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    test mobile
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    Upgrade to 4.7
    So, why does the upgrade to 4.7 as downloaded from the SE site come up with Base v4.6.0 by Webligo Developments??? Surely this is incorrect?
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    Sign up process bugs.
    When you sign up and go to the next step, filling in profile question fields, it shows this right away:
    • First name
      • Please provide a valid answer for this field.
    • Last name
      • Please provide a valid answer for this field.
    With an error message next to it.
    When I haven't even started putting in and submitting the requested info.
    This is a bug.

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    HTML Block option in Layout Editor
    Hey guys,

    Problem here. When I create a HTML text on for example: http://www.onlinehtmleditor.net/
    I copy and paste the tags in the html box I add through the layout
    editor. Problem is, once I save the page and check out the results,
    there are no spaces between sentences, bulletins aren't shown. The html
    just doesn't transfer to what it should look like?? Why is that? And how
    can I help this? Is this a bug?
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      MakeYouHappy Not just here! I just posted an announcement and it doesn't include any HTML effects I added with the socialengine HTML editor. So weird! Why is this???
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    Deleting Accounts
    Has anyone had any problems with people trying to delete their user accounts? Not much seems to happen when I test it.
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    Editing Lists?
    Anyone having trouble with editing lists on their site?

    I click the edit list link and nothing is happening.  I've tried in several browsers and the same thing.

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      Rick Von Ruden I tried to edit lists and it is not working. I guess they did an update that messed it up.
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    Ning Member importer does not work on SEPHP 4.6 - help!
    I am following the instructions here:  http://support.socialengine.com/questions/119/Ning-Member-Importer

    But when I click on the button to upload members I just get the second php file import2.php and I get a message stating:

    Importing users; 0 accounts have been imported.

    And nothing gets imported.

    Where do I report problems with this script.  I spoke with Ivan about this on support.  He told me that the script has not been tested in 4.6.  

    I assume the script does not work on 4.6.  Can anyone help me?  Where can I file this bug?
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    Blogs Plugin Member Level Settings-Bug
    Blogs Plugin Member Level Settings "the maximum number of allowed blog entries" Does NOT work...

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    Member Settings
    I am trying to change the name of the predefined fields in the member settings. Can this be done? if so how? I m aware you can add your own custom fields, however it is the predefined "name" filed that I would like to amend to read "username" nay tips?
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    Import Tweets by Keyword
    This is a great feature and works well - But, when the posts appear in the "Digest Emails" that are  sent out it shows the author as "Posted by deleted member" this looks as if people are deleting their memberships and leaving the site this may deter others recomemending friends joining or may cause existing members to delete their accounts as the may think the site is ordinary. This really needs to be fixed asap.
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    Problem With RSS Feeds
    I don't have any websites listed for my 5 RSS Feed links but am getting a bunch of random blank posts every other day. 

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      s.ziyad the same has been happening to me as well.

      i my case had an rss feed set for one day and i deleted.

      bank post have been coming since. how do we stop this?
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    URL rewrite of SEC is not optimize for Google or other search engines?

    I found SEC URL rewrite does not seem to optimize for search engines. As you can see in the photo, SEC show the title of the post with nonsense characters compare to another.

    Please check and fix the issue. Thanks.
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan Hello [52,Jung Kim], I opened a ticket for the problem on Sep. but I have not received any update from SE. Please help me.
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      Jung Kim Can you open a support ticker regarding this? I am suspecting this might be happening because of the special Vietnamese characters.
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan [52,Jung Kim] [250,Drew Frey] please check the issue and fix it! Thank you so much.
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    Uploading MP3 Bug
    Like previously posted, I would like to give bands and artist the opportunity to create a profile and in addition to showcasing their songs from SoundCloud, would also like to give them the option to upload their songs the PalFarm. At the moment, when uploading a MP3 I get the following error (See screenshot).
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      PalFarm I forgot to mention that I'm using SE Cloud.
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    Categories BUG in the Photo Albums for SE-PHP
    I am getting an error when adding new Categories in the Photo Albums Plugin. So I email support@socialengine.com reporting this bug I have found. Only to get 2 reply's from 2 different people telling me to log a support ticket.
    That sounded ok to me and tried to do so with the link they sent me. Only to find out that I have to pay an extra fee just to report a bug. WTF is this about???

    I have 2 more projects for clients that requested Social Network type sites.... I will be recommending PHPFOX to them. Looks like the guys & girls at SocialEngine are way to busy making money out of SE-Cloud to bother about us!!!

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      seTweaks Your 30 days free support is probably finished. that's why they are asking you to pay to extend your support period for another 30 days. you can copy the log for that error code here and someone may help you.
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    Bug in smooth Box SEPHP 4.6
    When I try to send an invitation to twitter/facebook users or resend an invitation I get the error attached. [80,Hire-Experts] suggested I bring this up to you. Any ideas how to fix this?
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      AlexM Thank you! I just did!
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      Kyle Hey Alex

      If you could do me a favor go ahead and send an email to sales@socialengine.com and mention my name and I'll forward this to the correct agent.