How do I move SocialEngine Cloud branding?
How do I remove SEC branding? I went to theme support, looked up Branding, found this below and deleted part or all of it, trying several different things...but it removed the copyright and terms of use link too:


Displays the "Powered by SocialEngine 5" text as well as the copyright, terms and privacy links.


Any help appreciated! 

BTW, I just joined yesterday and documentation for doing simple things in Cloud is hard to find and not that useful when I find it. Is that being improved soon? I have a Ning site, too, and they're worlds better in that regard.


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    Stepan Mazurov For now just using default html should solve the short term issue. Noted on the docs, we're in process of improving and expanding those to include videos.
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    Thích Ghim Yes, we would like to modify the copyright into our community branding not remove that all!
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    Rick Von Ruden You are correct. Most members add the terms privacy and copyright info back using html in the footer.