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    SE Event - 2 things
    1.  Event Profile page: # Guests should = # Attending.  Currently, # Guests Tab includes #Attending+Maybe+NotAttending.  Maybe & Not are irrelevant.  Yes, I can see the widget that includes the separate sub-totals, but "# Guests" is very misleading.  But I suppose there are other sides to this. 

    2.  The 'My Events' Menu Item page: It would be helpful if the content included the my status, so I can determine if I need to change something.  For example, some way to designate those I'm Attending vs. Not Attending vs. Maybe Attending would be helpful.  Right now, regardless of the status (Attending/Not/Maybe) the exact same info appears on My Events page.  So, if I'm scanning the list of My Events, there's no way of me knowing my attending status, thus my assumption/recollection may be different than reality.

    Am I missing something here or is this simply the way this works?  I've been using SEAO Advanced Events for a while but once Ticketing is enabled, it can't coexist with simply Joining (i.e. so if you want to join an event, the Owner must first create a ticket, you must then book the ticket, complete the order form, etc.).  Thus, I'm revisiting SE Events.

    Thanks for any useful input/thoughts.
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      Dave I would think your problem is with the 3rd party supplier SocialEngineAddon's isn't it? I know that one of their plugins on my site required that the standard SE module (it replaced) had to be dissabled. I can't see anywhere in your post about contacting the plugin developer. Hope that helped.
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    Zend Framework 2/3 migration
    Are there any plans or possibly work in progress to migrate SE PHP to a newer ZF version (2 or even 3)?

    There was an announcement about a month ago that ZF1 will no longer get security updates after Sep 28, 2016 https://framework.zend.com/blog/2016-06-28-zf1-eol.html

    New versions of ZF are also considerably faster, using PHP7 benefits. Such migration will definitely require quite some work from 3rd party developers as well as from SE team. But it definitely worth the efforts as new libraries/scripts/updates aren't likely to appear for ZF1 any longer.

    So hopefully you consider or already work on SE 5 that will use a newer ZF.

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      Stepan Mazurov Yup, we do plan to upgrade to ZF 3 - it will be some time, however, and most certainly as part of the next major (SE PHP 5) version.
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    Sticky Elements
    I feel that the activity feed area is a bit empty because after some scrolls no sidebar is displayed. I was thinking in to sticky some sidebar widget (may be the advertise) to scroll along the feed, however I couldnt achieve this independent of the solution I try (jquery, css, java). Someone was already successful with this task?

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      Eugene If you are looking for Sticky menus - you might consider checking our plugin Custom Menu http://www.socialengine.com/customize/se4/mod-page?mod_id=1180

      It's lightweight and you won't need to use any additional js framework (jquery)
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @Leandro, This is just a suggestion, you can avoid the empty sidebars by placing some more widgets in the side columns of the page, so that when it is loaded, at first it would not look empty in the sides and only after some scrolling it would show empty in the sides. And you can accordingly set the "Overall Feed Length" from "Admin" > "Settings" > "General Settings" section of your SE site, so that the length of the overall feed can be adjusted in a way that it shows the feed content along with the side widgets.
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    Outdated Showcase
    Is just a tip. I was looking the showcase websites links and seems to be a bit outdated. There are websites that doesnt exist anymore, sites that dont use Social Engine and also sites that are using phpfox. Is a bit weird, isnt it?
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    Why Sometimes I feel that Social Engine is "Stopped"
    Well... I run a community for tabletop roleplayers during years and I already worked with solutions like buddypress, Oxwall, PHPFox and my last step was with Social Engine.

    From all solution that I worked with PHPFOX and Social Engine are the best option for those that want to run something more "professional" however each one have their own problems.

    The main reason why I leaved phpfox was because there was a time where everything was a bit confused between the developers. With the release of the version 4 of the software everything became uncertain with a lot of bugs, a new addon structure that nobody liked and the removal of most of the essencial features.

    I moved my community and restarted with Social Engine. This wasnt a simples process, because the first thing that I learned about Social Engine is that their basic versions of all plugins (without any third party addon) are more basic than phpFox versions. Just for a simple comparison the forum module from phpfox has more features, allow multilevel structure and have a better layout while the Social Engine is so simple that is difficult to call it a forum.

    The second thing that I learned is that if you want something better you need to pay. As the core Social Engines plugins are so basic I started to look for plugins from third party and for my surprise there are so few developers like PHPFox. 

    In this point I should open a note for SocialEngineAddOns. From all developers that I worked since I started with my community they are the guys that have the best addons. The only disappointment is that they have not yet created an enhanced version for blogs and not created a plugin for activity points and rewards system (for gamefication), however I still hope they will develop something.

    Now that I am working with Social Engine for almost 5 months I feel more and more that Social Engine is "stopped". No news, no enhancement, just a few new plugins and the worst almost no community. One thing that I really miss from PHPFox is the community, maybe the best part of them even with all the problems that  they have.

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      gs I feel your pain. I'm (still) developing my first community (have been testing one dev's Plugins (not customizations) for 8 months now to work out bugs - and still many months to go). I purchased phpFox right before the fiasco you mentioned, and it left a sour taste, so I fortunately revisited SE and specifically looked at available Plugins (my list for phpFox was over 100) and found almost everything I needed, but thanks to SEAO I found so much more (specifically their Groups/Pages/Business Plugins/extensions - I needed "Groups" AND "Pages" AND something else - so the Business Plugin/exts were a great find).

      I too miss having a community. You can post a question or topic here and receive no/none/nadda/zilch comments. On the 'other' community, some posts would go on for many pages - and although sometimes negative or argumentative posts were made (which should have been monitored/moderated better) there was a HUGE wealth of useful information (and lots of technically useful things too that are nowhere to be found here).

      Although SE core is very, very basic (and as you mentioned, in many respects even less than the little phpFox offers) I have found many excellent Plugins here (SEAO, Radcodes, Webhive, Hire-Experts, SocialEngineSolutions, SocialEngineExperts, etc.). To be honest, although the lack of community here scared me off initially, it was the wealth of functionaltiy that SEAO provided that made me purchase SE when I revisited it. For me, it was almost as if it didn't matter which 'engine' (SE) was driving the car (SEAO) - I needed (almost) everything the car provided, so I went with the only engine it worked with. Although many other Plugins were needed and have been useful, what SEAO provided exceeded what was available from any dev at phpFox and it is quite frankly the ONLY reason I purchased SE.

      Don't get me wrong - SE is a great product - it just seems to do very little in the way of functionality for a site. But that's okay if that's all they want to be (they don't even seem to be in a rush to provide PHP 7 compatibility any time soon). I mean, after all, I couldn't do what I'm doing with the SEAO (and other) Plugins if it wasn't for the excellent foundation of SE, so for that I'm grateful.

      I am grateful that phpFox made the mistakes they did with the new version last year so it forced me to reconsider my options (I even gave away my $300 purchased license). This forced me to revisit SE and the available Plugins and the community. SEAO Plugins (the all package) gives you almost everything you could dream of. SocialEngineSolutions has provided an excellent SpectroMedia theme, and their (unbelieveably too-inexpensive) Plugins are must-have tools for your site. Radcodes/WH/HE rounded out the other very useful functionality I required for my users. (HE has an excellent Credits system for activity points).

      So, community here? No, not really. Excellent company here? I believe so. I believe they're working on updates, just not to the extent and frequency you were used to at the 'other' place. IMHO, I think SE is the better company (the whole phpFox fiasco with removing the user forum with no warning, changing versions and what's included, etc. - that was stranger than strange). I think SE edges out as a more stable product (again, IMHO). And although there are many excellent Plugins to add much needed functionality to the core at phpFox, SE seems to have much much more available here through some excellent devs.

      Glad you're here. Maybe someday SE will make it easier for a community to grow here. Maybe this is more the fault of our fellow Users as it's possible not too many are seeking a community here at all - if so, why would SE bother to waste their time/money. Maybe someday they'll offer something at a higher cost for those of us looking for more in the core (including PHP7 compatibility). Development obviously costs a lot and I feel the decision is to limit what's available due to limited income, rather than ask for more money and provide us with more. Just my 2 cents.

      Well, my reply turned into a book - my apologies. Your post struck a chord with me and I feel just like you.
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      seTweaks SocialEngine team is busy working on a new website and a marketplace. They do a blog post every month but when the new site is done I'm sure they'll start working on SE PHP more than now.
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      (deleted) Would you recommend SE PHP. Reading your post here makes me hesitant about buying a license. I started my community using Ning SaaS service but with it's ugly url's I discovered it had poor seo. I had previous experience using wordpress on a personal blog and knew it had great seo, but at it's core buddypress is lacking essential features for a social network. So now I am looking for an alternative to buddypress as I want a true all in one solution. I am trying the SE PHP trial and I like it so far.
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    Play Games

    Hello Friends!

    Just a quick post.

    Is anyone looking to add games to their social network?

    If so, I've come across a site called onarcade.com

    I've just added it to my social network, and are current trying it out.

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    Currency Using ISO 4217 code
    Is it possible to modify the currency system with ISO 4217 code on SE 4, if you can not ask to be made plug or mods, because we really need to show our currency symbol, not for automatic transactions such as PayPal and 2Checkout.
    Please keep note for further SE development.Thank you.