January 2015 Release Notes
January 29th:
  • Admins can now opt-out of "Someone requested an invite" emails on Semi-Private communities. See the "Notifications" section of the Admin Panel. [#cloud]
  • A category can now be assigned to multiple posts from the "Manage Posts" section of the Admin Panel. [#cloud]
  • Cancelling a Cloud account can now be done directly from the Client Panel without having to go to Recurly. [#site]
  • Updated the team page to have James, Jason, Stepan, and Mike. [#site]

January 23rd:

  • Categories menu item will now be hidden when the categories page is marked as "private" [#cloud]
  • When @mentioning someone, the picker will now trigger when the @ is pressed. [#cloud]
  • Removed all restrictions of TLDs on custom site domains. [#cloud]

January 12:

  • Added a new JavaScript event, gallery.rendered, to aid modifying the gallery modal [#cloud]
  • Updated the Cloud Theme documentation to include new event with examples [#site]
  • Officially disabled reseller program [#site]
  • Fixed an issue where the follow button would render (improperly) for deleted member's posts [#site]
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    Mike F. Hello, everyone!

    Cloud's been updated, and so have the release notes.
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      Eugene Thanks Mike.

      Any news about current SE PHP roadmap?
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        James Clark Hey Eugene, we continue our discussions and have recently put a product manager assigned specifically to PHP. We have a very long decision list. At the top of it is coming to a decision about what 5.0 is going to be. Balancing current feature needs while working on a longer term upgrades is the crux of the discussion. We will be releasing our SocialEngine Cloud Roadmap soon which will provide insights to how we present and respond to feedback. The biggest thing for us right now is to get what we have out and then begin working with the feedback.
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          Eugene Thanks for your reply James. Mentions of SE PHP 5 sounds pretty exciting indeed! New version #5 will let customers and developers forbid possible incompatibilities due serious, but long-awaited changes.

          As developers we expect improvements in core and upgrades in core libraries. For example switch to jquery will give a serious push for 3rd party plugins development.

          Do you plan opening a discussion to gather suggestions (possibly for 3rd party developers only)?
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            James Clark Yes - the roadmap platform will be an open discussion. We might look at a private community too.
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