December 2014 Release Notes
December 22nd
  • Pushed an update that fixed a few internal issues in preparation for a larger release [#cloud]
  • Added SportzHype to the showcase [#site].

December 9th

December 8th
  • Updated client showcase and homepage screenshots to reflect the best SE Communities we've seen [#site]
  • Made additional enhancements to "Follower only" private messaging [#cloud]

December 5th
  • Fixed an issue with terms of use modal breaking registration when visitor selects I Agree [#cloud]
  • Fixed an issue with display of cloud sites if client account has more than 4 cloud sites [#site]
  • Removed the ability for owners to delete themselves from their communities, preventing accessing the admin panel [#cloud]
  • You can now limit private messages and mentions to members' followers only [#cloud, #beta, #complicatedwording] 
  • Fixed openGraph description by removing html tags and limiting it to 255 characters. [#cloud]
  • Moved and reworded custom domain settings, adding a link to recently released Custom Domain article in the brand-new knowledge base [#cloud]
  • Added a link to the knowledge base in the main support landing page [#site]
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    Trieu Thanh Tuan Please consider to add my site to the showcase of SE website! SportzHype seems to be no longer maintained. It's now the place for ads! Thanks so much.