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PHP Feature Request

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    Social engine php modules
    Hi all, I am searching for a module that allows users to place bets on sports and Then get the odds on each bet. They will place units and then they will be able to Win units. 

    I would also like it if the module displayd winning procentage so that other users can find the users with best stats. 

    I I am looking to build a website like bettingexpert.com 

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      iPragmatech Hi there,

      There is no module like this for SE, you may contact third party developers to develop this functionality.

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    Set language by IP ranges
    that would be great if there is an option to set guest visitors
    language by their IP ranges.

    also there is some problem for guest users that they see the site in default language
    but in LTR direction no matter what language is shown (exp. they see Persian
    Language witch is RTL in LTR direction).

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      seTweaks language direction depends on the theme. some themes support RTL and some not.
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    Mobile theme outdated
    I notice that most of SocialEngine theme and plugins are based on desktop design.. The problem with this is that 90 percent of social media users are on mobile devices. I have a site www.jangueo.co and i'm struggling to give users the right mobile experience. 
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      Stepan Mazurov We do have a mobile plugin and there are a lot of responsive 3rd party themes for SE PHP that solve your issues.
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    "add post lightbox editor" is very excellent UI design, is it possibl...
    "add post lightbox editor"  is very excellent UI design, is it possible to be a SE default function or new plugin to integrate all plugins ?
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    forum add on
    can I purchase this as a single add on?
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      Eugene We are currently working on such addon. Contact us for details.
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    Need to charge for events
    Hi I'm looking for a plugin that allows me to integrate a payment solution for members of my SE network who want to "Join Events" 

    I know there are a lot of plugins out there but I can't find any that fit the bill.

    Does anyone know of anything I can use?

    Thanks in advance
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      Dave It's been awhile, but in case you haven't solved your problem I really suggest you have a look at what SocialEngineAddon's offers. Copy and paste the link below and read about this fabulous module.
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      Hire-Experts Hi! I recommend you to consider Events plugin from Hire-Experts. There you can create paid events and charge for them. Please find verbose information here - http://www.hire-experts.com/social-engine/advanced-events-plugin
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    app for SE
    I use SE with 3thr part plugin from hire-expert + socialeengineaddons .
    i will make a app . my problem ist the app from hire-expert is not conpatible with other plugins und i think the same by socialeengineaddons .
    for that i just descovert Booyamedia.com .
    but i am not sure if the app good is or not has somenody more experience with Booyamedia ?

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      seTweaks Yes, mobile apps from Hire-Experts and SocialEngineAddons are not compatible with other 3rd party plugins. It's not possible to make a mobile app that works with all other 3rd party plugins or if it's possible I don't know the solution to it. I recommend Hire-Experts or SEAO over booyamedia because they are compatible with official plugins and also their own plugins.
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