March 2015 Release Notes
March 26th
  • Updated mobile style for the settings page, and linked to it in the mobile menu. [#cloud]

March 25th
  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances a member could accidentally become logged in as another user when signing up with Facebook failed. [#cloud]
  • Added new "Invites Accepted" tab to Admin panel [#cloud]
  • Improved the "Invites Sent" area of the Admin panel to include a way to get an individual invite's URL, in case a invitee misplaced their invite (or can't receive the email). [#cloud]
  • Fixed an issue where pagination would not work properly on the "Invites Sent" area of the Admin Panel. [#cloud]
  • Added the 'label' style to Title and Company to better separate it from nearby content. [#cloud]
  • Fixed the style of default themes to use square profile photos instead of rectangular ones. [#cloud]
  • Adjusted default style of Clean theme to better handle wide logos. [#cloud]
  • Removed extra padding from notification dropdown. [#cloud]

March 13th
  • Signing up with Facebook now uses the "large" photo size [#cloud]
  • Unfollowing someone with followers no longer causes the button to change back to "unfollow" [#cloud]
  • Corrected an issue where trying to view a post on IE8 was causing internal server errors [#cloud]
  • Stop activity feed breaking when trying to show deleted member's activity [#cloud]
  • Fix an issue where posts which were mass-assigned categories would not show up in the feed for those categories [#cloud]

March 5th
  • Cleaned up dashboard settings, fixed a couple of broken links [#cloud]
  • Fixed and issue that didn't let us properly disable sites [#cloud]

March 2nd

  • Updated Country List dropdown: Added Armenia, Aruba, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, removed Zaire [#cloud]
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent you from going to your settings page if your LinkedIn token was incorrect (in case of new LinkedIn app for example) [#cloud]
  • Fixed a rare bug in instagram import that would sometimes fail due to items with incorrect urls [#cloud]