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    What Social Network Should We Integrate Next?
    LinkedIn or Google+

    Which one would be more helpful to you?
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      Edwin Rivera LinkedIn is imperative and I would prioritize it over other social networks- Some of our networks will target specific niche markets (i.e. professionals) and the integration with Linked in will be imperative for our success. Please include it in the Sign-in process, the Invite friends section and other areas that can be integrated as Facebook/Twitter.
      Thanks for your continued improvements and outstanding job with SE Cloud. We truly appreciate it.
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      s.ziyad [250,Drew Frey] tumblr ......! every site needs a blog !
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      Drew Frey Thanks for all of the feedback guys!
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    Need email updates from SE for SE Cloud changes
    As a subscriber of SE Cloud, it would be great if we could get weekly updates on changes/bug fixes/etc to the script. I really hate having to test everything daily to see if a bug has been fixed or something has changed in the front or back end of the script that affects a site I am paying for.
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      Jung Kim Thanks for the feedback, I agree 100% with this.
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      Jeff I would like to see a detailed changelog, too. I am using a growing amount of css and javascript that is dependent on the generated HTML/DOM. If anything could break any changes I've made, a head's up would be appreciated. And, yes, just simply knowing what's new/changed/fixed would be nice to know. I'm one of those geeks that anxiously awaits the SE PHP changelogs and reads every little detail. :) ....yeah, I know.
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      Robin After 12 years working on development I never get it if you don't find the info by yourself.
      U cannot imaging how many bugs can be solved in one day.
      A support web should be great. I'm using JIRA....
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    Need a place for adding Java script of something like that
    Hi community,
    I think SE better have a place for adding Java script code or something like that instead only CSS section. What do you thing about this?
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      seTweaks [1450,Trieu Thanh Tuan] I don't know if you can do this or not but you can try uploading the JS file via media manager, copy the URL and include it in the header of the theme.
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      seTweaks so in the theme package we're just allowed to have html files? can't we include for example a JS file in the header tag and package it with the theme? I don't have access to se cloud yet, but people are complaining about this and the CSS files. [250,Drew Frey] [52,Jung Kim] are you guys planning to add support for external files and libraries in the theme packages?
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      Alex Benzer You can add Javascript right into the Page Templates.
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    IDEA- “FOLLOWING” Section-Improve “Online Now”
    When we are in the “Following” section; the “Online Now” shows all members of the community that are online rather than only members that we are following. Please ensure that “Online Now” shows only the people that I am following.
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    IDEAS-NEW PROFILES-Members, Groups, Businesses, Organizations- Additional Sugges...
    One of the features that we like from SE Cloud is its simplicity and opportunities still exist to enhance the profiles while we increase membership and interactivity.

    IDEA 1
    There is an opportunity with the custom fields associated with the member’s settings and the member’s profile. Sometimes we ask questions to the members during the sign-in process that are important for our business to understand the market/demographics but we do not need to show them into the Members Profile. To solve that glitch, we propose to add “showed in Profile”/”hidden in profile” link or similar approach to determine what is showed in the members profile description. This solution will help to keep members profile cleaner while we capture information needed for some of our applications and we assess our market. Refer to figure A. and Figure B.

    IDEA 2
    Building on Idea 1 and more important: Most of the time we create profiles as person, group, business or organization. The idea 2 is to provide new members an alternative to select the type of profile that they are creating in our social community. The profiles type will be selected as Person, Business, Group or Organization. In that sense we will keep the simplicity (as seen on posts) and will solve a major gap found on SE Cloud: the ability to create Groups profiles, Businesses profiles and organizations profiles. Members will follow businesses; members will associate/follow with groups or will follow organizations. In other hand, groups, businesses and organizations will be managing their user accounts independently and will promote their services via posts. As result, we will increase the membership and the interactivity in our website. Refer to Figure C.

    IDEA 2- Details: Additional proposals?
    1. An independent user account for groups, members, businesses or organizations can be created with its own E-mail during sign-in process. Once they select the profile type; the user will answer the questions customized in the admin section that corresponds to the specific profile (members, groups, businesses, organizations)
    2. ADMIN section: Page templates will need to include Members (Page url: /members), Businesses (Page url: /businesses), groups (Page url: /groups) and organizations (Page url: /groups). This will provide the flexibility to select which ones are needed in our website or added in the main page. All those page templates will have the same design as members (page templates).
    3. ADMIN section: We will need to include the Members Settings (current), Businesses Settings (new), Groups Settings (new) and Organizations Settings (new). This will help to adjust all settings independently. The custom fields questions can be customized depending on the profile type. However, they will be similar design as Members settings and definitely without asking for birthday or gender.
    4. Members or users will follow other members, Businesses, Groups and organizations.
    5. “NEW” posts, “TOP RATED” posts and “WHAT’s HOT” posts will include updates from Members, Groups, Businesses and Organizations in the website.
    6. “Following” section will include updates for Members, Businesses, Groups and Organizations that the user is following.
    7. SEARCH- Members could search for groups, businesses, members and organizations
    8. Members profile, group profile, business profile and organization profile will have same design to maintain the website integrity
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      BumpShaman Hmmmm... I see that the idea of "hidden" and "public" profile info fields has come up a few times many months ago -- before I ever brought it up recently as a feature request. Surprised it hasn't been added in yet...
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      Robin What about?
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    Open post link inside before outside
    I think that is a great idea to open every post link inside the SE Cloud before outside to other site. What do you think about it?
    Can you see what i mean on this picture, infact as you can see, after click to the post you can read the post linked inside you site.
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      Simone Paciaroni The post was posted on "oknotizie.it" on HOT news, but when you click it you don't go to the "ansa.it" where the post was wrote, but inside OKnotizie. On the top at the right, you have a button to close the "preview" and go to the real post.
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan Yes, we do not need to take our reader to other site and lost our traffic!
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      Rick Von Ruden They fixed this.
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    Need a "Tip" category on the community
    I think it's better to have a category tip for everyone on the community to share some tips to each other. I believe that there are lots of coders on the community and they may be wanted to share some tips and answer question from creators for building the network. It's very useful for network creators.
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    Divide community and demo
    There is a lot of interesting suggestions posted here. But most of them are lost in test posts.

    I think it will be better to keep all test posts in a separate category. They should not appear on Hot and New sections.
    What do you think?
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      Alex Benzer It's a good idea. We had trouble deciding whether or not to do this.

      Instead we made this community clients-only, for the most part. That's slowed down the test posts. In fact my Hot feed is currently only ~ 10% test posts.

      I really like the idea of using a real live community of SE sitebuilders as our demo, since it showcases what a real community looks like, instead of an empty site filled with test/dummy content.
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      Jeff Excellent idea, Eugene. I think it should be a completely separate site. I'd hope this site (or the other site) could be focused solely on technical issues, bugs, widget enhancements, etc. That said, I'm glad SE finally gave us a place to hang out other than in their blog comments. ;)
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    "Top Rated" Category does not change
    Guys, I've noticed that Top Rated does not that over the time. It has the same discussions and unlikely any new discussions will get on top.
    Have you considered making some kind of time period so old posts won't appear there? For example top posts within a 2 weeks (should be configurable since it will depend on community activity)
    Here is an example http://news.ycombinator.com/best
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      Jung Kim The "hot" tab is more closer to hacker news' 'best'. It considers score, views and time to put an item to the top.
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    SE Cloud themes and customizations
    I've recently reviewed your documentation and played around your themes, and I have few questions now.

    As I get your "theme" will be a feature that utilizes SE4 Layout Editor and themes itself. So we'll be able to add a page, combine widgets and place them using html/css, which is much more native for developers. But from other side, theme will define site structure, not only overall look like it was in SE4, right?

    If it's really so we'll need ability to include custom css and js to the theme (I mean installable package) but I don't see this feature. Am I missed something? Or it's not released yet?

    Thank you, looking forward to hear your clarifications about SE Cloud development.
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      Pixythemes.com See this http://community.socialengine.com/post/2614/best-practice-for-adding-a-default-css-file-to-a-theme
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    What Can We Improve in the Admin Panel?
    What else would you like to see as a site admin? What type of information is most important to you?
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    Copyright Infringement?
    A concern for Copyright Infringement: When members are posting a url for a photo there should be a section beneath it asking if the poster have the permission to use it. This way the legal burden lies with the original person who posted the photo rather than those who share links to it. Let me know what you thing?
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      monti Anyone can post anything on your site. it is your responsibility to take it down if it violates any copyrights.
      Generally, if/when you receive an email from the copyright owner asking you to take it down, take it down.
      TOS already states not to violate any copyrights.
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      Kimmie Thanks Monti. To me it seems safer to have the added protection of my site as so many people ignore TOS. Is TOS really enough of a protector for such a violation? It's debatable as one can view it as my site being a contributor or portal for such violations. However, if an SE team member can let me know if this is something that can be added in I think it would be pretty cool. Thanks again Monti.
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    Mobile Version Needed - (Board Theme)
    I know you are in the process of making a mobile version - this is really needed as the Board Theme is unusable on an iPhone (see screenshots). How long until a mobile version of the Board Theme is released?
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      Alex Benzer Working on this, literally today!
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      Isaac As you can see no posts display when viewed on an iPhone - it is also impossible to use due to the main menu having a "fixed position"
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      Mahammad Abbas Tafida cant wait most of my members are on the handy