September 2014 Release Notes
September 15th
  • The post composer model will now emit a custom 'composer.rendered' event to all it's click-bound elements. This means you can now directly listen for this event to customize the modal. [#cloud]
  • Improvements to the code that handles sending summary emails. Fixes an edge case where some members would not receive summary emails when others would. [#cloud]
  • Improvements to the way users, posts and files are deleted. These are backend fixes, so normal users should not notice any difference. [#cloud] 

September 10th
  • Admins will now see an edit link when viewing posts. [#cloud]
  • Updated information about the SocialEngine PHP trial to offer 7 days of free support. [#site]
  • Fixed a bug where deleting members from the member/edit section of the admin panel didn't properly clean up member's posts. [#cloud]

September 4th

  • Added an upload button to account creation page on Mobile. [#cloud]
  • Updated the FAQ, Free Trial page, and trial email to explain that the PHP trial requires PHP 5.3 or higher. [#site]
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    Trieu Thanh Tuan Biggest update ever for SEC! Thanks so much. I love you guys and our platform :)
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    Stepan Mazurov Excited about offering free support for our SE PHP Trials!
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    Edwin Rivera Sept 10th, third point- Please also fix the issue/bug with notifications. Notifications still reflect deleted members (i.e. deleted sent you a message)
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      Mike F. Thank you for reporting that issue. I've added it to our internal bug tracker.
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        Mike F. As part of the release on the 15th, deleted users should not longer leave their notifications about them behind.
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    sanaa my website is not working??
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      Mike F. Please send an email to and we'll help get the situation resolved.
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        sanaa i already did but didn't get reply from them