Compressed profile images
Would it be possible to compress the profile images when they are uploaded similar to facebook etc.? I uploaded a profile photo from my computer and it is still 6mb on the website...
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    Shaun Harding Hey Isaac just wanted to let you know that we just nailed this. We added multiple sizes for profile photos, and scaled down the photo displayed on the profile pages.
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    Shaun Harding All uploaded images should be resized. Can you provide a link to the image you're referring to?
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      Isaac results from from Page Speed test:
      Serve scaled images: score = 0

      The following images are resized in HTML or CSS. Serving scaled images could save 763.4KiB (99% reduction). is resized in HTML or CSS from 2592x3888 to 200x300. Serving a scaled image could save 763.4KiB (99% reduction).
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      Isaac Images do resize, however they are not compressed. see below links:
      Image Link:
      Profile Link:

      When viewing the profile via a mobile device the image will not load due to it's size. An good example of image compression would be facebook (the same image is compressed from 6mb to 26kb):

      Wordpress uses to compress images on upload, so they should have an API that you could use, however their website states "The API currently is not available for public use. We are working towards making this publicly accessible " - you could also try