January 2015 Keeping it Rolling Update (blog.socialengine.com)
Hey all, January was a great month. We are really beginning to see the infrastructure we’ve been putting in place begin to crank. Getting “the house in order” has been a constant over the past year. It’s something we are proud of, an know it will benefit everyone tremendously.

Click the link to read what we accomplished in January and what to look forward to in February
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    Eugene This list of resolved bug is looking good guys! I think somebody should go thru the public bug tracker - most likely some of issues there were resolved as well.
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      Stepan Mazurov Hey, our plan is to shut down bugs.socialengine.com and move the discussion over to github as thats where we primarily communicate internally. We would create a public repository to continue allowing people to submit bug reports. We do have plans to go through the bug tracker and clean up any issues that were resolved or aren't issues, and move the confirmed ones over to GH.
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        Eugene Sounds good, Stepan. We have a couple more reports. Do you suggest to wait or submit them to bugs.socialengine.com?
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          Stepan Mazurov I'm unsure on timing of the new system, so depending on how pressing the issue is it might make sense to post to bugs.
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        seTweaks Great! 3rd party developers can also help with fixing the bugs if you add us as collaborators to the private repository.