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    Member page
    Hello, I would to know if it possible to add, data-pagination="auto" in the member page. 
    In Ipad or Iphone is more attractive.
    What do you think?
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    FREE SE4 CLd Template
    Buy Qwik Post Pro, Qwik Post Lite, or Request Inviter V2, and get the SE4 CLd Template FREE. more info at :

    Quick Post Pro: http://demo.hifise.com/pages/qwik-post-pro
    Quick Post Lite: http://demo.hifise.com/pages/qwik-post-lite
    Request Inviter V2: http://demo.hifise.com/pages/request-inviter-v2

    Also FREE installation.

    SE Marketplace: http://bit.ly/HfbmeR

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    Music Post type idea
    It would be great to get a new music post type, working like videos URL.
    When you copy the URL in the link post from soundcloud it's automaticly move to Music Post Type.
    Like this you can choose if Music can be available or not.

    What do you think?

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      Robin Please [52,Jung Kim] [250,Drew Frey], if you do this I probably sure that we can have more flexibility at the moment to create a new site dedicated to music or video!
      As always I have a new idea to create a nice iTunes template!
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan I love it. Also have an option to embed music or Youtube video to a post (i.e. topic post,...)
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      sanaa great idea
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    The ability to change pre-filled sentence in the comment section
    Would like to be able to have the option to change the pre-filled sentence in the comment section w/o hiring someone.  Similar to how wordpress does it.

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      seTweaks You can add this code to your Header template before the </head> tag. Replace YOUR_NEW_PLACE_HOLDER with your desired phrase ( don't remove the quotations ) :

      <script type="text/javascript" >
      var newPlaceHolder = "YOUR_NEW_PLACE_HOLDER";
      var targetPlaceHolder = $('.ui-comment-input-container > .ui-comment-input');
      if ( targetPlaceHolder ){
      if ( !targetPlaceHolder.val() ) {
      targetPlaceHolder.attr("placeholder", newPlaceHolder);
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      Kimmie Thanks [73,seTweaks] and [52,Jung Kim]
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    I would like my members to be able to choose which fields are "private" (for their viewing only) on their profile pages, and which ones are public, (as in public to the community for other members to see). Is there such a setting or code for this?
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    sorting?how to sort /images/topics/videos
    is there a way to show posts sorted by images /videos /topics so the user can just see the images / topics /videos..........is there away to sort the posts by date.......today/this week /this month.......
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    Batch-edit post categories...
    Currently, if I want to change the category of multiple posts in my community, I have to "edit" each individual post, select a new category from the drop-down list, and save it. If there are multiple pages of posts (which will likely be the case, since most communities have enough posts to put you past one page of listed posts), you start back at viewing the first page (even if you were editing the last post on, say, page 5).

    Long story short... if you want to change more than one post to a new category, it's a LOOOOONG and tedious process.

    I'm requesting that we be able to select multiple posts in the list view and batch edit all of them at once (at least for editing the category field). This would make my life so much easier.

    Please consider this idea.
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    RSS FEED-Feature Improvement
    RSS feature it is very useful /practical and thanks for continuing elevating the
    standards of Social Engine Cloud.  I would add the following features as
    it is an opportunity for improvement. 

    1. Ability to add one picture/logo in the ADMIN
    section (RSS Feed) per every RSS feed created.  That picture will appear
    in the POSTS and in place of the profile picture in the POSTS related to that
    specific RSS feed.  

    2.  Add flexibility to our design and create a
    separate Script for the RSS feed.   That Script then can be added in a new
    page template for RSS feed or can be added in other pages. Also , this could
    help to control the items per page. I do not like as is now because it could
    overload the feeds (i.e. new) and we do not have flexibility to pull it out of
    the "new" page or create a RSS feed page.

    3.   As example; I would suggest:
    <script type="x-engine/func"
    data-func="feed" data-type="rss"
    data-pagination="auto" data-thumb-size="small"

    4.  Once we open the post via gallery; ensure that
    the links (title) are directing to the external page.

    5.  Frequency- RSS feed is now refreshed every 6
    hours.  Can we reduce frequency to 1-2hours?

    for your support and terrific job. 
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      Nainou I 3nd this
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      BumpShaman Two months later.
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      BumpShaman 4th! Let's tie this in with my recommendations as well. I think this feature has A LOT of potential.

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    Here Is How to Make Money With Social Engine Cloud and Api System
    After alot of research, i have found a way to make money with socialengine cloud. well, 40 USD per month i have to pay to Social Engine. so there should be a way to make money for server cost.

    here is full presentation of my idea with Social Engine Cloud : 


    The Api system should be ready for Social Engine Cloud. So my idea will be good for all community member.

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      seTweaks For anyone who's interested in adding it to their site, you can easily add it yourself with their JS version for converting the links : https://adf.ly/publisher/tools#tools-fullpage

      <script type="text/javascript">
      var adfly_id = 5084506;
      var adfly_advert = 'int';
      var exclude_domains = ['example.com', 'yoursite.com'];
      <script src="https://cdn.adf.ly/js/link-converter.js"></script>
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      seTweaks They have something similar with SE PHP. it's from viglink.com
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      SocialTime but adf.ly is much better. they pay on time.
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    Text alignment in body post!!
    Hi,is there anyway you guys add text alignment (left to right - right to left) in text formatting, some users in my network wanted to post in other languages that required this option it will really make a huge difference, pleaaaaaaaase
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      seTweaks I rewrote the code that robin found and it worked on your site successfully. first remove the previous codes then add this class to your Custom CSS field :

      .rtl_post {
      direction: rtl;
      text-align: right;
      unicode-bidi: bidi-override;

      then add this code to your header template :

      <script type="text/javascript">

      $(document).ready(function() {
      function checkRtl( character ) {
      var RTL = ['ا','ب','پ','ت','س','ج','چ','ح','خ','د','ذ','ر','ز','ژ','س','ش','ص','ض','ط','ظ','ع','غ','ف','ق','ک','گ','ل','م','ن','و','ه','ی'];
      return $.inArray(character, RTL);

      $( ".post_description" ).each(function( index ) {
      if( checkRtl( $(this).text().trim().charAt(0) ) > -1 )

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      adil great man it works, i add it to the gallery as well, you guys rock
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      Robin Sorry cannot get it work!
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    SE Cloud: When will FEATURED POSTS start working actually?
    I think it is a very basic function to highlight a post and it should be relatively easy to fix a bug like this. It seems like you guys has abandoned Social Engine Cloud. Please fix featured posts soon thanks!
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      BumpShaman I wondered the same thing, and then found some documentation on the SE site regarding a script that allows featured posts to be listed. This does not place featured posts at the top of a regular feed (such as "Hot", for example), but it does create a new feed with only featured posts from your other feed types.

      <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="feed" data-type="featured" data-gallery-mode="true" data-pagination="none" data-items-per-page="4"></script>

      I have it so that it is only showing the last 4 featured posts, but you can change that of course (change the numeric value for: data-items-per-page="4")

      Would be nice to be able to turn FEATURED on/off for other feed types so that the first posts showing up are featured and the rest are whatever that feed sort type is... [52,Jung Kim]
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      Maxwell Gover Ability to re-post would be nice too!
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      Maxwell Gover Heard that.
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    SoundCloud Integration SE Cloud
    I'm not sure if this would be posible in the future for SE Cloud. On my site, I encourage bands to create profiles and get new members. I already have one artist that created a profile. When posting songs from SoundCloud it currently only displays a link to that song. Would it be possible to automatically display a SoundCloud widget. I would really like to offer this functionality to my members.
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    Will this be possible on SEC in near future.
    Hello SEC Team

    We been thinking to move to SE php but really like the SEC and way things are going for us with our website. The most important functionality that we need is to customize input fields for different type of posts and just want to know, would it be possible for you guys to bring this functionality in near future. If its on your list of new feature then we are happy to wait instead to starting from scratch.

    Feature Explained
    We need to add custom entry fields in the topic section. We want that when posting a topic or photo user can enter that item is for sale and also price. If we can add the custom fields from admin area in any of the post type or even create a new post type with its own attributes it would be great feature and I guess it will boost every community.

    Hope I am able to make you understand what I meant. Will post a photo to show what I meant.


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    API - We need it.

    Application programming interface

    An application programming interface specifies how some software components should interact with each other. Wikipedia
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      BumpShaman This would help tremendously with developing our own mobile apps, correct?
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    Feature/Idea- Have a feed of the "Lists" created by our members to increase interactivity.

    Additional features associated with this idea.
    1. Lists link (feed) will appear in the navigation bar.
    2. Create a separate "page template" for the "Lists feed" (i.e. like new, hot etc.). This page will be added in the ADMIN section and will be in addition to the "List" page template.
    3. Ability to "follow" each "list". This can be integrated inside the lists and once our members are browsing the lists.

    [38,Shaun Harding] [52,Jung Kim] [37,Alex Benzer]
    Thanks for your support and terrific job with SE cloud.