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    GIF Player Support
    I opened a ticket for this improvement in the core, but is possible that 3rd party developers would need to improve their wall/activities feed plugin. Here is the ticket:


    Now that SE support GIFs there is a problem of with timelines with several GIFs running at same time. This make the feed being a few messy and to solve this some Social Network started to use GIF Players. A GIF player is a button that only make the GIF run after being clicked. There are some libraries with a few work, only being necessary to create a class to identify that the image is a GIF. Here is a library example:

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      SocialEngineAddOns Using our GIF Player Plugin, GIF file can be played on demand (onclick or mouseover) and duration can also be set for which GIF image should play. We have used mootools library in our 'GIF Player Plugin'.
      For more info, visit the plugin description page here: https://www.socialengineaddons.com/socialengine-gif-player-plugin
      Working of this plugin can be checked here: http://demo.socialengineaddons.com/
      ( Test Account: test1@seaddons.com/123456 )
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    Customize Chat Colors
    Using: SocialEngine PHP 4.9

    I have changed some of the color schemes on my theme and have been testing my site. I am really pleased with it so far. However, when I access the CHAT and write a test message everything is appearing in white text. This raises an issue for me. 

    Does anyone know how to customize the background color of the chat window from white to another color? 

    I hope someone can help with this issue because if not I will have to redo my entire site or disable the chat plugin and I really dont want to take away this feature. 
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      Donna I'm not in my site at the moment but did you use inspect element to see the CSS and then change it in the theme.css file? Is this for the IM chat at the bottom of the site or the chat room?
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      gs ==>"if not I will have to redo my entire site or disable the chat plugin and I really dont want to take away this feature. "

      (I realize this doens't answer your question directly) Another option you may wish to consider (although there's a cost to it) is to use CometChat. This way you won't have to redo your site. They have a host of configuration options for colors/themes/etc. Plus it will remove any chat load from your server setup.
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    Plugin Recommendations
    Anybody have any plugin recommendations for status update privacy options.  I see there are at least two in the SE marketplace one from SEAO and another from Hire Experts
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      gs Keep in mind that other Plugins you decide to purchase may lead you to the option(s) for this. For example, although I have many Plugins from SEAO/SES/SEM/SEE/Webhive/HE/Radcodes, I chose SEAO's Advanced Activity/Wall Plugin because the bulk of the Plugins I required to integrate with this were from SEAO.

      Eugene has made a great suggestion (and Webhive makes some excellent Plugins), and as PoeticJustice mentioned, SES is great too.

      Obviously then, if you use a 3rd-Party Plugin for Activity Feed/Wall, then an issues you have will require the Dev to resolve them, not SE. This has not been an issue for me (as I've worked with some great Devs). Just wasn't sure how much experience you've had with Plugins and Devs and their Support.

      Just more food for thought.
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      PoeticJustice [176288,SocialEngineSolutions] are the best hands down, [196,Eugene] makes awesome plugins too
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      Eugene I think both plugins from SEAO and Hire-Experts actually replace the standard feed with their own improved feed versions. Please keep that in mind when evaluating both options.
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    Subscription / payment enhancements
    I'd like a few enhancements to subscriptions and payments.

    Member-visible subscription payment expiration.

    Ability to give someone a subscription for a period of time.  I have people that pay me by check, and I have to go in and manually edit the database.  Or, alternatively, the ability to have a "I will pay by check" and have a 7-14 day account expiration on that.  Anything to make the flow of subscription payments easier to manage.
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      Donna Hi Bob,

      Thanks for posting.

      Do you have any mockups (a screenshot perhaps) of how you want something like this to look?

      Have you checked for plugins that might already do this? There are some plugins for members and subscriptions in the marketplace.
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    SE Cloud - How to gamify ?
    I'm not sure how to gamify members. I didn't see a document on suggestions. It would be nice to provide "awards" for members posting and commenting at a certain level. 

    Is this possible and I'm missing something? I see there are points awarded -- but what can we do with the points? 
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      Donna I'm asking the team for suggestions for this. :)
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      Donna https://www.socialengine.com/support/cloud/theme-doc#widget-members-leaderboard we have a tutorial for the leaderboard if that's something that interests you. :)
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      Donna The only thing I can think of right now for points is to have some sort of contests for most points for whatever actions get points. Then let that user be the star for the month. Alternately, get together with various businesses to offer prizes (digital would be easier).
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    SE Cloud - Two Feature Suggestions
    As work starts up again on SE Cloud, please consider the following suggestions (no particular order):

    1. Adding the ability to use drop-down menus.
    2. The ability to add photos (thumbnails) during a creation/edit of a topic.
    3. Admin can add featured marking on the front side of the site
    4. iPad Pro friendly backend (Posts get cut off)
    5. Ability to choose multiple categories to a post

    As always, thank you. 
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    ScriptTech's Free Plugins and 4.9
    Hi Everyone,

    Just a note that all of our plugins are working fine in 4.9. We currently have three free plugins seen at our Expert profile. Our demo is already running 4.9.

    For any that have used them, please do provide a review of them at the SocialEngine market product review area as a thank you to us. We enjoy making free plugins and enjoy hearing feedback even more. :)

    If we don't get some feedback, we'll assume that our products aren't something that people like and will stop providing freebies. We do have one more freebie ready but will await some feedback before spending time on more. Note that our intention is to provide small, free products. 

    Details about our products are found at our forum which is also used for public support. 

    Feel free to drop us a line.

    Thank you!
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      Matt Sutton I think I'll take a look at the google translate plugin and leave a review in the SE marketplace.
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      ScriptTechs Data66 [241595,Mikel Coreclark] we've added the staff block you were interested in, https://www.socialengine.com/marketplace/app/staff-display-block

      Hope it's what you were looking for. It's free. :)
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    Can't seem to delete/edit categories.
    I can't seem to delete or edit categories in the Groups and Events modules.  In other modules I can edit and delete categories but not in these modules.  The error I get is:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function delete() on null in xxx/public_html/application/modules/Event/controllers/AdminSettingsController.php on line 178

    Anybody having similar issues?  

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      Donna Hi Matt,

      This issue is fixed for our next release which shouldn't be too long before we release it. If you have active support, our support might be able to provide a patch if it's not an involved fix (meaning if it doesn't require a lot of files to edit). You could send a ticket to our support from your client account if you do have support. If not, we hope the release will be within the next few days. It depends on testing another fixed bug.
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    Website Name After Page Description?
    I can be wrong, but I remember that until version 4.8.13 website name was before the page title, but now seems that the opposite is happening.

    In other words instead of sitename - page name description the website is displayed as page name description - sitename. Is this correct?
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    Where are the Setting from the New Comment and Like System?

    I remember that the new feature that improve the comment and like system has setting to enable it. Where these settings are avaliable? I checked the admincp, but couldnt find in what section they are avaliable

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      Donna Hi [862,Sieg] ,

      Our documentation is on our knowledgebase but let me link the tutorial for you :)


      That was updated to show the new settings.