November 2014 Release Notes
November 25th
  • Member export now exports all the data available from the "Manage Members" page. [#cloud]
  • Tweaked modal CSS to keep the modal from growing so large the buttons would be pushed off the screen. [#cloud]
  • Updated the client showcase with new screenshots. [#site]

November 20th

  • Added a tooltip for greyed out members to explain why they are greyed out. [#cloud]
  • Added ability to manually overwrite the verification status of a member. [#cloud]
  • Fixed an issue where members to use social sign-ins were being erroneously left out of the members widgets. [#cloud]

November 17th

  • Added a new page that will show when custom domains have been correctly pointed to Cloud, but haven't been configured in the Admin Panel. [#cloud]
  • Modified behavior of "Control Panel" link in the customer dashboard to automatically and more consistently log the owner in as master account. [#cloud, #site]