SE Cloud Access for developers
Are there any news about SocialEngine Cloud access for developers? We are asked from time to time about theme demo.
Access was promised for more than a year already.

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    Stepan Mazurov If you have a link to the earlier discussion, thats also totally fine.
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      Eugene I was not able to find that with quick search. Alex has promised to come out with a solution for devs.
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    Stepan Mazurov What would you use the developer access for?
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      Eugene Each custom SE Cloud theme need a live demo. Also developers need another place to work on new themes.
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    Jeff I have a question about Cloud vs. PHP. Am I missing something? Cloud appears that very limited. Basically just an activity feed? I see no way to have groups, or pages, or events?
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      seTweaks That's right. SE Cloud is very limited comparing to SE PHP.