Change Everything to Categories
A little example of Javascript:
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    Yerdos Hello Robin
    Thanks for the code!
    You Rock!
    where do I insert this code? Custom CSS?, Header?
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      Robin In the header template before </head>
      Enjoy ;)
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        Kimmie Robin you are Awesome. Thanks for all the info you provide.
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    s.ziyad thanks[2440,Robin]. works great. but there is still the category called "Everything' in the drop down. how can i replace it with something else.
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      Robin It was not easy but copy this:
      window.onload = function()
      var str=document.getElementById("menu").innerHTML;
      var n=str.replace("Everything","Categories");

      var str1 = document.getElementsByClassName("dropdown-menu")[1].innerHTML;
      var n1=str1.replace("Everything","All Categories");
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    Jeremy Castro Nice, thanks!