How to embed Youtube in a post?
Anyone can help me to embed Youtube in a post? I use iframe[width|height|src] tag in the "allowed HTML" area but it's not working. [52,Jung Kim] can you tell me the way to do that?
Thank you so much.
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    Jung Kim I'm kind of confused. We should automatically embed YouTube videos when you share a YouTube link.
    For example check this link out -
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan Hi, I mean that embed Youtube into a topic post, for example. It's easy to post a Video post from Youtube!
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        Jung Kim Ah got it. Unfortunately, iFrames are not supported through that. Can you tell me why you are using the topic instead of the video type?
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          Trieu Thanh Tuan Sometime we need to include a video in a post:). Ah, how about the topic Jung? It's still not resolved.

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            Jung Kim Still waiting on the push this Thursday. We had to delay last week's push to this week.
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