"Top Rated" Category does not change
Guys, I've noticed that Top Rated does not that over the time. It has the same discussions and unlikely any new discussions will get on top.
Have you considered making some kind of time period so old posts won't appear there? For example top posts within a 2 weeks (should be configurable since it will depend on community activity)
Here is an example http://news.ycombinator.com/best
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    Jung Kim The "hot" tab is more closer to hacker news' 'best'. It considers score, views and time to put an item to the top.
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      Eugene I think hacker news home is a closer equivalent to "hot". It shows most relevant posts based on views, points and time. The best category uses the same formula I believe, but time has lesser impact.
      Category "Top Rated" can be useful for members who has not visited website for a week or so. They still can check most interesting posts.
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        Jung Kim Thanks for the comment. I personally like how Reddit allows you to filter further by date (this hour, this week, etc) after you go to top posts in a subreddit.
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          Eugene Yeah, I like this filtering as well (day/week/month/all time). Probably "hourly" option is useful only for very active communities, where "hot" page will change few times a day.