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      Eugene I think both plugins from SEAO and Hire-Experts actually replace the standard feed with their own improved feed versions. Please keep that in mind when evaluating both options.
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    Plugin Recommendations
    Anybody have any plugin recommendations for status update privacy options.  I see there are at least two in the SE marketplace one from SEAO and another from Hire Experts
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      Eugene I think both plugins from SEAO and Hire-Experts actually replace the standard feed with their own improved feed versions. Please keep that in mind when evaluating both options.
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    ScriptTech's Free Plugins and 4.9
    Hi Everyone,

    Just a note that all of our plugins are working fine in 4.9. We currently have three free plugins seen at our Expert profile. Our demo is already running 4.9.

    For any that have used them, please do provide a review of them at the SocialEngine market product review area as a thank you to us. We enjoy making free plugins and enjoy hearing feedback even more. :)

    If we don't get some feedback, we'll assume that our products aren't something that people like and will stop providing freebies. We do have one more freebie ready but will await some feedback before spending time on more. Note that our intention is to provide small, free products. 

    Details about our products are found at our forum which is also used for public support. 

    Feel free to drop us a line.

    Thank you!
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    SocialEngine PHP 4.9.0 and Third Party Products
    The release of new SE version with php 7 support made a lot of website owners want to upgrade asap.


    While it's a good idea to still to php7 it's important to run any upgrade procedures on a separate sandbox installation. To make sure live server update will run without any issues. It's important to check if every plugin is php 7 compatible and supports SE 4.9.0

    I have a couple of suggestions how to make this process easier for community owners and hope SocialEngine team will support me here.

    1. There should be SE version filter at the official Marketplace. All listings have SE version number in them. There will be dozens of plugins not working with newest SE for quite some time, but fully workable with prev. versions. There should be an easy way to differentiate them.

    2. Plugin review process should include the version check. Currently some plugins have SE 4.9.9 or 4.x mentioned as version support, which is a false information.

    3. Field "VERSION TESTED" should not be a free field but a drop-down to select the latest version plugin was tested with. To make filtering more efficient.

    PS. WebHive team is currently working on the release of plugin updates and we will announce when new releases are ready.

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      Donna Sorry I missed responding before. We do already have some of the suggestions on our list from the beginning and have been working to get the marketplace updated. I do check plugins for version numbers before approving (for the ones I approved) and I think the other staff did before I came on board. However, these can be edited after approval. We will have to discuss this internally and see what we can do. We have to allow devs to edit their products so it's not an option to not allow editing.
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      gs Thanks Eugene - great suggestions.

      It's interesting how many 'I know what I'm doing and have been using SE for years and have gazillions of members at my site' ADMINs just dive right in without using a sandbox (at least separate folder) for testing first and/or don't bother checking with their 3rd-Party Devs to be sure their Plugins are ready (I'm waiting for 6 of 7 Devs to update, before I implement testing 4.9). I've read some github issues that are not due to SE, but rather the 'expert ADMIN' not doing what's common/proper/suggested practice. In fact, I'm also waiting to find out what each Dev determines is best - update SE before or after updating the Dev's Plugins.

      As you've mentioned, there should be a drop-down that lists each and every version a Plugin. Just because something was tested and supports 4.8.10 for example, doesn't mean it does for 4.8.09 or 4.8.11. There's a lot that I'm hoping SE does with the Marketplace as far as more info, more complete reviews (especially from those that have purchased/used a Plugin), etc. But I'm sure that will come with time.

      Thanks for the useful post. You're a great Dev (both as a person, Team, and Plugins). Keep up the great work!
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    MARKETPLACE Plugin – Online Store for SocialEngine
    If you haven’t seen our store plugin yet, you should definitely try and test it on demo! Marketplace plugin is a great base for any ecommerce start up. It offers all basic online store features and even more https://socialenginemarket.com/news/marketplace-plugin-upgraded.

    While developing this plugin we analyzed different ecommerce sites to be able to reach our number one aim – make it as easy to use as possible.Why so? Because we want everyone to be able to believe in themselves and make a shot at they own online business, without being tech savvy. Our store plugin includes only the most necessary features and settings, which anybody can easily manage.

    Once installed the plugin gives you an opportunity to sell and buy physical or digital products, rate sellers and their goods, create coupons and sales, add listings to wishlist, charge website fee or association categories with profile types as admin, and much more!

    Today we’ve got a surprise for everyone who has a desire to start their own online store. Only this month use promo code SESTORE10 while purchasing Marketplace plugin and get it with 10% discount.    
    Don’t miss the opportunity and start monetizing your SE site today!
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    Any Store Plugin with Watermark for Digital Products?

    I am looking for a store plugin to create a are and sell PDFs however both plugins that are avaliables in the marketplace (one from SEAO e another from Hire-Experts) doesnt have a  feature to "watermark" this type of files.

    The watermark is important to help me to block users that are distributing pirated products. I know that this is not a simple fight, but I need to offer at least this feature to other publisher be interested in to sell products.

     Someone know another store plugin that has this type of feature?

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      Donna I should have searched the marketplace first. I see there is one that has this feature already, https://www.socialengine.com/marketplace/app/advanced-photos-albums-plugin .
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      Donna This would be a great feature for one of them to include. Were they not interested in adding it to their product? I think it would help them sell.
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    Younetco Wiki - A example of bad third party development standard
    I already opened a discussion about the lack of development standards among SE developers. Recently I brought the Younetco wiki a plugin that costs USD 89 and to my surprise the plugin is missing several things. Just to start the plugin doesn't have support to description in the activity feed, so when you create a Wiki in the feed only the title and the image appear. This doesn't make any sense.

    Beyond this the layout of the plugin is completly different what make CSS rules from default themes from SE can't work fine.
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      Gabry I also had bad business with this guy's.The worst thing that they make is that they launch for example the plugin "Music" and after 3 months they don't update it anymore and they launch another music plugin called "Advanced music" and so one ..so we are forced to buy the next plugin as they don't update anymore the first one. Why they don't transform the first "Music" plugin in "Advanced music" so the customers that bought it to be able to continue using it or at least give it for free to the customers that bought the first "Music" plugin as an update. That means they want only money and not care about customers.
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      Donna Hi [862,Leandro Rocha],

      Thank you for your post and thoughtful feedback.

      We understand your concerns regarding YouNet as they were part of our marketplace in the past. During the expert approval process for our new marketplace, several factors were weighed. In regards to this developer, a decision not to approve their Expert profile was made based on client feedback and other concerns.

      Some of you may also be aware of posts in various forums regarding YouNet owning or partnering with one of our competitors. As we were able to confirm such associations, we felt it contrary to SocialEngine interests to have a direct competitor as an Expert in our marketplace.
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    Update Plugin Process

    Today I noticed a small problem that can explain some issues that my website have.

    Two months ago I opened a support ticket for a developer to fix a problem. The developer fixed the issue and several other updates were launched and I update in my website using the developer core plugin (note below). Today I decided to reupload the plugin and during the installation process, the system identified differences between my system files and the uploaded files.

    To my surprise the difference include the fix of my plugin (in thesis the developer fixed in my website and never included in their package), but the big point is that since I updated previsously the plugin this fix should be overwrited before.

    The developer core plugin has a routine that directly install the last version without the necessity of download and upload. I am thinking that maybe the developer plugin is ignoring when it notice a difference between files. Someone already had a similar experience?
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    Any Wiki and Site Tour Plugin?

    I am looking for a wiki and a site tour (guide) plugin. From all developers that I know, younetco seems the unique that has both plugins, however since they didnt until now put their products in the marketplace I am a bit afraid about their company health.

    Anyone has a good suggestion?

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      Donna This says it can be used for wiki, https://www.socialengine.com/marketplace/app/cms-custom-page-plugin though I've not tried it so you would want to ask them how it would work and maybe ask for a demo of it as a wiki.

      I didn't see a tour yet.
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      Sieg I forgot to say that I cant use the default SE Blog or another article/blog plugin as a Wiki because the texts that I need to work are really huge with some hundreds pages of info. I considered to break this content in chapter and this is the reason why I am looking for a Wiki plugin, since it normally allow to create child wikis.