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Wondering what you all thought about something like this and implementing it in a Cloud site? I'm a designer by profession, but have done enough tooling around with code to half ass it pretty well. And as far as I can tell jQuery/Java are easy enough to implement if you have somewhere to host the files. At least that is what my understanding is. Amyways, just starting to develop my community and wondered if anyone has used this or has any advice.

Combine all of your social network interactions into a single network stream or create a single feed for multiple social network profiles....
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    Rick Von Ruden See this post.
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      Keif Gigliotti It's what lead me to this plug-in to be honest. I purchased last night and will do a post when I get it implemented. Get juiced about this system now.
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    Keif Gigliotti I have it installed and working, nice and simple as advertised. I haven't styled the plugin up just yet but it's working just fine. As you can see, my flag and post header buttons got thrown off a bit, but that was it. Very minor mods needed to the template.
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    Daniel Moraes testes