SE5 in Action
Hey SE5 Owners. We would love to see SE5 in action from users like yourself. Is anyone willing to share their SE5 website here?

Please comment with your web address below.

J. Philip
Co Founder / Developer
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    SportzHype Hello- Hope all is well! Our site is :) Thanks for viewing.
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      HIFI SE I actually visited this site from a mobile device. First. SportzHype has a really good niche. Sports will always be interesting data.
      I really didn't like the dark grey gradient header as it doesn't mesh well with your logo. I would try a more red-ish color for header area to bring more attention to the site...
      Keep up the good work!
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    Kimmie Hi there. My site is We welcome any feedback & feel free to share with your friends.

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      Hello VoiceBee.
      It really seems that much has been invested in this site. However, a few things I noticed off the top are No.1 The"culture" of this site is still unclear. No.2 it's not yet properly formatted mobile devices.

      I love the logo and design though. (These are just my opinion)
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    Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen my cllient site that still runs SE5 is: its a dynamic site with offcanvas on all platforms.
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      HIFI SE Hello Arnfinn, I reviewed the site.
      This site is somewhat fun. I love the Ajax-style side menus.
      I recommend moving the logo up to the fixed header for branding.
      No.2 the Google Ad causes some issues with the scroll bar. I recommended giving it a different position (maybe even in a fixed footer at bottom) and No3. should the website be somewhat responsive?
      Other than that, it's seems cool...

      Thanks for sharing!
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        Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen Jea, I know of all of those issues, but as we have abandoned the SEC and are moving to WP, I havent worked on those issues..

        But if I am going to release this version for someone else, I will fix it and clean up all the code.. As it is a mess.. hehe..
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    BT Digital Media Happy to help if it helps you develop quality plugins. . What do you think of it of my site? SEO to start soon, Just a few things to bring up to speed. Feel free to share it with your friends - if their mothers.

    Cheers. m2m
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      HIFI SE hello BT..
      M2M seems pretty nice. I would recommend using a different color scheme though.
      Try a more softer approach. Like Baby Blues, or some soft Earth tones...
      just a suggestion :)