What's the new button?
What's the new (blank) button that's appeared next to the reply button when you go to reply on a post? Anyone know? SE guys? Anyone?
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    Jung Kim Oops! I guess we accidentally leaked something we were working on. It does nothing now since we did not push any other code for it. Can you guys add the custom CSS at the bottom for now? It is not ready yet but coming very soon!

    display: none;
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    Pixythemes.com That button has this class "comments_compose_file", so I suppose it will be used to upload files to your replies, but it does not work for now from what I see.
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      Mateo Alberto Is it possible? create a button to do a search on google engine.

      I want this button then appears in the post eh already published.
      I want to search in google if there is any news regarding my post published.

      Help Please friends