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PHP Help

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    HTML editor
    I was creating a custom menu for my website when I noticed that it suddenly stopped updating. I've played with the characters and began to realize that it appears as though it has a character limit. Has anyone else encountered this issue?
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      Donna One of our lead developers checked and said the code has no restrictions for this. He said the database itself can have a limit but he doubts you are putting that much in it.

      He said it would be helpful for you to post the code you are trying to add as it could have html errors or something.
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      Brandon Buchanan From my understanding there is a difference between characters and lines of code. If this block has a character limit it will hinder the number of lines you can add.
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      Brandon Buchanan Does the HTML block in the layout editor have a character limit?
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    Twitter logo - need feedback please
    Hello friends, after i have enabled twitter service on my website , when i go to compose new message page the twitter icon appears on the bottom to publish my message also on twitter ... i think this is an error first of all because why should i publish on twitter a private message ?
    Please give me some feedback if this is happening also for you ...thank you !

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      Gabry If already posted this i will like to ask ... is any way to disable the ADD Link, photo etc. ? I know i can hide them by css code, but maybe someone has another idea. Thank you !
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      Donna This appears to be a bug. Have you already submitted it to our Github issue tracker?
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    Social Engine Theme issue (seTweaks)
    Does anyone know if I should seek support from Social Engine or seTweaks (Integrity Theme) for support?  It requires a fee which is why I am asking.  My problem is that my Main Navigation Menu appears to be corrupt.  It shows in the vertical position instead of horizontal and I have tried everything I can think of to fix it to no avail.


    Thank you!  Any guidance would be appreciated.

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      Gabry Hello [246328,Cynthia Silk] , as also Donna said usually we work in here with issues about SE default but we are always glad to help each other ...as i understand you use Integrity theme, then first that you need to do is to follow the steps to install that theme and place the right widgets in the correct positions.As i know seTweaks offers a step by step install of their themes.
      For the problem that you have now, access from Layout Editor the Header of you website and insert in there the correct widgets that Integrity theme is using ... for example in the header you have to put the main menu from Integrity theme not the core main menu as it can be difference in css codes that make your menu to appear bad. Try to start with this info and feel free to come back here.
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      Donna Hi Cynthia,

      For third party products, you would want to contact the developer as we don't provide support for those. If it's an issue with your site with default stuff, feel free to contact our support. Do you see the same issue with default themes?
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    Default email notifications ... confused !
    Hello everyone, i have a question about choosing the default email notifications.It is normal when i do not check an option in admin panel to still appear for the member in settings page to choose it ?
    I am not using some options on my website like video channels so i have not check it but it still appear for the members to check it if they want to receive email notifications for video channels.I will like to make the options that i am not using to disappear from the users page settings so they can't see it and check it ... how can i do this ?
    Thank you !
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      Gabry Yes this is the problem ... i have disabled the options ...i saved, clear cache and then i created a test user and went to the options, but i can still see them and i am able to check them ...thank you for your time , i hope [81,SocialEngineAddOns] team will solve this problem ... take care and thank you again , best wishes !
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      Gabry Hi Donna , thank you for reply and sorry for not being perfect clear on this ...same too, wake up and had the morning coffee ready for work .. i have put 2 pictures about my "confusing" issue .. like i said an example is video channels feature that i am not using on my website (SEAO Adv Video Plugin) ... i have disabled in CP> Settings> Default Email Notifications to send "auto-emails" for Video Channels, but if the users are going to Settings> General> Notifications they can still see those Video Channels options and can enable them .. but i don;t want the users to see those options because i am not using them ... my problem is, if i disable those options in CP , why they still appear for the users to enable them ? (this issues also for the Core or other plugins... video is just an example)

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      Donna Hi Gabry,

      Can you please include screenshots to be a bit more clear? It might be too early for me reading this (5am) but I'm not 100% clear.
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    Are Archives (files) available for SE Modules?
    I didn't find anything on this when searching for 'archive' or some similar terms (but I think I read something about it at one point).

    Anyway, just wondering if these are available as there's times they are needed (testing, compatibility purposes, missed a blog post about an update, etc.).

    Thank you.

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      Donna No but what I do is save all versions on my computer (actually on a backup drive) so I have one to go back to when I need to. I recommend doing that. I don't recommend putting older versions on a live site as newer ones have fixes that the old ones would not have.
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    how to enable/disable email by ML
    I'm sure this is a simple easy to find setting but I can't seem to locate it.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hopefully there will be separate in/outbound settings too, but my guess is that that may be expecting too much :)

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      Mikel Coreclark Hi, what exactly is the problem with your email.
      There are 2 sections to emails. 1st is your site settings in your admin panel on your site itself and the 2nd is your server host email settings on your server admincp.

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      gs RE: AdminCP -> Settings -> Default Email Notifications

      Question01: If I deselect all of these, then these become the initial settings for newly signed-up Users?
      Question02: Assuming the above is yes, if I then disable the menu option to display these settings to Users, they won't be able to override these?

      Just looking for a temporary fix until the entire notification/email-notification section gets revamped. Thanks.
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      gs Mike: no problem with email, just looking for how/where to do this

      Primary Purpose: To allow/disallow emails by Member Level. The point is that some MLs would be allowed to send/receive emails, others wouldn't. Why?:
      - incentive to upgrade to another ML (notifications will still exist but they must login to view them)
      - ADMIN costs (site requirements and $cost when using 3rd-Party service such as SendGrid/MailGun)
      - site performance
      - security/trust
      - possibly others but that's it for now
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    Ad Campaigns not working in 4.9.1
    Since upgrading to 4.9.1 none of my ad campaigns will work. I even deleted some and tried them again and same results. The campaigns were all still there but when trying to place them in the layout editor they will not display on the site. Any ideas? Anyone else having this problem?
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      Scott Donna, are there any updates for this issue? I would think it would be somewhat of a priority being that most social networks rely on advertising as a major source of income. I'm surprised it hasn't been addressed yet.
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      Scott Thanks Donna, now that you mention it my homepage before logging in displays the ad as well but no other pages show ads when logged in.
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      Donna I've added this as a bug as I can't get it to work. Our core developers will check into it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Caching with Redis

    My host installed Redis on my server and they have confirmed everything was working fine however the Redis option is still grayed out in my performance & caching settings.

    I'm using php 5.6 right now. What could be the problem?

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    Assigned network not able to choose other network?
    Hello friends, i need some feedback's on this problem please.
    I have created 2 networks and also 2 profile type called Listener and Disk Jockey.
    I have setup the listener to be auto assigned to listener network and disk jockey to be assigned to the disk jockey network after sign up.
    All is good except that the users assigned to a network can't see the other network if they want to join it.I went from a profile to the networks page and is saying in there that "There are currently no avaliable networks to join."
    I will like to auto-assign the dj's to dj's network and listener to listener network after sign up, but also let them choose to join the other network if they want.
    I did not check it the option " Yes, hide membership for this network." so it should be visible to others.
    How can i do this ?

    Thank you !

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      Donna I believe you will need a customization in order to auto-assign and allow them to choose. The auto-assign is to allow members to be automatically placed in a network based on questions they answer. The network that is auto-assigned cannot also be a choice to join. The "hide network" hides it from showing who belongs to that network from everyone except admin. Hope that helps. :)
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    Broken Image with Facebook
    I have noticed that when marketing my site on facebook that my images are broken. For instance, if I put a link to my site on the facebook mobile app the website is loaded within the app. My images for some reason show up broken.
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      Donna Can you provide the steps you are taking as I'm not clear. Do you have a screenshot too? (you can blur out any sensitive info as this is a public forum)
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    Video Size
    How can you change the display size of the video in the news feed. The videos are taking up a large portion of the news feed and would like to make the video size smaller on my news feed so it doesnt take up a large portion Does anyone know how to do this?

    I think the video should be a more optimized size similar to facebook so the visitors are not scrolling through huge video display sizes.
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      Mikel Coreclark Hello. Like this post.
      Similar issue with 'members' page and 'video' page.
      These could be made smaller, say about 1/4 or 1/2 the size.
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    Video tumb nail broken on wall
    Videos show on wall broken tumbnail from youtube video urls etc,
    No tumbnail of video in  videos on site, But does play when you click on it in!does not play videos on the wall!
    Im   on php7 and 4.9.1
    Any Idea to this problem would be nice so it can get fixed please

    Thank you
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      Donna Have you checked with developer mode enabled to see for any errors? Have you checked folder permissions? Are you using default theme and default SocialEngine plugins? Have you tried with any third party plugins disabled?
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    SE Plugins - ok to remove?
    (seeking input from SE Staff, but others are welcome to chime in if they know 'for sure' the answer and/or have any actual experience with doing this).

    In an effort to reduce the #Plugins/Themes installed, I've created a list of Plugins/Themes to have removed (or remove myself if I pay a Dev to create a Removal Plugin).  Out of 30 I wish to remove, 7 of them are SE:
    - Chat (replaced with CometChat)
    - Forum (replaced with SEAO)
    - Mobi (replaced with SES SpectroMedia responsive theme)
    - Videos (replaced with SEAO)
    - Blogs (replaced with SEAO; or considering SES Adv Blogs)
    - Groups (replaced with SEAO)
    - Events (replaced with SEAO)

    Basically I'm only using SE Core and Photo Albums anyway, and would like to remove the rest (unless I need the IM part of Chat and don't realize it?).  My concern is I've often read "don't remove any SE Core Plugins" on various posts/blogs here/github/elsewhere, but I've not read anything specific from SE Staff about this (but obviously may have missed this if it exists - my bad).

    My questions are:
    Q1:  Will removing the above negatively impact the performance if SE and/or will it create problems/issues if they no longer exist?  Thanks for you input.
    Q2:  Will there be any issues after this as I update SE Core and Photo Albums without the others in the future?

    Thank you.

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      Mikel Coreclark Hello. Mikel here.
      You raise an interesting question..
      I like these SE plugins as I use them.
      I thought that all SE plugins are like a basic product but SEAO products are like additions to the SE product.
      sort of like: SE plugin + SEAO plugin = better plugin with more features.

      My none tech thinking is, if you can add SE plugins then in theory you can remove them . aslong as you do a full site backup first.

      However like most things if you go against SE advice, by removing core plugins you could damage your site and any cover or SE assistance to repair such damage you could face a massive bill and not be covered.

      I would suggest you chat to Scripttechs or Donna about this. I have used scripttechs several time in the past and would highly recommend them.

      Personally I would never remove core features, however I would disable them, this way you always have backups if SEAO plugins fail for some reason. Also you may choose to use them in the future.

      But yes, chat to Donna or scripttechs before you do anything.

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      gs Thanks Mikel and Donna.

      I'll have to relocate where people recommended not to remove SE Plugins.

      Since you are ckg w/SE Techs, I'll await their confirmation of what you have stated Donna.

      Mikel: One of the Plugins is dependent on SE Albums, which is why that's not in the list to delete. Yes, these others could be disabled (and in fact are), but performance doesn't seem to improve even with about 30 Plugins/Themes disabled, so since I've read that removing unnecessary Plugins betters performance, I wanted to fo do.
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      Donna According to our technicians, it is fine to remove those plugins as long as the third party products don't have dependencies on them. It's best to check with those developers to ensure there isn't any dependency.
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