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Cloud Feature Requests

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    Mobile App (for SE Cloud)
    I know people mentioned it before but this is top of all wish lists. Can't compete with other social sites without a mobile app and this business will die soon. 
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    Awaiting A Major Update On S.E Cloud
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    Mobile app for s.e cloud
    It would be nice to have your mobile app in both apple and android so pple can download to their devices.Will lead to more engagement on your site
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      seTweaks That will be possible after adding write capabilities to SE cloud API. currently the API is read-only.
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    SEC feature request.
    On the cloud platform, I wish to get  custom fields in the "add post" box. I would also like to see a "check in" box on the posts, so that users can check in if you are running a travel page og something like that.  
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    Option to view full and minimize button in posting area

    I think SE need to add an option for view full and minimize in posting area like the screenshot. It's very difficult to view and edit a long article in the small box, and the problem is that when we "miss click" outside the post box, it will lost all things we add before! It's make me confusing.

    Anyone have a same problem? Any solution for that? SEC team, please consider to add the feature to the platform.

    Thank you
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      seTweaks I also had this issue before and it was very annoying, I had to rewrite everything. The click outside of the box needs to be disabled for this modal. The full screen option is helpful but needs the button should be in another form, the windows UI button feels cheesy to me, otherwise great suggestion!
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    Things that need to get fixed with SE Cloud to keep me as a customer
    1. Members ability to edit posts and comments.
    2. The ability to edit phrases/words i.e. change language
    3. Fix tag bug where tag database table is not updated if posts are edited or deleted.
    4. Fix IE bug for rich text editor for windows 8.
    5. Fix category menu bug so that it is on click and not on mouseover so it will work with touchscreen tablets like it does for touch phones.
    6. Fix Anonymous post bug so that it works properly with uploaded photos.
    7. Update the frontend to run with Bootstrap 3 instead of Bootstrap 2. With Bootstrap 3, you don't need all the separate mobile theme css as it is all combined since Bootstrap 3 is designed for mobile first.
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      Lacey Wallace Agree!!! 1. Members ability to edit posts and comments.
      Agree !!! 5. Fix category menu bug so that it is on click and not on mouseover so it will work with touchscreen tablets like it does for touch phones.
      Id also add a larger "sign up" button in the upper right- people are having a tough time finding it.
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      James Clark Rick, thanks for excellent and direct feedback. We'll be sure to look at and prioritize these points as we gear up for our next cloud release.
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      Rick Von Ruden I am seriously considering other options right now as these issues have been there since the launch of SE Cloud.
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    Facebook style APP for android and iOS
    Is there someone who can make an Android/iOS APP where if a social engine
    network wants to have the APP point to their website, all they have to
    do is to edit a few lines and it will work like Facebook for Android.
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    SE Cloud information
    How can i create a new page with html code?How can i create a new page with a contact form?How can i delete the "Powered by SocialEngine Cloud” on the footer?

    Thank you.
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      seTweaks Creating a new page :
      SE Cloud admin panel -> Page Templates ( under appearance )-> Add New Template

      Removing Powered by :
      1) go to SE Cloud admin panel -> Page Templates ( under appearance )-> Footer
      2) remove this line : <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="branding"></script>
      3) Click on save

      Creating a Contact Form :
      Use services like jotform.com or wufoo.com
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    Cloud Theme
    What about a Cloud Theme for Php users?
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      Robin Something like this?
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    Feature Request: Stream MP3 files like soundcloud
    When users upload an MP3 file, I would like other users to be able to stream it like Soundcloud. 

    We are in the development of a new social network and are looking into witch platform to use. So if this feature is in making or something that can be added fast, we are going for SEC. 
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      Sam I won't join secloud until this feature is activitated. Hence, the year long wait and still nothing!!!!!
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    Has Socialengine Cloud improved? - NO STATUS UPDATES YET?
    I am revisiting the Cloud version of Socialengine after a while away to see if there have been any improvments and it saddens me to say that the one feature I would have thought would have been added by now is the 'Status' update option for members when they post something.

    I am not talking a topic post, a photo post or a link post - the most used feature on any social network has to be the random 'status update'.

    It engages communities and drives interaction - and even the social engine php has it - so why is there a lack of direction with the cloud version of social engine by not covering all the main basic social networking fetaure options?
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      Sam Why is it that this company starts something but never finishes it???
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      marc In my opinion the cloud version of SE was rushed to ride on the 'cloud' tag. It realistically should only have been launched with the full SE PHP feature set built in.
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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen It seems that the development on SEC is going slow..
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    Social Cloud - Mobile App
    I am not sure if anyone mentions this before. I think it will be nice if there's a mobile app version for social engine cloud. An app will significantly increase mobile traffics.
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      seTweaks The problem is that SocialEngine Cloud API is a read-only API.
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      Robin I'm using an embed HTML App for myself. Now working on offline JSON App.
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    SE Cloud - BAN IP
    Please banning an IP address must be on top of the wish list. Without this we are completely defenseless against some troublemakers. 
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      Blackspears I guess being able to track the IP address is prerequisite to this feature
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      Robin One question how know now the IP address of your visitor?
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    Reshare Option
    I had asked about the reshare option before in this post http://community.socialengine.com/post/13631/reshare-option

    Are any of you using the reshare option and are willing to share the code?

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    What's new on SE Cloud
    Hi guys,

    Something new to SE Cloud we didn't here since so long time.

    What are preparing for us Guys ?

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      Trieu Thanh Tuan I am waiting for the edit function (edit post and comment)
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      Nainou I mean the ability that members can block other members this will permit that members can create their own network and block members who disturbed them. [2440,Robin] @voice
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      BumpShaman Unfortunately, I get the sense that this whole SE Cloud platform is not evolving fast enough to keep up with our expectations as users (or, at least, that's the case for me). Overall, SE Cloud has always felt unpolished, a bit outdated compared to the "look and feel" of other website platforms out there now, and the responsiveness from the SE team usually leaves a lot to be desired. I may be ending my subscription soon and re-designing my site to work with other development tools...
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