Payment Gateway Transfer Bank. (
Why developers do not make a social engine for bank transfer payment gateway, and the user can use the currencies around the world ?? In order to enable users to modify the social engne website for business purposes.
If the reason of developers SE only for transaction security for payment gateway does not include bank transfer, I think it is very wrong for the user to choose the right payment gateway, whether safe or not, clear all banks in a country would have to do security in online transaction system them, and the obligation to provide the developers SE system.
Please support the SE webmasters around the world, so that the SE developers can provide support with the payment gateway currencies around the world and make payment using bank transfer system, because it is our right as a SE user, I love the SE.
Thank you ..

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    seTweaks Each bank in each country has its own system and needs an individual SE module, so it's not practical to develop a plugin for all banks and countries. the universal solution is payment gateways like PayPal that SE already has.
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      Ayunitah but paypal and 2checkout not suppot the currency of countries around the world, so that the transaction system owned by the SE does not work for users whose currency is not listed on paypal and 2Checkout transaction. I'm sure it's easy for developers SE to solve this problem, it's just that they turn a blind eye to the interests of PayPal and 2Checkout.