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    MARKETPLACE Plugin – Online Store for SocialEngine
    If you haven’t seen our store plugin yet, you should definitely try and test it on demo! Marketplace plugin is a great base for any ecommerce start up. It offers all basic online store features and even more https://socialenginemarket.com/news/marketplace-plugin-upgraded.

    While developing this plugin we analyzed different ecommerce sites to be able to reach our number one aim – make it as easy to use as possible.Why so? Because we want everyone to be able to believe in themselves and make a shot at they own online business, without being tech savvy. Our store plugin includes only the most necessary features and settings, which anybody can easily manage.

    Once installed the plugin gives you an opportunity to sell and buy physical or digital products, rate sellers and their goods, create coupons and sales, add listings to wishlist, charge website fee or association categories with profile types as admin, and much more!

    Today we’ve got a surprise for everyone who has a desire to start their own online store. Only this month use promo code SESTORE10 while purchasing Marketplace plugin and get it with 10% discount.    
    Don’t miss the opportunity and start monetizing your SE site today!
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    Any Store Plugin with Watermark for Digital Products?

    I am looking for a store plugin to create a are and sell PDFs however both plugins that are avaliables in the marketplace (one from SEAO e another from Hire-Experts) doesnt have a  feature to "watermark" this type of files.

    The watermark is important to help me to block users that are distributing pirated products. I know that this is not a simple fight, but I need to offer at least this feature to other publisher be interested in to sell products.

     Someone know another store plugin that has this type of feature?

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      Donna I should have searched the marketplace first. I see there is one that has this feature already, https://www.socialengine.com/marketplace/app/advanced-photos-albums-plugin .
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      Donna This would be a great feature for one of them to include. Were they not interested in adding it to their product? I think it would help them sell.
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    Younetco Wiki - A example of bad third party development standard
    I already opened a discussion about the lack of development standards among SE developers. Recently I brought the Younetco wiki a plugin that costs USD 89 and to my surprise the plugin is missing several things. Just to start the plugin doesn't have support to description in the activity feed, so when you create a Wiki in the feed only the title and the image appear. This doesn't make any sense.

    Beyond this the layout of the plugin is completly different what make CSS rules from default themes from SE can't work fine.
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      Gabry I also had bad business with this guy's.The worst thing that they make is that they launch for example the plugin "Music" and after 3 months they don't update it anymore and they launch another music plugin called "Advanced music" and so one ..so we are forced to buy the next plugin as they don't update anymore the first one. Why they don't transform the first "Music" plugin in "Advanced music" so the customers that bought it to be able to continue using it or at least give it for free to the customers that bought the first "Music" plugin as an update. That means they want only money and not care about customers.
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      Donna Hi [862,Leandro Rocha],

      Thank you for your post and thoughtful feedback.

      We understand your concerns regarding YouNet as they were part of our marketplace in the past. During the expert approval process for our new marketplace, several factors were weighed. In regards to this developer, a decision not to approve their Expert profile was made based on client feedback and other concerns.

      Some of you may also be aware of posts in various forums regarding YouNet owning or partnering with one of our competitors. As we were able to confirm such associations, we felt it contrary to SocialEngine interests to have a direct competitor as an Expert in our marketplace.
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    Update Plugin Process

    Today I noticed a small problem that can explain some issues that my website have.

    Two months ago I opened a support ticket for a developer to fix a problem. The developer fixed the issue and several other updates were launched and I update in my website using the developer core plugin (note below). Today I decided to reupload the plugin and during the installation process, the system identified differences between my system files and the uploaded files.

    To my surprise the difference include the fix of my plugin (in thesis the developer fixed in my website and never included in their package), but the big point is that since I updated previsously the plugin this fix should be overwrited before.

    The developer core plugin has a routine that directly install the last version without the necessity of download and upload. I am thinking that maybe the developer plugin is ignoring when it notice a difference between files. Someone already had a similar experience?
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    Any Wiki and Site Tour Plugin?

    I am looking for a wiki and a site tour (guide) plugin. From all developers that I know, younetco seems the unique that has both plugins, however since they didnt until now put their products in the marketplace I am a bit afraid about their company health.

    Anyone has a good suggestion?

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      Donna This says it can be used for wiki, https://www.socialengine.com/marketplace/app/cms-custom-page-plugin though I've not tried it so you would want to ask them how it would work and maybe ask for a demo of it as a wiki.

      I didn't see a tour yet.
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      Sieg I forgot to say that I cant use the default SE Blog or another article/blog plugin as a Wiki because the texts that I need to work are really huge with some hundreds pages of info. I considered to break this content in chapter and this is the reason why I am looking for a Wiki plugin, since it normally allow to create child wikis.
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    Addons/Plugins Ideas
    This is a small compendium of plugins idea that I think that is missing on the Social Engine Marketplace, maybe a good developer can use to produce new products. 
    1. An Auto Mail Newsletter: Actually there is just one plugin in the whole marketplace similar to this but since their developer is not answering any email I am not considering. Everybody know how important is to reach users where they are and e-mails are the easiest way to achieve this. An Auto Mail Newsletter work like a weekly (or monthly or daily) newsletter fetching information from different types of content like latest videos, latest photos, latest groups in a certain period of time (like latest x videos from the last week) and sending to users as a e-mail. For a better compatibility this email can work with widgets allowing webmasters to rearrange the information in the e-mail. This is unique plugin that do this, however its design is very poor: http://www.hire-experts.com/social-engine/newsletter-updates-plugin
    2. An Auto SPAM Checker: There is a lot of good spam mail checker in the internet, tools that check if the e-mail used in the registration process is from a know spammer. A plugin that check all users registrations or allow to run a cronjob to check all already registred user would be a great improvement in the fight against spammers.
    3. An Auto Validation Email Checker: Similar as above there are several services that check if the user that is registering is using a valid e-mail. The consequence of a lot of users that will never be activated since the confirmation e-mail point to a invalid place.

    4. First Steps Widget: Sometimes users get lost trying to figure out what to do. A first steps widget have some actions that the users should do and after completed all the widget disappear. A example of actions would include "make x friends", "like x pages", "post x videos", "post x blogs".

    5. Like Button for External Websites: Social Engine is missing a like button to be used by external websites like blogs. This like button should work in similar way of Facebook like button. When someone visit a blog with a button and like it, a box for login is opened to users authetication and after a successful login this item is posted in the user feed as a link. This is a big plugin to build a powerful community around. 

    6. Better Avatar: The default Social Engine avatars are pretty ugly and when a users visit a member area with a lot of blank avatars the first feeling is that nothing is happening. A better avatar plugin would include some auto generated avatars like those that use user name initials in a random color background.

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      gs [862,Leandro Rocha]
      Your post got me re-thinking Addons/Plugin ideas. imho I think it would be helpful to both Site-Admins and Devs if SE offered a section somewhere for just this: Addon/Plugin ideas. Yes, there have been posts here and possibly github, but I'm thinking something more specific and more useful just for this purpose. This could also help crowdfunding/sponsoring an Addon/Plugin. This could also get messy if specs keep being added and features-bloat grows, or if multiple Devs wish to take the project - who 'wins' the customization?

      I think it could also be used for Devs to showcase any unique customizations they've performed. Too many times it seems someone is 'reinventing the wheel'. These may not necessarily be Plugins, but customizations that could easily be adapted to other needs. Simple example: the Event/Ticketing Plugin I'm using doesn't allow 'signups' for an Event once Ticketing is enabled (i.e. at least 1 ticket must be created - not a huge deal, but it forces extra steps on the Event-owner as well as 4-5 steps for a User to 'purchase' a ticket - even if it's free). So, I asked [169,SocialEngineMarket] to create a Signup customization that I can place on any Profile page which is also reusable. The point is, someone else might be able to use something like this and since it's already paid for, the Dev could sell it less expensively than it's original cost (plus add any further required changes for more $revenue) to other Site-Admins which would also cost them less since the bulk of the work is already done. Basically, it's sortof a 'customiztion' MarketPlace since these aren't full-fledged Plugins.

      Just tossing out ideas. It seems there's so much more that could be done here at SE to develop Dev/Site-Admin relationships, and increase revenue to Devs and help Site-Admins save$ too. Any other suggestions for how this could be developed or issues that could crop up?
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      Eugene Hey, we might include #6 in our Avatar Tools plugin. I had a similar idea for quite some time.
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      gs [862,Leandro Rocha]
      If you haven't already used their contact form you may wish to do so. Although I have purchased Plugins from them and receive newsletters from them at my registration email account, whenever I send them emails from this account they never reply. They only reply to my yahoo account and if I complete a Contact Form. So, although my registration email is used by them to send newsletters, and it is the account registered for the Plugins, I don't receive a reply. I'm not sure why the mixup in addresses, but even though I've asked to have this fixed it never was. So I use the workaround (Contact Form), which is what I am suggesting for you to try if you haven't.

      "Email Filter
      Same principle as the username filter but filtering email address fields against local and external community maintained email blacklists."
      ==> The above quoted section is from the linked Features page. This works with SE (used to be in the Marketplace) which is why it's on my 'to buy' list. I therefore have no personal experience.

      This is a great idea. A while back when I mentioned something similar, someone told me to simply create brief (eg. 30 sec) videos which is what I'm working on. They will be linked in a small widget box on many pages as well as eventually built-in to the h2desk Support sidebar button on the site (which is what I'll be using for the knowledge base). This way the User can easily select the page-specific video link right in front of them, or browse the list of what's available from the h2desk sidebar.

      Another excellent idea. SEAO has an Embeddable Badge (for Photo Albums, Groups/Communities, Directory/Pages, Directory/Business, and Stores Plugins) which is quite useful from external sites, but it doesn't meet the functionality you require (so why did I mention it? good question - just because these Plugins do provide an external link back to your site)

      I vaguely recall seeing 1-2 Avatar related Plugins but until the MarketPlace is populated I can't help with this Something completely different is a Plugin by [169,SocialEngineMarket] I just noticed: http://socialenginemarket.com/Plugins/video-avatar-plugin which provides a video instead of the basic image. This is actually quite a great idea and I've worked with SEM for about a year (major customizations - both front-end site specific, and to other Devs Plugins) and use some of their excellent Plugins too. They provide excellent support, reliable and flexible Plugins, and incredibly excellent customizations.

      Maybe you'll find something useful in the above. Wishing you great success with your site!
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    Plugins and Theme being nulled and being shared
    When we are working on new SocialEngine website, mod submissions, approvals and other processes, at the same time, some people are busy in breaking licenses of our plugins and are sharing them on socialengineforum . com

    They are providing nulled version for almost all the developers. Not much can be done to such activities, but its a call to the people out there instead of going to these nulled versions and keep unsafe from copyrights, try to get a licensed copy and pay the developers for their hard work.

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      PoeticJustice I wont lie, I am a member of that site, but i'm not happy with the nulled part of it.
      I joined to share my experiences of plugins purchased, issues i had, and also to share my love for you guys Social Engine Solutions, purely as i feel your part of my team, and advocating how great you are, and helping others come to you for plugins and work benefits also me, and you will beging making more and more plugins. i convinced a few people to buy your products in that forum.

      there was a time when you use to get help on that site, but it turned into a site where if you want help you have to give them your retail plugins for them to null.

      I did my best to help people having issues, but its not as good as it once was, so hopefully this community is great for us all.
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      gs Which (as a Site-Admin) I wish SE would do something about this. Licensing was somewhat discussed in another post but my hope is that Licensing of Plugins would become an SE thing - i.e central to core and SE would manage it. I can't stand my licensed/legal/purchased Plugins repeatedly checking with dev sites to verify if I'm licensed - a hassle, slows down the site. etc. But (thanks to pirates and cheap dishonist people) we good Site-Admins that spend $1000s are penalized. But I obviously realize why Devs have to do this.

      If everything ran through SE (say, 1x/day) then this would:
      - Help Devs to eliminate future piracy (not sure how to address nulled Plugns from piracy sites - but dependng on where they are located, there might be legal action since it is a criminal activity)
      - Help Site-Admins speed up sites & eliminate fear of what happens if a Dev closes or has issues with their authorizating process on their server

      There's obviously a cost to this (along with some recoding for Plugins) and although it would be directly incurred by SE, it could be indirectly paid through Devs and thus higher Plugin costs (what - maybe a buck or two per Plugn?). Heck - I'd pay a small one-time fee or a small annual fee as a Site-Admn just for the reassurance that I wouldn't have to worry about a Plugin failing due to an issue with a Dev (closing, for instance).

      I welcome other ideas from Devs and Site-Admins (well, and SE too of course) because this criminal/illegal problem needs to be addressed.
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      Donna Please don't link to well known pirate sites. Members that click that can experience malware and other issues that are undesirable. I am well aware of Salman and Murad who own that and several other piracy sites. I agree that members should be very careful where they get their plugins and who they let on their websites.

      One of the main admins on there and the other pirate sites is also a hacker. Letting folks from sites that offer free "for educational purposes" plugins on your website can be letting the hackers have full access to your website and data. You can also be subjecting your members to viruses which can come in nulled software. In many cases, back doors are put in so that the person that nulled it can download your user data or hack your website. It is just not worth the risk.

      Only download from reputable sources - the SocialEngine Marketplace or the actual third party website. If you find a third party developer's products on a site for free, it's best to contact that developer and ask if it is a legitimate version
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