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Cloud Bugs

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    Photos Not Showing UP W Links When Shared To FBook
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    How to solved 404 problems when installing SE4 on Centos 6, Apache
    I've problem with .htaccess when installing SE4 on CentOS 6, Apache and PHP 5.4.13, when I remove the .htaccess file, it'll working fine
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      Fred CentOS 6.4, Apache, PHP 5.3.3. no problem with .htaccess.

      Did you check your PHP config??
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      Tran Tai anybody help :( ?
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    Problem with LinkedIn signup on Cloud
    I submitted a support ticket, but thought someone here might have some help:

    My SE Cloud site is http://thenewnewmedianews.com. Signup via LinkedIn seems to not work.

    - Open incognito window.
    - Connected via LinkedIn to sign up
    - Fill out the SEC user creation form, but there is no enter button at the bottom of the form.

    Here's a screencast of the problem: http://screencast.com/t/xv6noLERM

    Version: Cloud
    Feature: SocialEngine Core
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      Jung Kim I have responded to your support ticket. For anyone else reading, I have pushed a fix for this and awaiting QA then push into production code.
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    Slow Page Loading / Missing Images IE.. 16 Bit.
    Firefox shockwave problem and similar problem also with IE 16 bit browser. Half the images on Cloud Board Theme not displaying first time around. Refresh and they'll didplay!

    Any other Cloud Board Theme users had these problems?
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      Rick Von Ruden I am not having this problem.
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      BT Digital Media If I ever have a problem it's with IE - Firefox and Chrome are great with no problems. With IE normally clicking the compatibility button fixes the problem. Missing info and pictures is often one of those problems. It works for me - that's my best tech talk.
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    Slow Page Loading
    We've been having terrible problems in Firefox with homepage loading. Page waiting for google-analytics, then page hangs with a message "shockwave has stopped working" Takes 30 seconds for the page to load.

    Anyone else had problems with Firefox/Analytics?

    SE Cloud Board theme.
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    Hashtags problem
    When I add # to posts in admin panel, I need to remove the approved tick and save and then approve it again before they work. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Category fix Please.... FAST
    For the second time in 5 min, the categories shuffled in admin, almost 100 categories that I need to rearrange again..

    This is really bad.. I have enough work when it comes to the design part, so rearranging 100 categories every 5-10min is taking a lot of time.. Is there going to be a fix soon..
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      Kimmie A support ticket is necessary. My site kept doing this and it is a bug that SE support can easily fix.
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    SE Cloud Themes in SocialEngine Add-ons section
    [52,Jung Kim] [41,John Boehr] [37,Alex Benzer] [250,Drew Frey] We find out that your users have no way to find SE Cloud themes in SocialEngine Add-ons section. There is SE CLOUD badge, but any kind of filter to find SE Cloud themes. So I could not find any way to view all available Cloud themes.

    As a result people even don't know that there are some Cloud themes and can not use them on their websites.

    We're interested in working on new Cloud themes for community, but it makes no sense for us at the moment, as nobody see themes in Add-ons section. The only way to promote them is this community. Is there any chance that you'll change this situation in nearest future? Your help will be really appreciated, as otherwise we'll need to switch to another frameworks or at least to SE PHP and I think other developers will agree with me.
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      seTweaks The highest rated section is not working correctly too. a theme with 0 rating is in the first page and our theme with 24 likes is in the 4th page.
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      Jung Kim Thanks for the feedback.
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    Any one else having trouble with admin cp?
    I am having trouble saving templates, nothing happens. Like the buttons have become dead. Anyone else having this problem?
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      Kimmie Mine seem to be working fine. Hope you get this resolved soon.
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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen could it be that the problem is that I use cloudflare on my main domain and not the socialengine.com domain? I tried t again now, still a problem from my main domain.
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      BumpShaman I just spent the last two hours or so modifying templates and CSS, and didn't have that issue...
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    CSS.php bug
    Is there any workaround to css.php?
    the compilation of the constant.css is making the site really slow.
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      seTweaks It depends on your server and your connection but css.php usually takes about 100ms to 300ms to load on the production mode (cached).
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    Bug with Hashtags
    When you delete posts that had hashtags, the hashtag database is not updated as even if no posts exist it will still show the hashtag, and if you use the popular tags widget, the total for each hashtag is wrong.
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      Jung Kim I will go ahead and file this bug report. In the future can you make sure to open a support ticket as well? Sometimes we miss posts on the community site.
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    Default changes
    Has any of you guys made this changes only to wake up with default???
    {{subject}} - The subject of the email
    {{site.title}} - Your site's title
    {{site.logo}} - URL to your site's logo image
    {{site.address}} - Your site's site URL
    {{receiver.id}} - The id for the receiver
    {{receiver.name}} - The display name for the receiver
    {{receiver.email}} - Email address for the receiver
    {{receiver.photo}} - Profile photo for the receiver
    {{page}} - The URL a user will use to reset their password
    {{code}} - The code used to reset the member's password
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      BumpShaman I've also had some issue like this. Specifically, my email templates go back to default, and my privacy settings for individual page templates go to default whenever I save changes to page code. Will be putting in a service ticket this weekend.
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    Hash Tag Bug
    If a member uses a hash tag in a comment for a post, it shows as an active hash tag link, but hash tags in are not connected to the original post. I suggest that hash tags in comments are links to the post that was commented on, or do not make them an active link. I will comment below this post with a has tag to show you the issue. #hashtag
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      Rick Von Ruden [52,Jung Kim] [250,Drew Frey] [38,Shaun Harding] - Please look into this bug. Thanks
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      Rick Von Ruden As you can see I used the hashtag #hashtag above but not #bug. So if I click on #bug this post will not show up in the list of posts. If I click on #hashtag, it will show up because it was a has tag in the original post.