What's special about a Featured Member?
I get that featured posts can be filtered via the widgets, but what's the point of a featured member? I logged in as one thinking my post would be auto-marked as featured, but it wasn't, so what the diff between a regular and a featured member?
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    Shaun Harding The feed widget supports multiple filtering types, and one of those types, "featured" allows you to show posts from featured members: http://community.socialengine.com/admin/help/templates#widget-feed
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      Jeff Shaun, I made a page with the featured feed widget and it shows posts that are marked featured. Turning the member featured bit on and off, however, seems to be making no difference. Should the featured feed widget be keying off both member AND post featured switches? I would guess not, that would be confusing. I like the way the widget works, but I still don't know what the featured member bit is for.
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        Shaun Harding Hey Jeff, sorry I brainfarted last night. I was confusing featured members and featured posts.....

        So the feed should show featured posts, but there is a featured members widget that was added a few days ago, which shows featured members. To show featured members you would use the following from a template:

        <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="members-featured" data-items="10"></script>

        This was left out of the widget documentation when we rolled out the widget. I just updated the documentation to include this widget, and you can few the description here: