Divide community and demo
There is a lot of interesting suggestions posted here. But most of them are lost in test posts.

I think it will be better to keep all test posts in a separate category. They should not appear on Hot and New sections.
What do you think?
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    Alex Benzer It's a good idea. We had trouble deciding whether or not to do this.

    Instead we made this community clients-only, for the most part. That's slowed down the test posts. In fact my Hot feed is currently only ~ 10% test posts.

    I really like the idea of using a real live community of SE sitebuilders as our demo, since it showcases what a real community looks like, instead of an empty site filled with test/dummy content.
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      Alex Benzer One thing I have been doing though is downvoting test posts.

      You can help by aggressively voting up posts that are relevant to the community, and downvoting anything else.
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        Eugene Alex, maybe it will be a good idea to add one more category here for themes/addons? We make one of our themes compatible with SE Cloud http://webhive.com.ua/store/product.php?id_product=52
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        Eugene That's what I do already :)
        Currently there are only ~10% of test posts. Yesterday there were more than 50%.

        I though it might help if there will be only one category for test posts. Let people test stuff separately. It will be really great to see only meaningful discussions on main page.
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    Jeff Excellent idea, Eugene. I think it should be a completely separate site. I'd hope this site (or the other site) could be focused solely on technical issues, bugs, widget enhancements, etc. That said, I'm glad SE finally gave us a place to hang out other than in their blog comments. ;)
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      Kimmie This is way better than their blog site... I visit here everyday as I'm learning a lot from you guys. I DEFINITELY appreciate this Community. Thanks SE!