomorrow.
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      Donna https://www.socialengine.com/ There are some sites there and some corporations listed that use SE. Some such as Apple, Nasa, etc are very recognizable.
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    Please all read regarding Social Engine PHP
    Hi All

    Ive raised some feature requests and bugs over last few months.And to start off lets be honest the top dogs of social network scripts are Social Engine, PHP Fox, and Oxwall.

    But there is some contenders coming along which @Elshara documented in a post that was closed.

    Oxwall looks beautiful and its on the raise, sadly the team doesnt seem to push it in ways of advertising, and their twitter account is like hardly in use (over a year), their market place is flooded with random coders and rubbish apps

    Social Engine - IMO the best, it has all the best Developers, when you look at phpfox, oxwall, and other contenders 3rd party plugins, they dont even come close to the works of Social Engine Solutions, Social Engine Addons, Webhive, Younet, and Hire-experts.
    But, soooo much is out of date with SE, and we are all here making feature requests that should have been implemented a year or 2 years ago. I just feel SE are making it to easy for their contenders to swoop in, or for the 3rd party developers to give up and explore being PHPFOX devs only.
    The best thing SE has, is the 3rd party DEVs, but SE needs to not only commit to its customers, but building a better platform that entices clients in that also generates work for these DEVS.

    PHPfox, i know you have @DonnaScriptTechs and @RaymondBenc now from there, and i hope they will push things forward with SE, but PHPfox 4, is simply beautiful, its upto date, modern, the profile questions and search ACTUALLY work, Like Oxwall, PHPfox can do searches in browse members at a multiselect level, when the original question was single select only, see post here for images #613
    Yet SE have said it cant be done, yet ALL other competitors can.
    They have been using fontawesome for ages, the social signup logo used are not 5 years old like SE.
    But, the DEVs on phpfox are not on the level of devs on SE, is phpfox more locked down, or not so easy to build, i do not know.
    But at the moment PHPfox 4 is making Social Engine look like Phpfox 3.
    Even looking at Younets latest themes for SE and PHPfox 4, PHPfox seems like, theme wise it has more to plays with, where as themes for SE are so problematic

    As Donald Trump said "Make Social Engine Great Again"

    I love social engine and i want it to stay the best, but i feel as a client, that SE are making it so so so easy for competitors to sneak up behind, that when other potential clients compare software, SE will be ignored, purely because competitors have seen the curve ball, and they are staying up to date, some things are tiny little touches, but loads of these touches are making SE appear outdated.

    We obviously dont know how SE is run, but im guessing all the devs for SE internal are all freelancers, they don't have office meetings, they live across the globe, and they are hired on set dates to do fixes or enhancements, and meetings maybe held over skype, rather than in-house team who are constantly updating, fixing bugs etc.If cost is an issue, im sure with all the clients on SE, if you said lets crowdfund all these enhancements, and if people were willing to do it, to make sure they are added, things updated, i can guarantee you people will do it, Id gladly whack $100 down, if it meant these features were added, id rather that than pay $50 for support which im unsure about still based on the past.

    SE don't be afraid to ask your clients, id gladly crowd fund to make SE the top dog, because by SE being better, it generates better work for the DEVs, who we then hire, which makes our site great too.
    SE need to consider also selecting clients to test new releases and bug fixes, When i owned a recording studio, i use to record all time, then when it came to mixing,i couldnt tell the difference as my ears heard everything to much, so it was better having others work as they have fresh ears.

    Same with testing, your fixing bugs constantly that your bound to miss things, so find people with a fresh aspect to test.

    Another thing Social Engine website

    Love the look of the new site, but searching of market place needs to be better.
    Finding plugins by Developer is impossible, even when you find a plugin, it mentions dev name, but you cant click and see their other apps nor can you see there other plugins, like an upsale.

    Also I think it be great if Devs updated things like updates and changes, like a log, similiar to code canyon.even if you leave market place, goto experts, click on expert , view experts profile, then view plugins...... its just way to many clicks to get to a place, when there should be something on their product pages..... too many clicks equals drop offs.In each market place listing, i have not once seen a button saying demo or any links to demos of plugins, some have listed the username and password for the demo, but absolutely now links.Also there should be display options, when you hit the market place all you see is Titles and a funky picture, no small write up of the plugin, doesnt even say the developer until you click on it, as a client there is 100% no way im going to click on every plugin to read about it, there needs to be a short summery of the plugin, just like your old website.
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      Donna Thank you for re-posting this here. Glad you love SocialEngine!

      Just so you all know. phpFox is not bug free. Many are leaving due to the bugs. Many developers, including myself, got fed up with the apps system reverting to the old coding standards which makes the script heavier for people. There are a lot of issues I know of and many others can speak of. I'm moving my own sites from fox to SE .

      We appreciate your suggestions and do have improvements coming. :)
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    Wish we could have music playlist autoplay
    It would be great to have music playlist when added to profile page autoplay or the ability to let it

    I can live in hope LOL