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    Caching with Redis

    My host installed Redis on my server and they have confirmed everything was working fine however the Redis option is still grayed out in my performance & caching settings.

    I'm using php 5.6 right now. What could be the problem?

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    Assigned network not able to choose other network?
    Hello friends, i need some feedback's on this problem please.
    I have created 2 networks and also 2 profile type called Listener and Disk Jockey.
    I have setup the listener to be auto assigned to listener network and disk jockey to be assigned to the disk jockey network after sign up.
    All is good except that the users assigned to a network can't see the other network if they want to join it.I went from a profile to the networks page and is saying in there that "There are currently no avaliable networks to join."
    I will like to auto-assign the dj's to dj's network and listener to listener network after sign up, but also let them choose to join the other network if they want.
    I did not check it the option " Yes, hide membership for this network." so it should be visible to others.
    How can i do this ?

    Thank you !

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      Donna I believe you will need a customization in order to auto-assign and allow them to choose. The auto-assign is to allow members to be automatically placed in a network based on questions they answer. The network that is auto-assigned cannot also be a choice to join. The "hide network" hides it from showing who belongs to that network from everyone except admin. Hope that helps. :)
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    New users unable to sign up?
    Has anyone had this issue on PHP? Every time we've tested it we get a different error code. First the captcha stopped displaying, we fixed that, now a user can get to the final steps of the sign up process, and then it fails for the user and says to contact the system administrator. 

    Anyone else experienced this?
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      Donna What errors are you seeing with development mode enabled or in your error log?

      Are you using third party plugins?

      What version of SEPHP are you using?

      What version of PHP is on the server?

      My live site and demo are not experiencing issues and my local installs are not but it's possible there is some other step you have enabled that I have not in my testing so it would also help to know your sign up routine (settings).

      Thank you!
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    3rd Party SE PHP plugins issues when updating to SE 4.9.1
    Hi All

    Just wanted to see if anyone is experiencing issues with any 3rd party plugins, that have been updated for 4.9.1

    Im seeing a few issues with some plugins, and thought id see what others are experiencing, Is it be great for us all to test and confirm such bugs
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      PoeticJustice Would be awesome If 3rd party devs, gave a change log like devs do on envato codecanyon etc.

      I love change logs as you can see bug fixes, and tweaks, and then judge if the update is warrented.

      My live server is yet to be updated, Just a few bugs noticed,
      I only use [176288,SocialEngineSolutions] and [81,SocialEngineAddOns] and [196,Eugene] products

      but thought it be a great thread so others could test bugs related to 3rd party plugins, as github is purely for SE and not 3rd party
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      Donna This post is fine and might help clients avoid issues with upgrading. Just please everyone keep it civil as the original post is. I know things can heat up when sites break due to third party issues. We are aware of this continuing problem and have contacted experts to get their products updated ASAP. We'll be watching this thread as well.
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    Diff Check Social Engine PHP

    Wondered if someone could give me heads on the diff check with Social Engine, Its always confused me, unless its a bug.So thought id check here.

    So im doing updates, and sometimes you see diff check
    With 3 types
    Different _removed

    first whats the difference between those marked different and different_different 

    Next part I ask is, regards to it saying specifically 
    This is the list of files on your system that may have been modified since they were originally installed. If you decide to continue with this installation, they may be overwritten or deleted. To avoid losing any custom changes you've made to these files, you may want to cancel the installation and make backups. If you're not worried about losing custom changes to these files, you can continue with the installation.

    It says SINCE originally installed

    Does it only show files opened after first installed of such plugin?

    Because there are files that do not show up on the diff check, which are completely different, that have lines added and lines removed.

    How are they not shown on dif check?

    also related to this, is there any tools that can compare tar files and its contents, and all the lines of code on each file.

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      Donna Here's the answer :) :

      "We looked into this query and `Different_different` appears when the client has changed a file and the same file has also been changed by us in the upgrade being performed. `Different_removed` appears when client changed something in the file and that file has been removed by us in the upgrade. We didn't find `Different` appearing in any case. So, if anyone is confused at some point and getting this "Different" type also, then please contact support along with a screenshot and we can look into this accordingly . "

      Hope that helps explain it. Please note that you would need active support for our technicians to check your tickets.
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      Donna Hi,

      Thank you for your post. I've asked our techs about your question as I don't have the answer. I hope to update this with an answer today.
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    Broken Image with Facebook
    I have noticed that when marketing my site on facebook that my images are broken. For instance, if I put a link to my site on the facebook mobile app the website is loaded within the app. My images for some reason show up broken.
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      Donna Can you provide the steps you are taking as I'm not clear. Do you have a screenshot too? (you can blur out any sensitive info as this is a public forum)
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    Video Size
    How can you change the display size of the video in the news feed. The videos are taking up a large portion of the news feed and would like to make the video size smaller on my news feed so it doesnt take up a large portion Does anyone know how to do this?

    I think the video should be a more optimized size similar to facebook so the visitors are not scrolling through huge video display sizes.
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      Mikel Coreclark Hello. Like this post.
      Similar issue with 'members' page and 'video' page.
      These could be made smaller, say about 1/4 or 1/2 the size.
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    Video tumb nail broken on wall
    Videos show on wall broken tumbnail from youtube video urls etc,
    No tumbnail of video in  videos on site, But does play when you click on it in!does not play videos on the wall!
    Im   on php7 and 4.9.1
    Any Idea to this problem would be nice so it can get fixed please

    Thank you
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      Donna Have you checked with developer mode enabled to see for any errors? Have you checked folder permissions? Are you using default theme and default SocialEngine plugins? Have you tried with any third party plugins disabled?
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