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    Banned User with Jquery
    Dear followers, 
    A easy & funny example to disable your socialengine cloud for a specific user. Find the viewer.id of the person you want to ban and replace it in this jquery:   

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      Robin if (Revolution.Viewer.id == 4945){
      $(document).ready(function() {
      $("#header_wrapper").css("display", "none");
      $("#content_wrapper").css("display", "none");
      $("#footer_wrapper").css("display", "none");
      $("html, body").css("background", "url('http://garethicke.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/THE_BANNED.png') no-repeat fixed center center / cover rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)");
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      Nainou which query
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    Partners Sites?
    If anyone is interested of becoming a partnered site with Music Rascal, inbox us. 

    Please leave your site's URL in the comment box below, thanks.

    Our Url, www.musicrascal.co.uk 
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    anny suggestions how to improve this page
    any suggestions how to improve stuff
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    Deleted Member ?
    Hi SE,

    Could the post by "Deleted Member" for Instagram and RSS feeds be changed to something else? 

    Just doesn't seem to be the best choice of words for a growing community IMHO.

    What do you think?
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      Denise Anybody know how to fix this? THank you !
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      seTweaks In my opinion, SE can delete the profile page but keep the username without linking it to the profile page. That's how it works in forum applications when someone gets banned or remove their account.
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    Navigation Bar - The Selected Tab
    Can anyone help me with the code that is needed to change the colour of the selected tab on the navigation bar. I am using the stream theme and currently when you select a tab its turns blue. I would like to change it to turn to red rather then blue, would also like to change the current font colour the grey colour to white? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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      seTweaks #header #menu>ul.nav>li.active>a{
      background-color: $COLOR_CODE;
      #header #menu>ul.nav>li.active>a:after{
      border-top-color: $COLOR_CODE;
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    Wahoo! Instagram connection now available
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      Atelier Gavriel Ok for instagram, thanks - please update us when we can do the same for members - its important for us. Regarding FB - can we pul a feed to our network from our facebook group page? it seems like its only FB connect... and last question -how come the share feature doesnt show any options in it ? is it a bug or somthing i am doing wrong ? thanks for your time :)
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      Atelier Gavriel can i let my community members also connect or is it only for the community administrator ???
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      s.ziyad [1007,VoiceBee] [52,Jung Kim] how do i connect the site to FB Page? - its connects to my profile.
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    New RSS feed import tool AWESOME -- but problems...
    It seems that this is an excellent tool to pull more content into an SE Cloud site. Add some RSS URL's and -- INSTANTLY -- new posts on my site.

    Problems I'm seeing:

    1. The post titles are not created as LINKS like regular posts are. I would like the post title to link to the original full article or web page due to the next issue...

    2. The entire text of the original source is not added to the post on my site. Instead, only the initial portion is added, followed by "[...]" -- but with no link to the additional text. The full text needs to be available for reading if this RSS tool is to be of any use.

    3. Content is added instantly, which is great... but there's A LOT of it. I'd love to see an option for limiting or expanding ("max" and "min"?) the number of daily imports from an RSS feed link so that RSS posts don't become too prevalent on my site compared to regular posts. (Side note: Would love to see this for Twitter auto-imports as well, so that I can increase or reduce the number of posts.)

    These are the 3 main issues.
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      BumpShaman I put a ticket in for this, requesting the listed fixes and functionality above. I was politely told that this is not currently a feature they plan on developing further (anytime soon). I WISH IT WAS. This has the potential to be a really great tool for all of us SE Cloud customers/developers.

      [52,Jung Kim]
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      Kimmie Great points. Especially agree with being able to choose or limit the # of posts.
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    Tutorial: Show/Hide comments on mousover
    I added a neat feature to the comment section of the frontpage of SE Cloud.

    The comments are automatically hidden, when you hover over the comment_box, comments will slide out.

    <script type="text/javascript">
            $(function() { // Shorthand for $(document).ready(function() {
                    hover(function() {
                          $('.comments_list', this).stop(true, true).slideToggle();

    The only problem with this, is that it is a bit slow. Something needs to be done to ease out the transition.

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      seTweaks I don't think this is a good idea because all these feed items have a generated absolute position and when you will have a crowded feed pushing down the feed item under the hovered item will make a mess in masonry feed. all other items under the hovered item will need a new position coordinates.
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      Pixythemes.com To make it faster, you can change slideToggle() to slideToggle("fast"); http://api.jquery.com/slideToggle/
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    How to SE Cloud to SE PHP
    Hello Everyone

    We are looking for options to move to SE PHP, we do love cloud but lots of features are missing and our end users want more and more.

    We realised that to do all that we need to move to SE PHP. Did any one had any experience doing that. What issues and problem can be there.... still thinking but any guidance from experienced users would be appreciated.

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      seTweaks Currently there's no SE Cloud to SE PHP data importer however the application can be developed by a SE developer.
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    Can anyone recommend a good responsive theme for SEPHP4?
    I am looking for a SEPHP4 responsive theme. I only see very few in the market. Can anyone point me to more?
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      Jung Kim Top of my head, [73,seTweaks] has a nice responsive theme:
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    Most waiting feature is now available in our network!
    I am waiting for the function for a long time. I am so happy to see it now available in my network. Thank you so much for SE Team.

    Adding photo in a topic post is very good, but we have to post photo from a link out of the network. I wonder that what happen if the photo in the original have broken? I will be better if we can add photo to our hosting.

    I hope you guys consider to add a maximize/restore down button in the posting area. It needed for us to edit a long articles.

    Thanks again.
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      BumpShaman Very cool. I like this.

      Some of the issues mentioned -- however -- could keep me from utilizing this for now.

      Some thoughts for the SE Team:
      - Definitely need the ability to expand a post pop-up to full screen or a larger box, this way this rich content can be seen more easily and not make reading more distracting...
      - I'd like to be able to upload a photo from my local device rather than have to provide an image URL...
      - I haven't tested this yet, but I hope images resize (as in, shrink) to fit a small window or post area...

      Nice to see new additions! Keep it up SE Team!!!
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan Really difficult to edit the article with table, photo,...without option to see full screen! https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwRX62cEnQs8eEdXU1dLRVo5WG8/edit?usp=sharing
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      SportzHype Love it! Thanks for sharing!
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    Social Network ranked No. 1
    We always try to keep an eye on the leading websites in this virtual world for knowledge, research and future development for our clients as well as our own web development

    Well today, (not to our surprise) we see that Facebook has been ranked the No.1 website based on Alexa© ranking system. Google is now ranked No.2.

    I would like to know your thoughts on this. Please leave me a comment or feedback. Thanks.

    • reference: http://bit.ly/16r3c7Z
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      Paul I feel Google is more useful and valuable. I like and use Google, I don't like or use Book of Face.
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      Kimmie Not a surprise at all about FB and will need to increase our usage of Google more.
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      BT Digital Media Expected - Help me become # 1 for mothers!!
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    SE4 PHP • version 4.6.0 Update Success!
    We've finally updated from 4.5.0 to version 4.6.0 without any know issues.
    Follow me to stay posted on updates, I have my development team testing the site out.