February 2015 Release Notes
February 28th
  • Fixed not being able to save layout templates (such as header and footer) [#cloud]
  • Fixed certain rss feeds not importing correctly, breaking entire import [#cloud]

February 27th
  • You can now upload your custom themes again [#cloud]
  • Fixed twitter login when using custom apps [#cloud]
  • Fixed suspended sites not properly redirecting to socialengine.com homepage [#cloud]
  • Fixed a bug with maintenance mode generating a "serious issue" message [#cloud]
  • Bunch of fixes to our asynchronous jobs and increased error reporting [#cloud]

February 26th
  • New Infrastructure. Read about it on in a blog post announcement. [#cloud]
  • Fixed LinkedIn integration [#cloud]
  • Enabled LinkedIn for everyone [#cloud]
  • Fixed using built-in facebook app with custom domain [#cloud]
  • updated showcase to include http://aquanetviet.org/ [#site]
  • Removed Featured section from the Add-On Marketplace [#site]

February 17th
  • Fixed an issue that would make modals appear behind the backdrop in board theme [#cloud]
  • Fixed a theme bug that would render internal theme incorrectly [#cloud]

February 16th

  • Adjusted responsive themes breakpoints to trigger mobile layout on anything that is below 768px. This will ensure mobile layout is served for most smaller mobile screens [#cloud]
  • Adjusted tablet breakpoint by introducing a collapsed menu for the board theme [#cloud]
  • Fixed online indicator for members [#cloud]
  • Fixed member picture sometimes not showing up in the mobile board theme [#cloud]
  • Fixed alignment of the right sidebar on desktop clean theme [#cloud]
  • Updated the getting started steps in Cloud Admin to better reflect path to value [#cloud]
  • Fixed the problem that caused "Invalid thumbnail" error to occur even though the thumbnail was clearly valid [#cloud]
  • Fixed the close button not appearing for legacy board gallery theme [#cloud]
  • Changed the redmine bug tracker link to point to our github issue tracker instead. The cloud issues should be reported using included, free, support. [#site]

February 12th
  • Responsive themes are now enabled for everyone who hasn't set up legacy themes [#cloud]
  • Added responsive themes to our feature list [#site]

February 3rd
  • increased member export to 10,000 members - export away! [#cloud]
  • made things a bit tidier with wording we used on our support extension offering [#site]
  • Fixed a bug that could get you into trouble if you tried to disable comment voting after previously enabling it [#cloud]

February 2nd
  • You can now omit http:// and still have link preview correctly activate [#cloud]
  • Updated theme documentation to include newly added {{is_mobile}} tag to add or hide widgets from mobile browsers [#site]
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    Stepan Mazurov Huge update: new infrastructure, long time coming fixes.
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    Stepan Mazurov Just pushed a bunch of fixes that we worked on over the weekend to fix some of the reported and obvious problems with responsive themes and some other fixes.
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    Stepan Mazurov Hey guys, we've just enabled responsive themes on all sites.
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      Rick Von Ruden I agree with [155927,kd] - The responsive themes are not good. They do not properly respond on a lot of tablets such as Kindle fires.

      Why would you waste time making responsive themes using the out dated bootstrap 2.04 when it would have been much easier to do using boot strap 3+? Bootstrap 2 was never designed as responsive as it was designed for desktop monitors and phones using the javastrip.

      I guess I will not be coming back as a Cloud customer soon as I am waiting for a real responsive theme using the latest version of bootstrap and member edit features.

      I suggest you hire or contract a bootstrap 3 expert to update your cloud themes
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        Rick Von Ruden To update to bootstrap version 3 is easy if you have access to the html css tags. All you would need to do is update the html files and use the bootstrap 3 css file.
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          Stepan Mazurov Its not that simple - we have to consider the fact that over 200 of our sites modify css and depend on the html structure to not change. Once we start making improvements to the visual side of our themes it will be very gradual, and starting from responsive base is a much better position than having to worry about a separate mobile theme. That was the grounds for our decision to switch to responsive.
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            Rick Von Ruden Theme is much better with the latest fixes. I understand your points.
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      kd very disappointed with responsive theme unprofessionally designed.
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        Stepan Mazurov Not sure I understand - they're not meant to be visibly any different from current built-in themes.
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          Rick Von Ruden @Stepan Mazurov - They are not very responsive on tablets such as kindle fires (this website looks like crap on my kindle fire HDX) and the header overlaps the content as seen on dirtyladle.community.com
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            Rick Von Ruden Thanks for fixing the responsive layout to work with tablets like kindle fire. I think it's time to start a new cloud site.
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            Stepan Mazurov thanks for the report, we'll take a look and fix.
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