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Cloud Release Notes

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    June 2017 Release Notes
    June 20th
    • Fixed an issue where the "Allow Private Messages?" setting was not respecting an Admins choice.
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    July 2016 Release Notes
    July 28th
    • Fixed an issue with email templates not having a closing reciever.name tag. If you're having issues with your email, click "Revert" on your email template.
    • Fixed an issue with redirect in the admin after inviting not working correctly in certain situations
    • Fixed an issue with category urls not accepting certain characters limiting access to categories

    July 18th

    • Fixed instagram embeds so they no longer cut off at the bottom
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      Guss Quiroz hello again to ftp files uploaded I want to open the page for isntalación not open
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    June 2016 Release Notes
    June 6th
    • Fixed a problem that would un-approve owners if their profile was edited. Combined with an earlier fix to log out un-approved users, this meant owners could lock themselves out at no fault of their own. 

    June 2nd

    • Upgraded SoundCloud integration to allow private SoundCloud tracks to be properly embedded.
    • Upgraded Instagram API integration to be in line with their recent updates. As a result, all existing Instagram sessions had to be invalidated.
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    May 2016 Release Notes
    May 17th
    • Fixed an issue where CAPTCHAs were being displayed even if site was invite-only.
    • Made a previously hidden Followers-Only feature public. This provides a way of restricting Private Messages and @mentions to only members who follow the messenger. New option can be found in the Member Settings section of the Admin Panel.

    May 4th

    • Fixed the post order in lists to be sorted reverse chronologically across all pages
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    April 2016 Release Notes
    April 27th
    • When un-approving members, they will now properly get logged out

    April 13th
    • We've unified how we're gathering info from links submitted to Cloud, which means we can address issues related to it quicker and have a more unified experience when we process links
    • Fixed an issue that prevented you from using 'new' data type for activity widget if that activity widget also included category id, such is the case with /categories/id pages.
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    March 2016 Release Notes
    March 28th
    • Updated reCaptcha to v2
    • Fixed a bug that prevented tweeting from the publish dialog
    • Added indexing of rss imported posts. They will now show up in search results

    March 21st
    • Update "feed" widget's following mode to include ability to show posts from yourself, using data-include-self. This is documented in our theme doc.

    March 2nd
    • Updated PostByEmail functionality slightly to bring it up to spec with the new code
    • Replaced library used for Twitter integration with newer, better one

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    February 2016 Release Notes
    Feb 24th
    • Fixed queue and website errors reported by our error software (no major impacts to users)

    Feb 23rd
    • Hotfix to ensure our async workers get back to work

    Feb 17th
    • Fixed a tricky html encoding bug that would show up in some notification emails
    • Updated OAuth1/OAuth2 dependency package.

    Feb 15th
    • Updated Facebook PHP SDK to v4.
    • Added a notification when we stop auto-importing your Facebook posts due to an error
    • Added a notification in case your custom Facebook app does not have publish_actions permission.
    • Fixed a bug that would not update category number counts for a few minutes when creating/editing/deleting posts.

    Feb 10th
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from going to the YouTube integration page if the account you connected did not have a G+ profile
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent certain urls from scraping correctly due to the use of "Base href" meta property
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent wysiwyg modals (such as image attachment) from displaying correctly in IE9-11
    • Package update

    Feb 4th
    • We've started working on cleaning up old dependancies and open source packages we use. As such there will be updates in the future and today simply mentioning the fact we've shipped update to one of our dependancies.
    • Fixed a bug that would let your set your custom profile url to "ADMIN" which would make admin break in a frustrating way.
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    January 2016 Release Notes
    Jan 25th
    • Added validation to rss feeds. We now double check the URLs our users enter to filter out anything that is not a valid RSS feed and show an error to the user.
    • Fixed an issue that would not correctly pull in your Cloud subscription in certain cases.

    Jan 19th
    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent hovercards from showing
    • Added validation to Instagram hashtags so users get feedback when entering invalid keywords into the field
    • Fixed a bug that prevented icon uploads
    • Made overwriting an existing theme a much less error prone and annoying process

    Jan 12th

    • Fixed a bug that was incorrectly limiting how many users could be invited per day. It now correctly limits to 1000 invites per day, where a day is an actual calendar day (in UTC).
    • Added more information to the error message notifying the admin how long they need to wait to get more invites.
    • Under certain circumstances, search would not update with new/edited posts, it is now more resilient to failure. 
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    December 2015 Release Notes
    Dec 21st
    • Added email and date_created to frontend javascript so it can be accessed by scripts (such as intercom)
    • Removed unapproved posts from appearing in digests
    • Made post pages not show full size image, instead showing a max of 800x800px image. This avoids serving large images to bandwidth constrained users.

    Dec 10th

    • Fixed an issue that showed a broken thumbnail for images uploaded as logos in the Media Manager. All images uploaded from now on will correctly have a thumbnail
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      seTweaks When uploading an existing theme ( re-writing ), I always see an error page and after refreshing the page one time it goes through.
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    November 2015 Release Notes
    Nov 30th
    • Added validation that now prevents images without a title to be posted.
    • Cleaned up internal usage of our Facebook integration.
    • When adding multiple categories, the initial order will be set to the order in which categories are entered.
    • Adjusted Instagram embed to account for query strings in the url (such as ?taken-by=smazurov).

    Nov 23rd
    • Fixed over-ambitious comment nesting on mobile. Nested comments are more readable than ever
    • Removed "like" icon in the comments menu that was hidden on all themes, if your 3rd party theme depended on it, let us know
    • Fixed scrolling to the top on mobile for signin modal
    • Removed incorrect expired facebook connection message in notifications
    • Removed ability to set forget password page to private, which defeated the purpose of forget password page in the first place

    Nov 13th
    • Fixed an issue that would prevent communities with certain UTF-8 characters from sending email notifications.

    Nov 11th
    • Fixed an issue that prevented google analytics from saving/using entered account.
    • Added additional tracking of parameters to intercom.

    Nov 2nd

    • New feature: attach thumbnails to your file posts for better visibility using board theme. We're hoping to add similar functionality to other post types in the future.
    • Fixed an issue that would endlessly prevent youtube from importing videos due to malformed authentication key. 
    • Added category id display to categories in Admin to allow for easier lookup of that ID as its needed in customizations.

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    October 2015 Release Notes
    Oct 15th
    • Fixed an issue that prevented certain actions in the admin from working (such as downloading the theme)

    Oct 14th
    • Fixed an issue that would prevent auto-load to working in case google analytics was blocked from loading

    Oct 11th
    • Fixed an issue with iPad not having "upload image" button. 

    Oct 5th

    • Fixed youtube integration that in certain cases would stop working due to a misconfigured refresh token, we should now always ask for one, so if your youtube videos haven't been importing, just reconnect YouTube!
    • Fixed bulleted lists not being bulleted in board theme and the feed of clean theme. Thanks mostly to lots of bulleted lists used for these releases, stream theme was spared of this fate
    • Added admin activity tracking using Intercom, this will pave the way to better onboard users as well as figure out which features are most used. We're also looking to switch to intercom for our support needs.
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    September 2015 Release Notes
    Hello, September is upon us and we're starting it off with some bug fixes!

    September 22nd
    • Add ability to toggle layout for members-* family of widgets. You can now make them full-sized like the regular members widget
    • Fixed an issue where connecting with Facebook on the Settings page would show the "Serious Issue" page
    • Removed the sidebar from the Media Manager, so the links are always visible

    September 1st
    • Fixed an issue with javascript present in terms of service, we've removed the modal that terms of service displayed in and instead we link to the static ToS
    • Fixed an issue that prevented site notifications from showing new private messages
    • Fixed an issue with some background jobs incorrectly interacting with certain systems
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      Eugene [131308,Stepan Mazurov] Could you mention the platform in title (SE PHP or SE Cloud) for such posts?
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    July 2015 Release Notes
    We had a pretty slow month related to new features on Cloud for June, so for the first time in over a year, we haven't posted dedicated release notes for the month. We did do some fixes, so they're documented below for anthropological reasons.

    July 28th
    • Closed an embarrassing security hole that only affected demo site. No account information was leaked.
    • Upgraded AWS library to the latest version - this has no effect on the functionality of the site, but if something is wonky with the way uploads are handled, let us know.

    July 23rd
    • Fixed and issue with logos not updating and greatly improved media manager. Its easier than ever to set your logo and favicon.
    • Fixed an issue with custom css not updating after making changes
    • Fixed an issue with board theme members page profile photos breaking out of their areas. The egos of the profile photos were slightly bruised, but they will be fine.
    • Fixed an issue with disqus that would show up when you switched the domain and made post title detection more robust. 

    July 13th
    • Fixed a bug that would duplicate youtube thumbnails
    • Made it trivially easy to remove branding from your community while retaining privacy and terms of service links and copyright notice
    • Changed how validation and saving of data is done in the admin to prepare for intercom integration

    July 3rd
    • Fixed an issue with large photos that are used on mobile devices not being created when you use upload a photo feature. 
    • Changed the way image uploads are treated, they no longer trigger a forced download, and simply display in browser.

    June 21st
    • Fixed an issue preventing rss feed import from being scheduled.

    June 18th
    • Fixed the app which is used for some Facebook functionality (like buttons and invites). It now uses your custom app if you have supplied one
    • We no longer use your custom Facebook app if there are any setup errors (such as incorrect url or missing permission)
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    May 2015 Release Notes
    May 29th
    • Fixed an issue with pagination
    • Ran a job to clean up all deleted members, so if you've been seeing "email already taken" errors, they should now be no longer taken
    • Fixed a couple of smaller issues stemming from the new RSS update.

    May 28th
    • Reworked RSS Feeds:
      • Added Category feeds
      • Added RSS Feed auto-discovery (helpful as more sophisticated readers can now discover feeds from your community)
      • RSS now passes w3.org's validator
      • RSS feeds are available in atom format (change .rss to .atom)
    • Fixed a bug with roadmap not showing up on initial "opt-in"
    • Made it so PDFs show up in the browser (they no longer force-download)

    May 22nd
    • Fixed profile image upload not orienting the picture correctly
    • Fixed "open in new window" to actually open in a new window
    • Fixed upload error with IE11
    • Fixed access to the product roadmap
    • Fixed edit button not working when in gallery view
    • Changed unapproved posts to no longer allow you to comment until they're approved
    • Fixed board theme to truly disable gallery mode with data-gallery-mode attribute

    May 19th
    • Fixed noembed from throwing errors due to expired ssl
    • Fixed certain websites (notably bandcamp.com) from being unable to generate previews.

    May 12th
    • Fixed category and list select boxes being too small for their contents in create post and edit post modals
    • Clicking outside new/edit post modal no longer closes it. This helps you to not lose your un-saved content, click with confidence!

    May 11th
    • Made country drop down in sign-up, settings and admin panel have a search bar so you can use keyboard to quickly select and find your country (this also applies to any select drop down with more than 40 items)
    • Made birthday field take up less space.

    May 7th

    • Fixed video preview for youtube to correctly load the video being posted
    • Fixed an issue which reset template page privacy back to default after being edited
    • Adding debugging to help us identify an issue with deleting users
    • Fixed positioning of Edit button on Clean theme when voting is turned on
    • Turned off # of comments display if Custom Code setting is chosen.
    • Fixed certain select boxes not properly displaying selected values (such is a drop down for main menu)

    May 5th
    • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly remove images from image posts when editing posts
    • Fixed share dialog, it now properly shows up.
    • Made /facebook and /twitter valid pages
    • lowercased 'edit' buttons on stream theme and removed edit from mini-activity

    May 4th
    • Creating a custom template with url /social now correctly works
    • Re-added gallery.rendered event
    • Improved rendering of Facebook like buttons in gallery view
    • Added {{post.url}} to custom comment code to allow for further customization of comment code

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      Stepan Mazurov Lots of fixes right before Memorial Day!
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      AA Will you guys upgrade Youtube API too? With June 3rd, Youtube disabled their API v2 so the SE stopped working, can't embed Youtube videos. When will the Video upgrade be release? Thank you!
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      Stepan Mazurov Big update to RSS feeds just got pushed live.
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    April 2015 Release Notes
    April 30th
    • Post editing is now possible. To enable, navigate to Settings -> Posts, scroll down to Allow Editing Posts and select the most appropriate setting for your community. All communities default to no editing allowed.
    • We have changed the way Facebook invites are done, if you had Facebook invites disabled due to the version of Facebook app you were using, they"re once again re-enabled.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented you from previewing your templates.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented news widget from displaying in the admin dashboard 

    April 27th
    • Changed category dropdown in the menu widget to display even if your cloud community only has one category
    • Improved social sign-in to remove some common errors and display information to the user
    • Fixed posting to Twitter and Facebook by removing outdated google url shortener. 
    • Fixed empty domain error when using admin API.

    April 17th
    • Improved duplicate detection in our Twitter Post importer
    • Added a basic SSO implementation. Let us know your feedback
    • Enabled access to our Roadmap for all customers
    • Added some dimensional constraints on uploaded site logos
    • Fixed user photo thumbnails in majority of places where they show up to be properly cropped

    April 11th
    • Fixed ability to edit templates that did not have URLs [#cloud]
    • Improved error messages when uploading a new template file [#cloud]
    • Fixed ability to reset domains through our admin API [#cloud]
    • Cleaned up and reorganized internal services, added easy ability to integrate external services to cloud admin, first one is doorbell.io powering our "send feedback" functionality [#cloud, #feedback]
    • Removed ability to change a page name (title can still be modified) when creating or editing templates, this eliminates a few bugs that would crop up with templates [#cloud]

    April 9th

    • Fixed an issue in which removing integration hashtags could cause settings to break [#cloud]
    • Fixed an issue where you could not clear your custom domain. The code responsible for "Sites Info" page has been overhauled [#cloud]
    • Improved the social sign-on code to be less prone to erroring after failed login attempts [#cloud]

    April 6th
    • Made members page respect labels and longer titles, in most cases members should now respect the grid [#cloud]
    • Fixed a redirect loop if domains contained capital letters, we now make lowercase standard [#cloud]
    • Fixed an error that would prevent admins from seeing their dashboard if a member who commented on a status update was later deleted [#cloud]
    • Added an explanation if you tried to delete an active theme that you cannot do that [#cloud]
    • Internally, we've made a lot of code better, for a fresher, higher standard codebase [#cloud, #nerdy]
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      James Clark Congrats on the team for getting post editing out.
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan Please consider to add this function to our platform. You guys should be a user and understand what are the problems that we are facing. http://community.onsocialengine.com/post/1625969/option-to-view-full-and-minimize-button-in-posting-area
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      Rick Von Ruden Any update on the member edit posts feature?
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