HIFiAvatars • HIFI SE Plugin Demos (vimeo.com)
This video demonstrates how to use HIFI SE FREE add-on HIFiAvatar.

Created by: HIFI SE
Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 4.0.0 - 4.6.0

Product Description:
This package gives your default avatars a little more pizzazz. Our Designers have created and selected default avatars that we hope you can use and help your new members avatars look more consistent with your website.

Key Features
• Give your Social Default Profiles a little pizzazz!
• Comes with 5 Avatar Sets + SE4 PHP default
–– SE5 Cloud (Similar to Social Engine Cloud)
–– Corporate (Suit and Tie)
–– Funscape (Abstract Landscape default)
–– SMILES (Gray Smile default)
–– FB1 (Similar to Facebook)

• Easy to install using Drag-n-Drop
• No Core Dependancies
• Free Tech Support (if Needed)