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    Broken Image with Facebook
    I have noticed that when marketing my site on facebook that my images are broken. For instance, if I put a link to my site on the facebook mobile app the website is loaded within the app. My images for some reason show up broken.
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      Donna Can you provide the steps you are taking as I'm not clear. Do you have a screenshot too? (you can blur out any sensitive info as this is a public forum)
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    Video Size
    How can you change the display size of the video in the news feed. The videos are taking up a large portion of the news feed and would like to make the video size smaller on my news feed so it doesnt take up a large portion Does anyone know how to do this?

    I think the video should be a more optimized size similar to facebook so the visitors are not scrolling through huge video display sizes.
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      Mikel Coreclark Hello. Like this post.
      Similar issue with 'members' page and 'video' page.
      These could be made smaller, say about 1/4 or 1/2 the size.
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    Video tumb nail broken on wall
    Videos show on wall broken tumbnail from youtube video urls etc,
    No tumbnail of video in  videos on site, But does play when you click on it in!does not play videos on the wall!
    Im   on php7 and 4.9.1
    Any Idea to this problem would be nice so it can get fixed please

    Thank you
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      Donna Have you checked with developer mode enabled to see for any errors? Have you checked folder permissions? Are you using default theme and default SocialEngine plugins? Have you tried with any third party plugins disabled?
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    SE Plugins - ok to remove?
    (seeking input from SE Staff, but others are welcome to chime in if they know 'for sure' the answer and/or have any actual experience with doing this).

    In an effort to reduce the #Plugins/Themes installed, I've created a list of Plugins/Themes to have removed (or remove myself if I pay a Dev to create a Removal Plugin).  Out of 30 I wish to remove, 7 of them are SE:
    - Chat (replaced with CometChat)
    - Forum (replaced with SEAO)
    - Mobi (replaced with SES SpectroMedia responsive theme)
    - Videos (replaced with SEAO)
    - Blogs (replaced with SEAO; or considering SES Adv Blogs)
    - Groups (replaced with SEAO)
    - Events (replaced with SEAO)

    Basically I'm only using SE Core and Photo Albums anyway, and would like to remove the rest (unless I need the IM part of Chat and don't realize it?).  My concern is I've often read "don't remove any SE Core Plugins" on various posts/blogs here/github/elsewhere, but I've not read anything specific from SE Staff about this (but obviously may have missed this if it exists - my bad).

    My questions are:
    Q1:  Will removing the above negatively impact the performance if SE and/or will it create problems/issues if they no longer exist?  Thanks for you input.
    Q2:  Will there be any issues after this as I update SE Core and Photo Albums without the others in the future?

    Thank you.

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      Mikel Coreclark Hello. Mikel here.
      You raise an interesting question..
      I like these SE plugins as I use them.
      I thought that all SE plugins are like a basic product but SEAO products are like additions to the SE product.
      sort of like: SE plugin + SEAO plugin = better plugin with more features.

      My none tech thinking is, if you can add SE plugins then in theory you can remove them . aslong as you do a full site backup first.

      However like most things if you go against SE advice, by removing core plugins you could damage your site and any cover or SE assistance to repair such damage you could face a massive bill and not be covered.

      I would suggest you chat to Scripttechs or Donna about this. I have used scripttechs several time in the past and would highly recommend them.

      Personally I would never remove core features, however I would disable them, this way you always have backups if SEAO plugins fail for some reason. Also you may choose to use them in the future.

      But yes, chat to Donna or scripttechs before you do anything.

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      gs Thanks Mikel and Donna.

      I'll have to relocate where people recommended not to remove SE Plugins.

      Since you are ckg w/SE Techs, I'll await their confirmation of what you have stated Donna.

      Mikel: One of the Plugins is dependent on SE Albums, which is why that's not in the list to delete. Yes, these others could be disabled (and in fact are), but performance doesn't seem to improve even with about 30 Plugins/Themes disabled, so since I've read that removing unnecessary Plugins betters performance, I wanted to fo do.
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      Donna According to our technicians, it is fine to remove those plugins as long as the third party products don't have dependencies on them. It's best to check with those developers to ensure there isn't any dependency.
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    How do I back up my site?
    Where do I find information on backing up my site? I am having issues with my domain name.

    built my site on the .net version but want it to be a .com version and I
    need to back up my site information so I don't lose everything.

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      Donna Hi Lora,

      For future reference to save you time, our documentation is found here, http://support.socialengine.com/php/customer/portal/articles/1686929-socialengine-php-v4-table-of-contents .

      The backup tutorial is here, http://support.socialengine.com/php/customer/en/portal/articles/1641112-making-and-restoring-backups?b_id=14386 , but your host would be a better resource in case they have something else for backing up your site files and database.
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    ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR - Someone Already Found This Error?
    Today I started to receive a special error in chrome when "posting" in pages that use TinyMCE and here is a explanation about:


    Seems that Chrome started to block some pages that it consider insecure even that there are no "strange" code as it say in the error description. I already checked and there is no security hole, so I would like to ask if someone is facing this issue also?
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      SocialEngineAddOns Our developers have worked on this error and come up with a fix for this issue. You can visit this post for the fix: https://www.socialengineaddons.com/content/ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR
      After applying the suggested patch, you will be able to browse your SocialEngine PHP website on Chrome 57 without any error. Hope that helps!
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      Donna My chrome is updated to Version 58.0.3029.96 (64-bit) and I went to layout editor and added a rich text block and didn't have an issue for that.

      Not sure what you are trying to add to headers so it's harder for me to test.
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      Donna Which version are you using for SEPHP? I'll go test. Our 4.9 has updated the TinyMCE editor.
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    Redis vs nginx vs xVarnish; also where is SE official guide to Redis config?
    1.  Can someone please provide a link to SE's official guide on Redis config?  My host needs it.

    2.  (I realize nginx is not officially supported by SE)
    to moving to PHP7.1 (after SE 4.9.x upgrade of course), I most likely
    will be forced to use Redis.  I guess what I'm trying to find out is if
    I'll be 'okay' or worse off than I am now as far as page load

    I'm currently running 4.8.13 with a lot of Plugins
    and the host has nginx configured (pages initially load around 6-7
    secs).  A few months ago I tried xVarnish, and experienced 2 issues: A)
    login and one particular Plugin usually loaded very slowly (3+ minutes);
    B) page load was about the same as nginx but after a while (not sure
    exactly how many minutes) it went slow if that particular page hadn't
    been loaded in a while.  End result - xVarnish was unacceptable.

    Your help/experience would be appreciated.

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      Gabry Hello, if i understand good and you want to use Redis as a cache feature then i will give you the info on how i did it on my server and work's very good.You need access to SSH with root/pass and input :

      rpm -Uvh http://download.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/6/x86_64/epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm
      rpm -Uvh http://rpms.famillecollet.com/enterprise/remi-release-6.rpm
      yum -y --enablerepo=remi,remi-test install redis
      Type redis-server to start the server and sometimes is good to restart VPS
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      Mikel Coreclark Hello again, About Redis.
      when I was using another script creator that used redis although it was new I and many other users had problems ( not saying that redis was bad) it just was not working for us and we turned redis off and carried on using the standard nginx. the result of this was a more reliable network with our needs.
      don't get me wrong, redis will work for many people depending on their needs, I will not be using redis for the foreseeable future.
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      Mikel Coreclark Hello. Mikel here.
      I have just been reading the chatter about this. Since I have had the same experience on both matters and here is my insight. Just to let you know,
      I am not an expert and have very little tech knowledge except what I learn from my mistakes or from Donna / Scripttechs / SE / Tmd hosting assistance or other members.

      1, Speed. the more content you have on your server or servers, the more powerful the server needs to be sometimes for large networks or large site with lots of data to transfer a (shared server) may not be the best option. So since you have your script plus 150 added plugins that is a lot of data the server has to monitor and transfer at any given moment to many different devices (i will talk about them later)..

      resolve the issue:
      1, plugins, do not use all t the same time. use about 5 or 6 if possible and the rest you can (TURN ON OR OFF) without deleting, to keep members interest. this will decrease the servers work load and can increase the data transfer speed.

      2, I am hosted on TMD Hosting, I mentioned that my speed was slow roughly 2 to 8 minutes to load depending on my device. I had them transfer me to their cloud server ( as this was better than the standard server ) and my time was greatly reduced and now my transfer time is much like 1 to 5 seconds depending on device used . so that is great.

      3, Devices.
      since 99% of devices ( ipads, cell phones, laptops, desk tops ) used now are basically mini computers they all operate at different speeds with many different programmes and many different internet providers with different levels of speed levels.
      Most people do not keep their devices clean and up to date with the newest updates or the latest ips speeds.
      This means that their devices can be slowing down the (transfer speed) that your site needs to download all your data. So if you think that your site is slow, it most likely be the device and not you.
      I always check my site speed on 3 main devices, galaxy pad, cell phone and desk top, I get an average load speed and use British telecom for my internet provider. So I get a good idea how things are working.

      So basically the speed issue may not be your fault but other users. What I do from time to time when I do updates / upgrades or add new items is to put an announcement on my site to remind members to update their devices as my site may require faster upload / transfer speed.

      I hope this makes sense to you or any other reader.
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    Member Browse Menu
    What are the links that should be in the Member browse navigation menu?

    I noticed that in my layout editor that this menu is with the Member Browse page but when I looked at the menu in my navigation that its blank and just shows a blank box on the Member browse page? Does anyone know how this menu should work or what should be included on it?
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      Donna The only thing that menu has is the breadcrumb. IIRC, a tech had said once it can be edited to add other things but is mainly showing the breadcrumb.
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      gs I use a Plugin instead but I checked the standard SE stuff and it seems I have the same thing as you. The Member Browse Nav Menu in Menu Editor has no items. In Layout Editor a Member Browse Menu widget exists at the top of the Member Browse Page.

      I don't know the URL of the SE Member Browse and no longer have it in my customized menu structure so I can't actually load that page to see what's displayed in the menu. What options (if any) do you see in your live Member Browse page? It's possible this is hard-coded just like some of the 'content' widgets are, but someone more knowledgeable than me would know that for sure.

      So I may not have been much help other than to say what you are seeing seems to be the way it is (at least for 2 of us).
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    SE Cloud - Mobile Theme
    It's come to my attention that the viewing my site on a smartphone is a poor experience. I had not tried it until this morning. 

    The menu is hidden.
    The ability to post an article is hidden.

    Is there a setting that I'm missing or is there someone with some CSS which will improve the experience (adding menu, posting articles)?