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    Advanced SocialEngine Plugins - Package
    Check out our new package for #SocialEngine: "Advanced SocialEngine Plugins - Package" that contains many plugins with advanced SocialEngine features, a customizable, responsive & attractive theme, and numerous free services. Get this package now to go for a flying start!http://www.socialengineaddons.com/advanced-socialengine-plugins-package

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      gs Unless you require even more additional functionality offered by their other Plugins/Extensions (such as the All Package offers), this would be a great purchase for making an SE implementation actually useful. I've only been working on this since July, but I would have very little to offer my niche with just what SE provides. It's a great starting point mind you, and the 3rd-Party Plugins wouldn't exist w/o SE, but something like the above Advanced Package will provide so, so much more. Actually, it was the SEAO Plugins/Extensions (along with a few offerings from other 3rd-Party devs) that make me consider SE. What my project/site required I didn't see with any CMS, but SEAO provided much of what I needed, so I ended up using SE as the foundation. These Plugins offer a lot of flexibility and provide your users with a more "complete" experience. Cheap? No - I hope you're still not looking for "cheap" (this isn't for the 4.95/month sites). These are high-quality, very robust, very configurable Plugins that will offer a lot of value to your members, and help you create the dream of a site you always wanted. Just take a look at the tab on their site that compares SE Groups to SEAO Groups - this will give you an idea of how much more you can do and offer with SEAO Plugins.
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      SocialEngineAddOns Thanks GScott for your kind words of appreciation. :) We greatly appreciate your business with SocialEngineAddOns. Your satisfaction is the greatest recognition we could have, I hope that you will inform us if there is ever anything we can do to improve our services.

      With gratitude for your kind patronage.

      SocialEngineAddOns Team
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    New Matrix Landing Page for SEphp!
    Update any SEphp community with our new landing page!

    Compatible with any theme and install it just like a module!

    All text is editable via our backend module!

    Grab it on socialenginelabs.com
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    Seen any great Social Engine sites lately?
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan Check this site, http://aquanetviet.org/
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      James Clark Hey Glen. We do a monthly blog post called Community Round Up where we feature new and unique SocialEngine sites. Here's a link to most recent post: http://blog.socialengine.com/2014/11/05/october-community-roundup/