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      Eugene I think both plugins from SEAO and Hire-Experts actually replace the standard feed with their own improved feed versions. Please keep that in mind when evaluating both options.
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    Can't seem to delete/edit categories.
    I can't seem to delete or edit categories in the Groups and Events modules.  In other modules I can edit and delete categories but not in these modules.  The error I get is:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function delete() on null in xxx/public_html/application/modules/Event/controllers/AdminSettingsController.php on line 178

    Anybody having similar issues?  

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      Donna Hi Matt,

      This issue is fixed for our next release which shouldn't be too long before we release it. If you have active support, our support might be able to provide a patch if it's not an involved fix (meaning if it doesn't require a lot of files to edit). You could send a ticket to our support from your client account if you do have support. If not, we hope the release will be within the next few days. It depends on testing another fixed bug.
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    Duplicate profile questions in php
    I wanted to create several networks based on the members state. So when creating the profile questions I created a select box with all 50 U.S. states. I then duplicated the profile and made 8 separate member types. I now noticed that when connecting to the network that state shows multiple times.

    How can I remove the duplicate profile questions?
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      Brandon Buchanan I figured out how to fix it last night to work for my network needs. You create the question once with ADD Question. And then when you want to add the same question to a new member type you select ADD QUESTION then select DUPLICATE EXISTING and select the question you created. If you decide to edit this question later. It will actually give you a notification that it will edit the question each time it appears.
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      Brandon Buchanan Did you copy the entire address? For some reason only a portion was hyperlinked.

      I created a member type.
      And wanted to use STATE as the repeated question for all memeber types. Reason for this is because STATE will be used to determine the network for each member type for ad campaign purposes.
      After I created a member type I created a new member type and duplicated the profile. And changed everything except the STATE.
      All member types were created and was ready to create my networks.
      When creating my networks I noticed that STATE was shown multiple times. Which creates the question of which STATE do you select.

      Another way to see the multiple duplicates. Is when creating a new question in profile questions. You can select Create New or Duplicate Existing. Under Duplicate Existing you will notice multiple duplicate entries.
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      Donna Oh I think I see what you mean. In admin when I'm setting up a Network and choose for them to automatically be in one based on the selection, these all are in a long list and there's no way to see which profile type they go with. Is that what you mean?
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    Cache and Maintenance Mode Error

    I am facing a weird issue that started in the last week. I am unable to set my website in development mode using the "normal" process of click in the button in the admincp. When I click nothing happens like if the button is now working, but what is more strange is that the cache setting is displaying information from all cache option take a looking in the following screenshot:


    The normal is that the option of memcache, by example, only appear if the radio button is clicked but it displaying with even when file is enable. Someone already had this issue? I already deactivated all plugin and this issue still happening.

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      Donna Are you able to manually set it to development mode? I see the flush cache setting is not showing for you. Did you have it set to memcache before? Did you try manually clearing cache?
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    Fix: SocialEngine 4.8 and Facebook login
    We got problems on different SocialEngine installation recently due to Facebook API update. Facebook login stopped to work, no errors were in logs.

    A fix for this is found here, http://socialenginecamp.com/question/view/1091/social-engine-4-8-and-broken-facebook-login

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      Eugene @Donna there is the same issue in the newest SE 4.9 beta 1. Could you forward it to devs so it can be implemented? It will be great to add some checks there so in case of problem something will appear in error_log
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    BUGS - Which i have found and all need to be fixed for 4.9
    Hi all
    Im posting all bugs i have found and raised with Social Engine via Github
    I want everyone to be aware now, i fear they wont be fixed which is important so i think everyone needs to be aware, even the 3rd party developers because bugs will affect potential custom work.

    Mobile Issue with Multi Select Profile Questionshttps://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/536

    profile questions - multi select more issues found when searching membershttps://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/580

    Yet again another bug - Profile fields section AGAIN -  regards to multilayered questions, which reacts differently on displaying data when search, based on its top level original question, either ignores all 2nd level, 3rd 4th level question/answers, or will display no members.https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/592

    now the one below is spamming tools bug

    I can live without this being fixed for now sacrafice to make sure all above are fixed, but the above are all bugs within the sames sectors, but various bugs in general, and weird behaviour.
    If only one is fixed above, i will be deeply disappointed because its in the same area


    I will say again, please let me test 4.9 on a staging server prior to press release and release, these need fixing!!!

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      Donna Hello PoeticJustice,

      Thanks for posting. We understand your concerns and want to assure you that our Github gets checked by our technicians as part of our routine. When you post several times in the same Github tracker, it causes our technicians delays in getting things fixed. This is because they have to check every report. If you submit a duplicate report, they end up checking the same bug more than once. This takes from production time as they are in testing time. Please be patient and wait for our team to address the issues you posted, without posting duplicated reports. This will help to speed the process.

      In regards to our developer beta release. This is a release meant for third party experts to be able to get their products updated prior to a client version release. This doesn't have your bug fixes in it as it is a beta just to help third parties get updated faster. It does have many bugs fixed but the most recent ones will be in the client release that we make. Our team needs time to finish those bugs. If you keep posting comments and tagging them in it, they stop what they are doing to read your updates. This again will take from development time.

      We are committed to having a great product and to making our clients happy with great websites. Please allow us time to get this product out into production ready status. :) We assure you that your concerns are noted and that we are committed to addressing our bug tracker as efficiently as possible. Right now, staff is quite tied up addressing this beta release and also, at the same time, continuing to address bugs that remain open. If you don't hear a response in the bug tracker, it is because our team is tied up fixing currently marked bugs and will get back to testing remaining open bugs as soon as possible.

      Thanks again.
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    Social Engine and MailChimp Integration

    Is there some plugin that integrate Social Engine with MailChimp? I am looking for a plugin that syncronize my SE users with Mailchimp List and I found only one plugin that is actually outdated.
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      magnus There are many ways to make it work, depending on if it is the signup e-mails you want. I have managed to get all new signups to Mailchimp and MadMimi this ways:
      1. Mailschimp <- Zapier.com <- New user Mail sent from SocialEnginePhp (the one that goes to admin)
      2. MAilchimp <- Zapier.com <- SocialEnginePhp (MySQLdB): Here I use Zapiers MySql connecor. The connector only takes new users that are added in the dB.

      Both works like a charm.


      // froste
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      Eugene Will csv export/import work for you here? Or do you need auto-sync?
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      (deleted) That was only one plugin that I was aware of and I used it back a long time ago and it worked well for adding users to a MailChimp list but I have not used it in a few years. It was outdated then but still worked. I assume we are talking about the same plugin. I do not of any others at the moment.
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    How to Remove Notifications?

    I am starting to get tired with issues with third party, its insane the quantity of tickets that I already opened to solve bugs and problems due a lack of development standart in Social Engine.

    Below is my next challenge, remove notifications that still in my website even when I disabled the plugin or disabled an option in the plugin that make these notifications useless.

    I take a screenshot of my user notification tab:

    1- As you can see I have notification options from plugins that neither are enabled anymore.

    2- I have notification option with the name of the plugin. C'mon, someone really think that admin like when users know which plugin are running in the website?

    3- How can I disable some of these notifications? There are several notifications options in the suggestion groups that are useless since I disabled all these features in the own plugin setting.

    Is there someplace where this informations is stored? I started to figure out that several settings from SE are stored in the database, but I couldnt identify where can I go to manually delete some of these unused entries.
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      (deleted) You can edit almost all of that yourself from the admin panel or in your database using some mysql GUI program. Change the name of the modules to remove the "advanced" is what I did from the database itself or edit from the language packages settings. You can also remove options for notifications from the SE Admin panel if they are showing up when disabled until it can be fixed.
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      PoeticJustice New to this community i raised something similar to this on github https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/566 , and i must say users seeing what plugin is being used, is just ridiculous, i had to buy webhive accessmanager to restrict that notifications page, but i need to log into EVVVVERY account to disable, because it admin notifications settings lacks features of an overide, soon as i installed a new plugin after have 700 users, the new plugin automatically enabled notifications for the past 700 members.
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      gs I need the same thing, but for a different reason. I wanted to minimize the # notifications (esp email notifications), so I will be having a Dev create a customization that allows (for each notification):
      - Admin can enable/disable the notification
      - Admin can create a default for each notification (which then get's copied to each new User, so rather than hundreds of triggers creating notifications, dozens will instead by default).

      Again - I wish SE did this by default (I was actually surprised to find out it didn't). But I've found that there seems to be very little control Admin has over some obvious processes.

      For your issue, it seems that if/when SE creates a proper Uninstall Plugin function (and of course the Dev has to code properly for SE standards) that this may resolve your issue (if 'everything' gets removed when a Plugin is uninstalled).
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    SE need a Third Party Development Standard Policy

    I am using Social Engine for a year and I am starting to get tired to deal with issues with developer. Never in my almost 5 years working with communities and scripts I needed to open so many tickets to developer to fix issues so basic that they neither should exist.

    This is a topic that I opened and show one clear example of the lack of a developement standard: http://community.onsocialengine.com/post/5766717/how-to-remove-notifications

    To maintain the quality and also avoid issues with plugins from different SE developers I think that SE team should create a policy with standards of developement like never put the name of a plugin in the frontend or put links to their websites. I have a plugin that even disabled still working in my website and other that if I install the core plugin it mess with a plugin from another because it bring a special widget.

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      (deleted) I am annoyed right now myself that one plugin links to a .css file on their server or how some plugins are dependent on the 3rd party's servers to work. (I am not talking about licensing functions here either) If a 3rd party were having networking errors or forbid that they shutter business and things stop working for good. And it is very annoying for myself also that they do use their names in their module directories so when source code is viewed it clearly shows a 3rd party name. I am not even happy with adding things like "Advanced" or "adv" to the folder names. I have been playing around for a little bit on renaming the directory and then going through all the code and database entries of the module and changing where it looks for the files to point to my custom directory. It seems a few things need to be changed in SE also, like the active_modules_directories files and other stuff. But I have not figured it all out exactly yet as I have just been playing with this idea here and there. But I will get it eventually mark my words.
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      Donna Thanks for your post. I believe I answered this in another post you had before. Yes, we have had this in the works for a while now and you should see improvement soon. :)
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    Any one using transformer theme and ssl , there seems to be a security issue with http://fonts.googleapi.com mixed content. if you know where i can find this line please help, setweaks the developer only helps if you have paid for support.
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      (deleted) Extract the theme package to a folder on your PC and use the search function to find the line inside the files.
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    Storage limitation gives {"status":false} error
    Hello all. If there is a fix for this, please let me know how to do it. It's been a long time problem for me. See my website has several member levels and I want to limit storage to the basic member levels. For example 1GB only,  When I do that, members that have reached the limit and trying to upload more photos, are not getting the appropriate message but a {"status":false} What I need is to them to get a message saying something like: "You have reached your storage limit, please delete some of you content or subscribe to XY membership to have unlimited storage." I thought this would work by default but for some reason all they get is that error. Any help or advise greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @AA, Thanks for the suggestion, we've added this in our internal feature tracker and will consider displaying some appropriate & meaningful message in our future releases in case when a member would have reached his memory limit and still trying to upload media content on the site. But currently there is no fix for this, so you can customize the code at your end to have this feature.
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    Member Theme Selection doesn't save
    I don't know if this issue has been raised yet or not but this is a very old feature on SE. Offering members to change their theme. It's a really good feature which I just - after 3 years - want to offer to my members. However, turns out that the theme they select does not save. Once they close the browser and re open it, their chosen theme is gone and the system default takes place. If this is a bug please do fix it. If it is something I must do, change in files, permission, etc. please tell me what the steps are. Thanks a lot!
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      seTweaks The theme they choose is temporary. It doesn't save the value in the database. It saves it in a cookie and cookies are not permanent. The widget is mostly used for admins to preview themes quickly.
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    Forum Photos create new album every time
    When a member uploads a photo in a forum post, SE creates a new album, named Forum Photos, every single time. Instead of grouping all the forum photos of the same member in one album, every time a photo is posted in the forums it creates a new Forum Photos album. So there are members with 100s of Forum Photos albums, containing one picture each. It makes it impossible to keep photos and albums organised. If there is a fix I can do for this please let me know, which file, what to change, but if it is a bug that needs to be fixed all together please do that. Thank you!

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      Stepan Mazurov This has already been reported to our issues tracker: https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/105
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    Hi, wanted to know why on my site it takes so long to get my notifications? If someone likes or commented on a post I will get an email saying so but when I go to my site it doesn't show up until maybe 20 minutes to an hour later. 
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @Steppas, It is not a known issue of SE PHP and is related to your specific site, so, we suggest you that if you are still facing the same issue on your SE site, then you can open a support ticket for this at https://www.socialengine.com/client/ticket/create or you can also email us at support@socialengine.com.