Html code into a new widget
Hello all, how do I put a html code into a new widget on the right side of the template?
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    Robin See my post Mix theme
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      Robin Just copy a DIV and change the contain!
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        info Sorry, I looked but is difficult for me, can you help me with an example? I want to insert an image using html code.
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          Robin Need to know witch theme you're using...
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            info You're right, sorry, Stream Theme, thank you!
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    info Thanks [2440,Robin] now I try
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      Robin Collocate this DIV between the others in the page you want.
      If you need to maintain the title don't quit <h2></2>. That's all.

      <div class="widget fg">
      Your Title
      <a href="#">Your text or img</a>

      good luck!