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    How to delete the phrases in language pack
    How to delete the accidentally added new phrases in language pack. i have attached the screenshot.
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      PoeticJustice these are all added in a file, in your directory for languages, there should be a custom language file, similiar to custom css files..... locate the custom language file, and just delete
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      kiresh Thank you all for the support
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      Gabry That's the right way from [508,PoeticJustice] ... in you language folder you have custom.csv ...open it and you will find in there those phrase's , just delete them !
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    Forum photo attachment
    Hi, I have just noticed that when I edit a forum post I have a photo attachment below text area, when I attach a photo it seems to work and shows up below the post. My question is why does it not show up on topic creation page or post creation page? Is it some left over code that should be removed from post edit page, or should it be added to topic and post creation page? I just tried it on demo website and it's the same.
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      Donna Can you post a screenshot? In most forums, any script, an attachment is an item that sits below the post. If you want the image to sit inside the post, you would use the embed with tinymce (4.9 has it). If you want something else, please let us know. :)
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    SE PHP Session duration
    Hi, it appears that the login session expires in about 2 weeks which is very annoying having to log in all the time. Do any of you have a solution for this? I wouldn't want to keep inactive sessions forever too, but maybe there is a simple way to check if session expires soon and if user visits the website to just extend it for another 2 weeks?
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      Donna A caution. Having sessions like that can be a security risk. It is very easy these days to hijack a user's session. It happened to me at another script and due to the session not expiring that day, it caused the hacker to be able to log in and do his wonders as admin. It wasn't a fun experience at all. I will ask the team about the session issues as I would actually like a setting to allow it to expire much, much sooner for security purposes. So, perhaps a setting for admin to control it more so that those not concerned for possible security issues could set it longer and those that want to lock it down can set it shorter.
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    Social Engine 4.9 upgrade - How did it go?
    Hi all
    Just seeing how the 4.9 update went for you all.
    Hopefully you didnt do it on your live server, and instead made dev and also staging serviers for testing.

    Anyone encountered any issues?

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      Donna I upgraded a clone of my author site. It was 4.8.13 and I had customized a clone theme, have my own plugins on it. The upgrade went fine for me, no errors seen. Only issue I had was that I needed to clear google chrome cache as it is such a pain browser. I had to "Save" the theme again just to be sure everything was fine. Not sure if that's a required step but it's something I do.
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      gs Over the past 3+ weeks everything is switched over to SE 4.09.02, including Plugins/Theme from 7 Devs. For the most part, things look good and are working well (obviously minor bugs but those are at github). The primary issues I have are .css and font related, but there's probably only a few dozen instances of this that I've found so far (not SE but 3rd-Party Plugins). Tonight I asked FC to switch over to PHP 7.1 and that didn't go so well (they said the site wouldn't even load). They then switched to PHP 7.0 but it seems .css is way off (even ADMINcp looks off - one 'text-based' set of links down the left side of the page and the links don't work). Sooooo.... back to the drawing board for PHP 7.x. I want PHP 7.x in order to be more current, and need PHP 7.x for the (hopeful) page load/http access improvements. Ugh. It seems to go so easily for others so I was hoping turning on PHP 7.x would be the easiest part of the whole process, but it sadly is the only downside :(
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      SocialEngineSolutions The upgrade went well for us also. We have created a whole new server also with PHP 7, SE 4.9.0 and our plugins on it. There are some CSS issues in our plugin on which we are working.
      The upgrade for compatibility of all our plugins will be released soon.
      SocialEngineSolutions Team
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    4.9 Issue List
    I made my first test and I already find my first problem. I will update this topic with the issues that I found.

    1- Cant Install Activity Module: From all modules only the activity seems to have a problem. When I try to install it I receive a mysql error saying about a duplicated modified_date column and also a editable column

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      Donna Our team can check this on your site if you would please submit a ticket. We need to see if it's a bug or site issue. If you don't have support, please send an email to support@socialengine.com with site details for our team. Thank you!
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      Donna Thanks for posting.However, this one is posted https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/659 . My own clone site worked fine but I've no third party plugins except the ones I made. Can you also check my questions in that tracker, especially regarding plugins?
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    How to Clean Private Messages?

    There is some way to delete private messages without use the database?

    The cometchat did a huge mess in my website due the enconding charset and now there is several "junk" messages in the private messages from SE.
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      Donna This would be a great feature request. This should be able to be added to the task scheduler on a set schedule but it could cause users to lose messages they wanted to save.
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    Upcoming release 4.9

    I like to know a few things about the upcoming release 4.9, first I like to say I’m excited about this upcoming release and at the same time I’m curious about a few things that I need to share.

    In the past I have done allot of customisations by 3rd party developers, customisations that have been for a while now today's standard in almost every social media business. I’m talking about responsiveness, asynchronous loading, Ajax, jQuery events.

    Some of my questions are:

    1. Are you going to change the way menus like settings / edit my profile, popups, search etc..  respond faster with the use of the above mentioned technology? For example the General Account Settings from Facebook, this is very user friendly and no need for page loads, this would be a huge + for user experience.

    2. Are you going to update the design and way of managing the mail box function? Again I’m looking at Facebook style that’s user friendly and not to complex to develop I guess. Also a huge + for user experience.

    3. Are you doing any changes in the Admin by design and technology? Some things are just not located in a logical order, for example I use many plugins and sometimes I like to go to a specific plugin and I keep looking for it. After a new plugin has been installed, the order of plugin changes. My advice is to bundle by developer in alphabetic order or something. So it’s less time consuming having to search for the right plugin every time. Maybe also make a shortcut section where you can add links of plugins you need often. Sometimes I need to click many times to get where I need to be.

    4. Layout editor improvements, having allot of plugins installed makes it time consuming to scroll to the right plugin block, it would be great to have a search function or something like that, at least to improve navigation. Also in my opinion the whole layout is a bit hard to read, bigger fonts and tables would benefit the navigation experience.

    5. A custom functions.php for each theme, I don’t know if anything like this already exists but I have not seen it. This would be very handy for adding custom PHP code and it won’t get overwritten when updated. 

    6. Javascript loading, I have learned that adding the javascript at the bottom is better for faster page loading. When I look at the SE source code I see that most of the javascript is loaded in the top. Is there a reason why they are in the top, or is there space for improvements?

    7. Improved Chat plugin, for example with video chat (multiple members at the same time), audio calling etc.

    8. Tiny MCE seems to have bugs now and then and is outdated, will this be updated to the latest version?

    9. And last but not least, when is the actual release date approximately? (tomorrow, next week, next month, a few months from now, or maybe longer) It's good to know if I'm going forward with some customisations or wait till the release of 4.9

    There are many other things that I stumbled upon over the years, the above are just some of most importance for me. Please share your thoughts about things mentioned above. I like to know your experiences and what could be improved and how.
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      gs @Dandy - many good ideas/questions
      Item#03 Although SE will be alphabetizing this in 4.9, 3rd-Party Devs should be required to start their Plugin Names with their company name (or abbrev) so they're grouped.

      Item#07 CometChat takes care of this for me (group chat is limited to about 10 Users though due to degradation after that). They also include an audio-only chat function.
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      Donna Hello [172,Dandy]!

      Thanks for posting and taking time to go over your concerns. A lot of what you are asking is in our blog posts, http://blog.socialengine.com/?s=4.9 but I'll touch on a few of your issues that I can answer.

      Note that our theme in 4.9 is responsive and we went over a lot of that in our 4.9 Sneak Peek so you will definitely want to read that blog. The Roadmap went over just about every improvement that's coming so you'll want to check that out.

      I'm not sure about your point about the mailbox. I find it very easy to use now. I actually hate FB mail and find it harder to use. Perhaps you can let us know what exact features of it that you like though, noting that they have a huge ton of servers to handle the features they have.

      You'll be happy to know that we are adding a feature to alphabetize plugins. That should help immensely with finding plugins after you install them.

      For item 5, it sounds like a Wordpress feature that you would like. I don't do themes but that does sound like a handy feature. It's not something I see in our 4.9 beta that I'm checking now.

      I believe there are third party developers that can handle making a video chat plugin if there is not one. I've not checked to see if Cometchat has a SocialEngine plugin but they are popular on other scripts and have video chat.

      TinyMCE is updated in 4.9 :)

      I mentioned yesterday that we will have a blog with a date of 4.9 release. :) I hope we will have the blog out tomorrow but it depends on our beta releasing so we have a date of our public release. I can say that the public release of 4.9 is coming very soon.

      For any of your features that you've mentioned, if we don't have them in our roadmap, please check at our Github, https://github.com/socialengine/phpv4-issues/issues . If you don't see the specific things you want, please feel free to submit suggestions for us to consider. Please be sure to put only one suggestion per Github issue as we need to log the ones we accept and can't do that if more than one request is in the issue raised.

      I hope these answers have been helpful.
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    How to make a activity not be commentable

    I have a facing a design problem that I would like to share with the community.

    By default all activities in the feed can be liked, commented and shared, but some activities doesnt make sense to be commented by example.

    Just to ilustrate lets take the create topic and reply topic as a example. When someone create or reply a topic in forum a activity is created with "someone create a new topic". Considering that the objetive of a topic is to structure the discussion in the forum doesnt make sense people be allowed to comment in this type of content.

    I noticed that there is a column in the database called "comment" but when i change this value to anything different from the default the Social Engine hide not only the comment button, but also the like button.

    There is any way to hide only the comment button in these situations?
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      Donna Made some progress. Now, if someone comments on a forum item in the feed, it shows a default error but that's not ideal as it could confuse them.
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      Donna I'll have to test further as the default settings for Activity Feed Item Type Settings are for the forum creation not to post to the main feed. Unless you mean on the profile feed too.
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    Where Profile Privacy is Stored?

    I need to mass update the profile privacy from my users however I couldnt identify where this information is stored.

    The information in question is avaliable in the admincp in this area: admin/authorization/level/edit/id/x

    There are two options one related with privacy view (who can see the profile) and other about who can comment the profile. I need to make a update to change this setting to all existing profiles however I couldnt figure out what table store this information.

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      Donna Hi Leandro,

      Check the table engine4_authorization_permissions for Type = user and Name = auth_view and auth_comment for the member level ID that you want to change.
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    post keeps loading - error
         When the update is been posted(photo,text,location,video,music etc), it keeps loading or sharing. even after its been successfully posted. kindly check the attachment for screenshot. I m facing this problem in both desktop and mobile browsers. kindly help me out in resolving it. 
    The plugin used: 1.socialengineaddons:  advance comment, mobile/tablet.
                               2. Socialenginesolutions: responsive template.
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      kiresh Thanks [77,Gabry] & [231316,Donna] , I was able to troubleshoot and resolve the issue in the desktop version of my site. The issue was with the ajax update of the advance activity feeds by socialengineaddons, it works perfectly, once after it was disabled it. however, i was unable to troubleshoot it in the mobile/tablet plugin. still have the same problem of loading the status update. hope someone will help me out it in resolving it.Thank you
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      Gabry Try first to see if the problem is coming from these plugins/theme by disable one by one and try to see if the problem appears again .. for example if you disable adv.comment and the problem disappears then you should focus on that one maybe is buggy or conflict with some javascript. Is just an idea for the start.
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      Donna Hi Kiresh,

      I suggest following the advice from Gabry and see if it's a plugin conflict or bug as our demo and my test site don't experience that issue with default plugins and no third party products.
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    Is there a way to adjust the options available on TinyMCE (take away some options) for forum/blog posts. 

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      Donna Hi [214700,Dustin] ,

      Which version of SocialEngine are you using? SEPHP or Cloud?

      Thank you!
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    Why Sometimes Share a Link Dont Fetch a Image?

    I already noticed this happening, however I couldnt figure out why sometimes the activity feed doesnt fetch a image.

    Lets use this link as an example:


    I shared this link in my website and no thumbnail was generated. I thought that this was caused due small images in the link destiny, however if you visit the link above you will see that there are several images.

    So I am curious about why sometimes the system doesnt fetch any image. I shared the same link in the facebook and the system fetched a image.
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      Donna I have had this same issue in other scripts. I believe it was due to the og: image on the site being shared but it's been a while since I've looked into it.
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    How to remove a media link?


    As you can see in the image I have two videos links. Probably the first was created by a plugin that I neither use anymore, however it still in my website and I would like remove it. Anyone knows where this information is stored?

    As Social Engine frequently store links in database I think that this link still in some table that I couldnt identify. Any help is appreciated.

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      Donna Would you please contact our support to look at this issue for you? Our team will need your website details to check. Please submit a ticket from your client area.
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      Donna I would first suggest to search for your plugins and fully remove the one you don't need (backup the site first or check on a development clone). It is possibly creating that extra menu or, perhaps one you currently use is also using the default SE phrases. You could also try hiding the extra menu by using CSS. I had asked a team member and those are the things he suggested.
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    Cant Access Layout Editor after upgrade to version 4.8.13

    I upgrade my website today to version 4.8.13, but since I this I cant access the layout editor (site.com/admin/content).

    Everytime that I try to access the page I receive the following:

    We're sorry!

    We are currently experiencing some technical issues. Please try again or report this to your site administrator using the contact form.
    Administrator: Please check the error log in your admin panel for more information regarding this error.
    Error Code: 2521e2

    exception 'Exception' with message 'page failed validation
    check' in /home/site/public_html/application/modules/Core/controllers/AdminContentController.php:122
    Stack trace:
    #0 /home/site/public_html/application/libraries/Zend/Controller/Action.php(516): Core_AdminContentController->indexAction()
    #1 /home/site/public_html/application/libraries/Zend/Controller/Dispatcher/Standard.php(308): Zend_Controller_Action->dispatch('indexAction')
    #2 /home/site/public_html/application/libraries/Zend/Controller/Front.php(954): Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Standard->dispatch(Object(Zend_Controller_Request_Http), Object(Zend_Controller_Response_Http))
    #3 /home/site/public_html/application/modules/Core/Bootstrap.php(84): Zend_Controller_Front->dispatch()
    #4 /home/site/public_html/application/libraries/Engine/Application.php(160): Core_Bootstrap->run()
    #5 /home/site/public_html/application/index.php(214): Engine_Application->run()
    #6 /home/site/public_html/index.php(24): include('/home/site/...')
    #7 {main}

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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @leandrotavaresrocha, We've fixed this issue in the release 4.8.13, so, you should not face the same issue after upgrading your site to 4.8.13. Also, no other client has reported this issue so far to be found in 4.8.13 core module. So, please make sure that if this issue is not taking place on your site because of a third party module or widgets belonging to that 3rd party module. You can recheck this issue after disabling the third party plugin if such a 3rd party plugin exists on your site the widgets belonging to which are placed on the page on which the issue has taken place on your site. If the issue gets resolved on disabling the 3rd party plugin, so it confirms that the issue belongs to the plugin itself and you're suggested to contact the developers of that plugin to assist you in resolving this issue. And if the issue still persists after you've disabled the 3rd party plugin, then please submit a support ticket to us for this issue at support@socialengine.com, so we can proceed to look further into this.

      Thanks & Regards!