Ho to Add different Titles and keywords for Hot, New, member pages (SEO) - Urgent
Hello members,
do you know how to add titles, keywords for different pages? I made "hot" as home page and need to add tiles, description and keywords. I have tried in adding header templet but the "Hot" page still shows page title "Hot" not the title, descriptions given in the header templet. In "hot" page templet there is only content section and not separate header. Some one help me with this please.
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    Robin If you want to change the title you just have to change the title page of your current template.
    If you need to have a different URL you need to create a new template with the name and URL you need.

    To change the description of the page is more complex because it's come from the admin site info.
    There're using Open Graph Protocol. (http://ogp.me)
    Right now I only see the possibilty to edit the source and copy the code on each template:
    from : <!DOCTYPE html>
    to : <div id="content" class="row-fluid">

    Hope it's helping...
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    sunny Thanks for your reply Kim. Even if you create new templet or page, there is no access to the header for that page. Where should I insert the meta tags and descriptions? I am sure it shouldn't go in the content section of the templet. Am I missing something here?
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      Kimmie [2440,Robin] . Hey Bud. Any suggestions for our friend Sunny?
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    JAG For different pages to have different Meta Keywords and description I think you will need to create different layout header which can be included in different pages. E.g for New page you can create NewHeader template file without the URL with its own title, meta description and meta tags. New page template can have this code on the top to include the custom header layout file.

    <script type="x-engine/func" data-func="template" data-name="NewHeader"></script>

    Hope it make sense. Other members might have better ideas.

    Cheers, Jag
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    Kimmie Did you create new pages? I think it will work if you create new pages as we are unable to change "Hot" etc. Then uncheck all the SE standard pages and select your created pages.
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      Kimmie I mean duplicate pages and rename/title them for SEO.