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    Future plans for SE Cloud mobile sites?
    I'm wondering if anyone on the SE team could comment on future plans for the mobile versions of SE Cloud sites. While the mobile version is pretty much functional, it does leave a lot to be desired.

    Some thoughts...
    • I would love to be able to have a more straightforward way of editing my mobile site right in my admin account on a desktop computer, rather than the current method of playing with custom CSS code using the ".mobile" prefix. At least for basic things that the affect the look and feel. This isn't as important as the next thought...
    • MOBILE APP VERSION. If we can get a mobile browser to display a mobile version of our site, there has got to be a way that the SE team can develop a mobile app tool so that we can get our sites to show up in Google Play and Apple's store as a standalone app. Currently, this task is too daunting (figuring out how to make my SE Cloud site into an app) -- but I'm going to stay with SE Cloud longterm, a mobile app option is going to be crucial in the near future. That, or assistance from the SE team on how we can do this ourselves -- and what our best options are.
    Actually, that's it for now. But my larger point here is that mobile is important (we all know this) -- and I'd love to see more mobile tools for SE Cloud customers.
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      SocialTime Ye
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      Jung Kim Thanks for this, mobile is something we are constantly working towards improving. I'll share this post with the team. Just for clarification, can you expand on what you mean by a "straightforward way of editing my mobile site"?
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    Ability to delete templates on my site
    I vaguely remember having this very ability when I began using SE Cloud several months ago, but this functionality is not currently available.

    The seemingly simple task of deleting my own templates is something that SE Support is telling me they need to do for me. Meanwhile, there is a button right there in the controls for deleting a template (only, an error comes up).

    So I don't know what is going on, but I would like to have control over template deletion again. I don't want to have to submit a Support Ticket every time I want to delete a template.

    Thanks for listening.
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    Embeddable Music Players?
    Hello Everyone,

    Would it be possible through custom css to create an embeddable music player on SE Cloud so people can upload music as opposed to having to share it from a site such as soundcloud or bandcamp? Or do we not have that ability on this platform?

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      Kyle Hey Maxwell

      Thanks so much for offering some feedback. We don't offer this feature quite yet but I'm passing this along right now to our developers for future consideration.

      Thanks for using SocialEngine!
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      Kimmie Right now they do not offer an embeddable music player but you can upload music if you have "File" selected as a post type.
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    Free Plugin - extended for two more days.
    Yesterday I posted a free plugin giveaway celebrating my sisters birthday. We had couple of downloads and I thought why not extended this for a couple more days.

    So. There you have it.
    Qwik Post Lite is available until June 18th. Get this great plugin and have your members posts feeds Qwik-ly from any page.

    Here's the link to the Qwik Post Lite - FREE --- http://bit.ly/12QQ6zK
    Here's the link to the QP Lite Review Page --http://bit.ly/18jWkQI
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      HIFI SE UPDATE!! We've recently updated this plugin with extra goodies and installation guides...
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    SE5 in Action
    Hey SE5 Owners. We would love to see SE5 in action from users like yourself. Is anyone willing to share their SE5 website here?

    Please comment with your web address below.

    J. Philip
    Co Founder / Developer
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      SportzHype Hello- Hope all is well! Our site is www.sportzhype.com :) Thanks for viewing.
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      Kimmie Hi there. My site is www.voicebee.com. We welcome any feedback & feel free to share with your friends.

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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen my cllient site that still runs SE5 is: http://duogbarna.info its a dynamic site with offcanvas on all platforms.
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    Qwik Post Pro! • SE4 PHP
    Qwik Post Pro • for SE4 PHP
    Created by: HIFI SE
    Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 4.0.0 - 4.6.x
    Product Description
    ...inspired by Social Engine Cloud, Qwik Post Pro allows you to post feeds to your wall from ANY page just like SE5 (Social Engine Cloud). This gives your members the ability to share more and more "Qwik-ly".

    Qwik Post Pro added features gives you even more tweaks to match your custom website including:

    • Post Feeds from any Page with one click!
    • Post Photos, Videos, Links, Music, and more...
    • 10 Additional Colors for Custom Buttons **
    • Button Avatar Icon option for that "Professional look"
    • Complete Instructions for additional customizations
    • Custom Sign in Alert
    • Easy to Install
    • No Core Dependancies
    • Fast Tech Support
    • Easy upgrade to Qwik Post Pro

    Demo: http://demo.hifise.com
    username: demo@hifise.com
    password: demo123

    **see FAQ below.
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    Only Two Days to Go
    Only two days to go if anyone want to get the SE4 PHP Request Inviter for 20% off.

    We will also be announcing our newest plugin on July 5th!

    demo or download here: http://demo.hifise.com
    read more about us here: http://bit.ly/12DXSzN

    J. Philip
    Founder / HIFI SE, LLC
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    Redirecting on Cloud
    [52,Jung Kim] Possible to have an option where a site can have a landing page, but when a member logs in we can have it go directly to a different home page.

    basically separating a non-member from a logged in member.
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      Shaun Harding You can technically do that with a little Javascript:

      $(document).ready(function() {
      if( Revolution.Viewer.id ) {
      window.location = '/<PAGE URI GOES HERE>'
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    New Plugins Underway! SE4 PHP
    With the release of the new 4.6.0, the guys at HIFI SE are also working really hard on a new plugin for SE4 PHP. We're spending a little more time on this just to make sure it upholds our standards (Professional, Optimal, and simply great). We hope you will be very happy with it!

    I will make the official announcement as soon as we put it into final testing.

    Please stay tuned. (and please Don't forget to follow me here :) :)

    J. Philip
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      HIFI SE @ Dale • Thanks Dale (for the follow) - I will keep you posted!

      @ VoiceBee... We haven't completely "dived" (or should I say "parachuted") in to the SE5 /SE Cloud platform just yet. It still seem to be in a "Beta-like" phase. We would like to see more from SE5 in terms of core build out. After which, we will be more than happy to fill in on the missing pieces (if any).

      In the meantime, if you are currently using SE5, let us know what you would like to see added. Im sure SE as well as other 3rd Party developers are listening. :)


      J. Philip
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      Kimmie Thanks. Any plugins underway for SE Cloud?
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    Oops! We almost forgot to add the FREE STUFF
    With the update of the new site. We almost forgot to add the Free plugin coding (HIFIApp).
    For those who would like it, here's the download page:


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      HIFI SE this page has been updated. http://demo.hifise.com/pages/hifiapp-free
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    Need Smileys :) , #hashtags, @tagpeople, Photos enabled in comment of SE PHP.
    Need Smileys :) , #hashtags, @tagpeople, Photos enabled in comment of SE PHP.

    @SocialEngine team please enable them by default in your core library so that no matter where they get used they are displayed on entire website.

    Also enable them in Chat.
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    Plugin On Sale.
    Request Inviter v2 is on sale 20% off until July 4th.

    More info @ http://demo.hifise.com
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    Create dynamic custom fields for registration and profile
    I'm currently searching for a way to add new (dynamic) fields for the registration and the user profile. For example if the user would like to add some universities he visited in the past.
    So there is 2 Input Fields with a date (from-to) field and an input field with the name of the university. And above should be a button which says "Add another university". When you click on it, 2 new fields should appear below the already existing ones for the university. So the user should have the opportunity to add so many universities as he would like to.
    How can this be done with Social Engine? I have attached 2 screenshots which shows what im talking about. One is from another Social Engine installation and one is from Xing.

    Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot,
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      Marco Schierhorn I think I could build it myself but I need some more information about how to do it and that I don't break any upgrade compability. Any suggestions? Or documentations / tutorials for that?
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      seTweaks I'm sorry , I thought you want custom fields. This is not available in SE PHP too, you should contact a SE developer to add it for you.
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      Marco Schierhorn And thanks again :)
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