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    Social Engine Single SSO (Janrain)
    Hello People,

    I have a new challenge that I would like any
    possible sugestion to overcome it, maybe your experience can help me solve this
    more easily.

    I have three websites: two wordpress news portal
    and my social engine community and all are hosted in differents domains (a.com, b.com
    e c.com).

    Users are important to all websites, but each has a different reason. For A users
    are important because there are some areas are avaliable only logged in users can
    access, For B is important because is the community and all visitants need an account and for C is important
    because it is a membership website with required login areas.

    Actually nobody is "talking" with nobody. I have different sets of users for each website and I would like to concentrate all my user registration in only one website to create a unique database of users (b.com) and allow that users login in both others using a SSO.

    After search for a SSO solution I found this:

    Seems that Janrain has a feature for Single Sign On, however as I am not a developer I am not sure if this can be used with Social Engine and will work as I expect. 

    Someone already tested this feature?
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      Donna I used Janrain on my sites before and liked it. It is integrated with SE PHP and worked fine for my recent update of the tutorial, http://support.socialengine.com/php/customer/en/portal/articles/1638205-admin-panel---settings->-janrain-integration?b_id=14386 . Janrain is free up to I believe 12,000 users using it. That's quite a lot of users since it only counts the ones that actually use it and in most cases, that won't be 100% of your users.
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      Eugene [862,Leandro Rocha]

      We have tested Janrain in past, but none of our clients have used it. As you will rely on a 3rd party service (which is not free to use if I remember correctly).

      Alternatively you can use the following approach (but it will require some programming):
      One of your websites can work as a server for Auth (SE website), other two (WP installations) will need some plugins that will allow to signup/login using account the main website.

      Note, it's not a perfect solution (I can explain possibly flows), but it will make the live of your members easier. And this solution isn't very complex to implement.
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    xVarnish and multiple PHP version questions
    In preparation of the upcoming SE4.9 which is to be compatible with
    PHP7, I tested some configuration changes on my VPS last weekend.  Since
    I'm not a web expert, I asked the wonderful people at FastComet how to
    handle this.  Current Apache on my server didn't support multiple PHP
    versions, and the version update didn't support NginX (let's assume this
    is correct - I'm not looking for experts here to weigh in on this
    particular piece of info).  Also, I could (and now will probably have
    to) run separate VPS for now, but I'm trying to prepare for the general
    capability of running multiple PHP versions on the same VPS or server in
    the future as I'm sure many other people do this for testing purposes).

    xVarnish was implemented and NginX was removed.  Overall, page
    access/requests seemed to be similar to previous experience, maybe
    slightly faster.  BUT ... some pages were very slow to load (eg. 2.5+
    minutes instead of typical 4-6 seconds).  There were 2 consistent issues
    and 3-4 sporadic ones that couldn't be duplicated (so I won't discuss

    Login page: It seemed that the 'first time in a while'
    that this was loaded in a browser, it took 2.5+ minutes to load.  Later
    loads (after clearing local cache) was back to normal, until 'a while of
    time' passed, then the cycle repeated itself.  This was per
    workstation/browser.  I didn't pinpoint how much time had top pass
    before the login page was slow again.

    SEAO Google Docs Plugin:
    2.5+ min to load the Plugin, and then 2.5+ min per each primary menu
    item (eg. selecting a Document Category, selecting 'My Docs', selecting
    'View Doc', etc.).  Unlike the Login issue above, this always was slow - every environment and every browser. 

    So, all of that to ask these 2 specific questions:
    1) Has anyone implemented xVarnish and experienced the above and resolved it - and if so, how?
    2) What do you do/use to run multiple PHP versions on your server:

    Thank you.
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    Hide Widget in Mobile

    I noticed that my widgets have a setting to hide them in mobile. However when I browse my website in a mobile phone the widget still appearing. I am not sure how this setting works, I mean, I am using a responsible theme, this setting only work with used with the mobi plugin from SE?
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      Skylu I have the same question. That feature only works with se mobile template or it is supposed to work also with responsive themes?
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      Donna If you need me to post it for you, please let me know. If you already posted it, thank you!
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      Donna Hi Leandro,

      Thank you for posting. I just tested with an ad block and a default theme and it did not hide on mobile. Using Safari browser on iPhone 5c. It seems like a bug. I suggest to add it to our github, https://github.com/socialengine/phpv4-issues/issues.
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    Any Gamer Like Theme?

    Since the recent upgrade I cant search anymore by themes in the marketplace so I would like to know if we have some developer with a gamer style theme, preferably dark?


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      SocialEngineSolutions [862,Leandro Rocha] : You can have a look into our new themes: http://www.socialenginesolutions.com/socialengine-category/themes/
      You can configure the themes from the admin panel or may take assistance from our team to configure the color settings for your website.
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    Questions about Expert/Dev previous reviews
    Dear Mates,
    1. Any idea on time on when the previous expert reviews will be migrated? 

    2. Expert profile is approved but To get those previous reviews migrated, should the profile be public? Can it be Hidden until then as well?

    3. What if I got the new review now (if I set the profile public) and after migrations, will these be removed? Or merged? Or what are the plans?

    Just wanted to know about the above questions having in my mind. I hope I am not the only one who is worried about previous expert reviews.

    Kind regards
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      Gitesh Dang [231316,Donna] I see many has got reviews migrated but I did not get any review migrated. I had around 87. Can you please confirm ? This is my expert profile :
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      Donna Got feedback. :)

      1. Any idea on time on when the previous expert reviews will be migrated?

      Working on it now, hit a snag that we hope to fix soon

      > 2. Expert profile is approved but To get those previous reviews migrated, should the profile be public? Can it be Hidden until then as well?

      It can be hidden

      > 3. What if I got the new review now (if I set the profile public) and after migrations, will these be removed? Or merged? Or what are the plans?

      reviews will get merged. They won't lose any new reviews after migration
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      Donna Hi [184,Gitesh Dang] , thank you for posting. As I don't have the answers to your questions, I've sent a message to our team and will update this thread as soon as I have any details for you.
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    What is now required to be a 'Certified' Dev and what is the 'ret...
    RE: Relaunch

    I've read that Devs will need to be Certified.  Also, that there's a 'retesting' process before Plugins will be posted in the Marketplace.

    To those of us that aren't Devs - where can we Admins read these requirements and procedures? 

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      Eugene There is a yearly payment to be listed, plus I believe payment will go via the marketplace right now, but details aren't fully clear for me at this moment.

      We have not submitted any apps yet, as our account is still awaiting review (2 days already)

      I have serious concerns about app testing considering time required to approve 3rd party accounts. There are still minor issues with website itself. Testing 3rd party apps will be considerably more complex and time-consuming task. I hope SocialEngine team will be able improve the QA process. As developers it will be nice to have more details about review process itself and have some channel to reach out SocialEngine team faster.
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    How to control multiple logins on same User
    I may have missed this somewhere, so I apologize in advance if I did.

    Where do I enable/disable (preferably by ML) the ability for a User to login >1x.  During testing it seems the same User is able to login multiple times (I don't mean open multiple tabs in the same browser - I mean login concurrently using different browsers and/or different computers/tablets/etc.).

    Thank you.
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      (deleted) There is no option to disable concurrent logins built into SE PHP. You would have to add it yourself. If you google "disable concurrent logins with PHP" there are a few walk through on a few sites.
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    How Comments Works is Killing Me

    I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but comments on social engine are not simple as it should be.

    I commented in a status update published by another a week ago. Now these guy answered my comment. If I not use the notification link, I will need to scroll two weeks of content until I found the content. 

    Facebook, by example, refresh the content to put it on the top of the feed and seems much more better than scroll weeks of content.
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      Donna I don't see a setting for this. However, I could have missed it as well. I suggest adding this as an enhancement request at our github issue tracker as it could be a useful setting. https://github.com/socialengine/phpv4-issues/issues

      You could also get a customization done if you need it faster than new features are added.
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    Admin Panel Drag and Drop on Android
    I may be missing something, but I am unable to drag/drop (such as Layout Editor widgets) using an Android tablet.

    Is there a way to do this or does SE simply not support this (i.e. like typical mobile apps do) - because it's not programmed into SE Admin Panel?

    Has anyone tried to do this with an iPad? 

    Although I have many Android devices I could use (which are all from 2012) and still (believe it or not) work well for many things, I thought I'd purchase a new tablet w/BT Kbd that I could dedicate to the new 'business' I'm setting up next year which is based on the SE site so I could have everything I need with me everywhere I go.  I could use a Windows-based tablet but there are only 2-3 apps I occasionally use there (other than SE) which I could easily VPN into if/when needed.  I could do this with SE too of course (if I used Android) but am trying to keep remote comm to a minimum.

    So, is it simply that SE doesn't support drag/drop on mobile devices?  What do you use when on-the-go to manage SE?  BTW - if I remote connect to a Windows-based PC, will the drag/drop feature work (i.e. using Android to remote into the Windows-based PC)? 

    Thanks for any help provided.

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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @Gs, Unfortunately the feature i.e. to drag and drop widgets in the Layout Editor is not possible with mobile devices. So, any changes in the layout of the pages (changes that require drag and drop of widgets) can only be made in the desktop version of the site.

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    How to Make Redirections?
    I am thinking in to make a test in my website. I am considering to hide some sections like the album directory and member directory from user access. I could just hide the links in the menu, but to ensure that no user can access the link anymore I would like to redirect any user that tried to access this section to the activity feed.
    I tried to place a URL redirect directly in the htaccess, but it doesnt worked, someone already tried to do this?

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      (deleted) Did you get your answer to this Leandro?
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      Donna I've asked the team how to do this as it's not something I've had to do yet. Your htaccess sounds like it should have worked.

      The only thing I could think to do for albums is to change the member level permissions which works to not allow access but it doesn't redirect.
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    Add HTML button to rich text editor?
    Can someone tell me how to add a html button to the rtf block.
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [226904,Andy Boston] , Currently it is not possible to add an html button using Rich Text Editor, so we suggest you to use the widget "HTML Block" to add an html button. And we would like to tell you that we have plans for enhancement of Rich Text Editors available in Admin Panel in future releases.