(Bug) Cannot post a video from youtube!
Hello, today I cannot post a video from Youtube on my SEC site. Please fix it!
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    Stu Carter EG mentionee this in the Bug Tracker:
    [quote]Hey guys, I was able to fix this issue on my own.

    You need to add the "iframe" tag in "Member Level settings" section of this plugin in "Allowed HTML Tags" field, just as shivani stated above.

    HOWEVER, you have to make sure you add it multiple times, one for each member level. The problem I had, and I bet you had the same problem, is that I added the iframe tag for default members only. I'm an admin, so of course, videos wouldn't show up for me.

    Hope this helps.[/quote]
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    Stu Carter Why is it working now? I cannot embed or paste direct link in a blog to a Youtube video.
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    Trieu Thanh Tuan Update: the feature is working now!