Help delete account
Hallo everyone, i have created by mistake a second account in with my credit card information, now i've deleted my subscription but i want delete the account and all informations.
I want reactive my SE cloud on my first account. Can anyone of the staff help me?

Thank you.
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    Stepan Mazurov contact, we'll be able to take care of you. Once you delete the subscription, the CC info is gone from recurly. We never store anyone's credit card information on our own servers.
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      Simone Paciaroni Thank you for reactivated my old SE Cloud account, but I do not understand why from 2 days i can't get a reply to my email in which i asked some technical explanations. Can you help me to have an answer? Thank you.
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        Stepan Mazurov Looking at your account I don't see anything more 17 hours old. We highly suggest opening support ticket for all technical issues now that you have everything under a single account.