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    header logo broken
    A few days ago i change my header logo but now its shown as a broken image. I tried many different sizes but none work, i dont know if its a socialengine issue or pixel size. can you help me please? @stepan 
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    Help to separate players and prevent duplication
    Hey guys, can anyone help me to separate 3 radio players with a html code and prevent the 3 radio players from becoming 3 same thing rather than being 3 different players. what code can i put between them?  
    for example code
    {this is what i have}

    {what i want}
    <div style="display: none;" id="openwindowpopup" class="openwindowpopup">      radplayer('url', 'yowlandurbanradio');radplayer('type', 'mobile');radplayer('autoplay', '0');   radplayer('volume', '50');radplayer('color1', '#000000');radplayer('color2', '#ffffff');</script>   <div class="radionomy-player"></div>           (function (win, doc, script, source, objectName) { (win.RadionomyPlayerObject = win.RadionomyPlayerObject || []).push(objectName); win[objectName] = win[objectName] || function (k, v) { (win[objectName].parameters = win[objectName].parameters || { src: source, version: '1.1' })[k] = v; }; var js, rjs = doc.getElementsByTagName(script)[0]; js = doc.createElement(script); js.async = 1; js.src = source; rjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, rjs); }(window, document, 'script', 'https://www.radionomy.com/js/radionomy.player.js">https://www.radionomy.com/js/radionomy.player.js">https://www.radionomy.com/js/radionomy.player.js', 'radplayer'));radplayer('url', 'yowlandelectroradio');radplayer('type', 'mobile');radplayer('autoplay', '1');radplayer('volume', '50');radplayer('color1', '#000000');radplayer('color2', '#ffffff');</script>  <div class="radionomy-player"></div>
            (function (win, doc, script, source, objectName) { (win.RadionomyPlayerObject = win.RadionomyPlayerObject || []).push(objectName); win[objectName] = win[objectName] || function (k, v) { (win[objectName].parameters = win[objectName].parameters || { src: source, version: '1.1' })[k] = v; }; var js, rjs = doc.getElementsByTagName(script)[0]; js = doc.createElement(script); js.async = 1; js.src = source; rjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, rjs); }(window, document, 'script', 'https://www.radionomy.com/js/radionomy.player.js">https://www.radionomy.com/js/radionomy.player.js">https://www.radionomy.com/js/radionomy.player.js', 'radplayer'));radplayer('url', 'yowlandjammakerradio');radplayer('type', 'mobile');radplayer('autoplay', '0');radplayer('volume', '50');radplayer('color1', '#000000');radplayer('color2', '#ffffff');</script>  <div class="radionomy-player"></div>           

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      seTweaks [131308,Stepan Mazurov] a code snippet viewer in posts would be helpful.
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    Features on Cloud SO Limited
    I was using SE PHP for a while and had added various add-ons to allow me to have a fully-featured site such as articles, adverts to compliment the included elements such as Groups, Events, Polls etc.

    I moved to SEC as I wanted to remove the hassle of running a server and doing all the upgrades and configuration.

    However, SEC is so limited I really fail to see how anybody makes a viable community using it.

    • I can't have groups 
    • I can't have events
    • I can't have a forum
    • If I post a URL as a status I don't get a preview of the site I am referencing to entice users to click like or get engaged
    • I can't place Ad-blocks without using HTML whereas before I could drag a widget and add the ad code into it
    • I can't have classifieds
    • There's no Blog or news area for me to post articles to attract people to the community
    I paid a year up-front to get the lower price of $29/month but don't see how I can make a vibrant and engaging community when all I can really do is post updates and get people to like or comment on them. 

    Am I missing a MAJOR guide or FAQ or being dumb here?


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      Kyle Hello! Thanks for reaching out. We are so sorry to hear that your experience with SE Cloud hasn't been going as you had hoped. You are correct that some features offered with SE PHP are not offered with SE Cloud quite yet. SE Cloud is a relatively new product when compared to SE PHP which has been around since 2006. We are working as hard as we can to add the features our Cloud users would want but this process does take a bit of time. If you'd like to check on the progress we are making with SE Cloud please check out our Roadmap at https://socialengine.ramen.is/

      One thing I would like to make special mention of is that SE Cloud does offer Link previews. We had a small issue that we are correcting currently, but we should have link previews back up and running very soon.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at support@socialengine.com.
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    API on SEC
    Hi all, long time no see.. 

    I drop by time to time, just to see the development on SEC. I see that there is some movement, but not on all fronts. However, I have now discovered how to use API to build apps, and now I am wondering if it is possible to insert data to the site using API POST?

    Want to insert odds from a betting site as separate posts.
    Insert betting units to a user
    insert betting options
    and so on.

    A friend of mine is looking for these features in a system, and I will develop it all. But I would rather use a system that has almost all features and then implement the rest my self. 

    But when I look at the API documents, I can't find anything about posting with the use of the API. 

    Hope anyone can answer and help me out here. 
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      Stepan Mazurov Currently we do not have an official POST api, however, if you can output the data as an RSS feed, SE Cloud can easily consume that.
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      seTweaks According to the documentation, posting is not available.
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    How do i access  Ramen.?
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      Stepan Mazurov Hey [166035,mary jane], it looks like you were able to find it, for anyone else looking, we've just blogged about it: http://blog.socialengine.com/2015/04/20/socialengine-cloud-product-roadmap-now-live/
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    How to activate forum module in colud
    Can someone tell me how to activate forums option in could setup.
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    Request an Invite response
    Hi there

    If someone requests an invite, do they get an email automatically sent back to them prior to the invite being accepted ? If not, is there a way to do that. I want to use PAYPAL subscription to get people to pay a subscription prior to joining and some people are already REQUEST INVITE instead of SUBSCRIBING first. So if the REQUEST INVITE, and receive an email saying they need to subscribe first, then I would have a better hit rate.  Alternative is to remove the REQUEST INVITE button I guess or linking that button to the PAYPAL subscription.

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    Different types of members
    I read somewhere that you can have different types of members, but I can only find MODERATORS and ADMIN. I'm looking for a way to give some members more access than others (.e.g Premium can post, Standard can only view). Is there a way ?  (CLOUD)
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      seTweaks SE PHP has different profile types with different access levels.
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      Stepan Mazurov no, once you're a member you can only be promoted to moderator which will give you limited access to help with moderation or an admin which will have full backend access.
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      Douglas McFarlane Yeah, thanks. This is where my misunderstanding came from.

      Member roles

      Create different titles, labels or ranks for your members. Reward key members with more visibility and responsibility.
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    How to change certain words in the front end?
    Hello Gang!

    I'm trying to use SE Cloud to create a Q and A community with a social component!

    I would like to know if i can change some words in the front end. i discovered that i can change some of them in the html templates however some of them i cant seem to find.
    For example is it possible to change "comments" to "answers"?


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      jno This would be really helpful. Hope it can happen soon.
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      Stepan Mazurov Hey, thats not currently possible, but as part of our roadmap, we're working on internationalization and phrasing which would let you accomplish this.

      Roadmap: http://www.socialengine.com/cloud-roadmap
      Here's an early mockup: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/seinternationalization/img/Internationalization_4.png
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    How to download our cloud site contents?
    Hello everyone, I would like to download my cloud SE website contents. Please tell me how can I do it. Thanks so much.
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      Stepan Mazurov We offer export of users, but its limited to 100 people. We can do a 1 time member export that will give you all members. We do not offer any tools to export all content, but you can get posts using our API
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    Adding a sitemap.xml to social engine cloud
    Hi there, anyone know how to add a sitemap.xml to social engine cloud?

    My site is memoryschool.com and I want to make sure that google is indexing all the posts 

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      lizy I would be interested to know this too.
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    Too many categories
    Is it possible to display the categories as 3 lists instead of one? I have too many and the last ones are visible.
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    Mon Sept 29 Downtime
    FYI, on Monday we experienced ~30 minutes of downtime caused by amazon-initiated forced instance restarts. Reason for restarts: http://arstechnica.com/technopaedia/2014/09/amazon-to-perform-a-massive-reboot-of-ec2-to-fix-xen-flaw/
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    how can i change menu colour on cloud
    hot new top rated you know this menu's background is gray

    how can i change menu colours?

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      seTweaks Copy this into Custom CSS section and change the color code ( #444 ) :

      #header #menu>ul {
      background-color: #444;

      You can use http://hslpicker.com for color codes.