Priority Support Service
Hi SE Staff

Can there be any chance to have a high priority support service which can be made paid in case something is critical and need to be addressed quick.

Why I thought it should be an option, today we are having problem accessing our website, we can't even access admin area and as its all hosted on your server the only way to address is to write a support ticket.

Support tickets sometime get answered quick and sometime it takes up to 24 hours which is alright in most cases and I never had issue with that but today really want to get this answered as soon as possible or at least something to tell us status of our hosting account.

I think our hosting account should have some sort of warning/ service status display area to show health of our hosted account / server.

Hope it can be sorted out quick.

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    Kimmie I had this issue as well. I was not able to view my site by domain but could view it In the Admin Panel (Site Info) I had my domain listed as Then I changed it to and it corrected the issue. Hope this solves your issue.
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    Jung Kim Hi Jag, I can't seem to find a support ticket from you, but you need to update your DNS IP to Please open a ticket and ask for me if you have any questions!
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      JAG Thanks [52,Jung Kim] Just realized that but how come DNS IP were changed and we were not notified. Atleast guys notify us as we don't know what you guy change and when.

      Anyways I updated the DNS IP and it should work soon.

      Cheers, Jag
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    JAG Thanks [1007,VoiceBee] and [124,Bogdan].
    Yes is working and I will be checking my domain name configuration to see what got changed.

    Cheers, Jag
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      Kimmie Wow, thats great news.
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        JAG Yeah its all working now. It was DNS IP issues. Don't know why it got changed by itself. May be SE can tell why it happened. But members are happy to see website back online.
    • 1 is the domain in cause, right?
    Maybe there is a problem with your domain name, because, from what I see, you can access the website like that
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    Kimmie Not sure what their working hours are but I don't think it is 24 hours service and that would have to be the case if there is going to be immediate responses. Posts were mentioned in the past that there should be "ADMIN NOTIFICATION" of site downtime/interruptions so that we as admins can notify our members

    That didn't happen to my site that I am aware of.