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Cloud Tips & Suggestions

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    Cloud vs PHP
    In my honest opinion and after all the posts I have read, I think that depends a lot on what you are planning to do... we have a small network for a client and PHP is perfect since we could customize every single detail... but we have another project and we chose Cloud for it... we are just testing it and we´ll decide... the language issue is still themost relevant so we are planning on introducing the "fix" commented in other posts...
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      Keif Gigliotti I agree, I am finishing up a PHP site for a client, and also checking out the Cloud trial for a new client...me lol.
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      Pepe how can upload http://laticat.x10.mx/profile.php?id=1 to cloud?
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      Jason Milano Yes it is true, hope webligo will not abandon their SE PHP, i dont want SE end up like ning, thats scary....!!
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    Mobile "settings" for cloud SE
    Maybe some of you have noticed that the "settings" page isn't mobile friendly.I'm posting this to inform everyone that it will be re-styled to work on mobile devices in a future "push"
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    Wahoo! FaceBook Invite Is Now Working ;-)
    Very excited because I have been without this feature and now it works. It even work for PRIVATE SITES!

    Thanks SE.
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    New SECloud Features - Great Stuff
    Alex and SECloud Team, keep up the great progress and new features and SECloud!
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    Modal Snippet
    As an answer to this post http://community.socialengine.com/post/75736/who-has-a-jquery-modal-code

    It's quite easy to create a modal window. SEC uses Twitter Bootstrap. Below is the code snippet...

    --------- Place this anywhere in your template file.
    Launch modal

    The data-target is the target to the specific modal to toggle. See below.

    --------- Place this anywhere in the footer template file.


    Modal header

    One ugly body...

    Awesome Button

    Of course, replace the modal body with your own content.. Or better yet, check out the API for SEC, to spice the modal!

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      BumpShaman Thanks for this! Very useful!

      Anyone know what kind of code tweaking it would take to get the modal body (once it opens up) to be a certain % tall and wide compared to the browser width and height? Having tested this modal out on two mobile devices, I noticed that the modal body doesn't show up well, and I think if it automatically sized itself it might work better. That, or specific code wrapped specially for mobile devices using the "@media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {}" code wrap...
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      Robin Thank you very much! this will give members more alternative
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      Shane Click on "More" to reveal code..
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    Trending post with Addthis
    I know is not what we want but you can show trending post using addthis
    https://www.addthis.com/get/trending# I just added the code under the comments on gallery viewer and works

    PS: first you have to have addthis sharing buttons installed on your site
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    Page links style?
    I would like to change the look of page links on clean theme. For example text color or button background color etc. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
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    Using dynamic content within text
    I'd like to pull dynamic content such as


    into text without adding any CSS styling, so just getting plain data back.
    Does anybody know how to do that?
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      Stefan Let's say I want to greet you specifically, so

      Welcome to out site, <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="member-name"></script>.

      <b>would return</b>

      Welcome to out site, Robin.
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      Robin Can you explain more?
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    Add combo box option
    In the members section, I would like to know if I can add the following option: Hidden on signup, Required on edit
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      John Ahrens Unfortunately, that is not an option. The options are:
      Required on sign up and edit profile
      Optional on sign up and edit profile
      Hidden on sign up and edit profile
      Hidden everywhere

      There is no option for Hidden on signup, Required on edit
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      Danny Go to http://www.YOURSITE.com/admin/settings/members scroll down and you will find those options.
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    CSS classes for Feeds should be different
    After looking closely at the mini-feed CSS I feel that each feed should have seperate class selectors in order to be able to fully customise the look and feel.

    Right now if I try to change the width or height of images on say the mini-feed it also affects post images which is no good.

    Maybe have post_photo for posts and post_photo_feed for feed images.
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    In need of additional data types
    I would like to make the suggestion of having additional data types.

    Is anyone else interested in this?

    Me personally I would like see 'top daily views' in addition to hot, top, following etc. This would allow visitors to see what the most popular (clicked) articles on the day are.